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Lane Bryant Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Lane Bryant offers multiple career options to job seekers. It specializes in plus-size options exclusively for women. The prominent apparel sells its products through online shopping platforms and in more than 800 store locations. The candidates looking for a job at Lane Bryant can get various long-term and short-term employment opportunities with this successful chain.

The article below summarizes the complete details about the hiring process of Lane Bryant, available job vacancies, their overview, salary and benefits offered, and a lot more from the retail chain.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant offers candidature to applicants at least 18 years while submitting their application form for a job role at the retail chain locations. The shift schedules and business hours of Lane Bryant are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Saturday to Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Lane Bryant

The clothing brand got discovered back in 1904, and since, then it is the recognizable and leading name in its industry. The owners and employees who focus on the brand are installing and empowering women’s self-respect and motivating the plus-sized people out there. All the employees associated with the firm will help the employees feel satisfied and attracted towards the choices made by them at the store. They will also help them get their hands on the best pieces available and the ones which will suit them the best.

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Thus, the workers need to be comfortable while flattering the outfits to the customers. They also need to be aware of all options and categories at the store and have all the merchandise information. The company thus gives the preference to female workers over males.

The Job Positions Available at Lane Bryant

Various job positions available at Lane Bryant include Merchandising Planners, Marketing Analysts, Store Facilities Coordinators, Human Resource Generalists, Buyers, and Technical Designers. It also offers job roles for Financial Analysts, Benefits Analysts, Interns, Auditors, Online Operations Managers, Retail Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Leaders, Team Members, cashiers, and Sales Associates. In addition, Lane Bryant offers frequent job openings.

The Online Job Application Process of Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant accepts job applications from 18 years and gives access to visit the job portal to explore and submit the job application form. The process for Lane Bryant’s online job application form is explained in the details below:

  • Job seekers should visit the official online platform of Lane Bryant and head to its job portal.
  • Tap on the red-colored “Search” tab and check the primary search webpage.
  • Enter your preferred keyword, job type, or job position in the search bar, and then enter your ZIP code, state, or city in the second field, and tap on the “Search” link.
  • You can also filter your selections by state, reporting location, or city and tap on the job position to view your search results.
  • Please go through the job summary and scroll down to read it thoroughly. You will know the duties and responsibilities, shift schedule, benefits, salary offered by Lane Bryant for the job role you apply for.

the lane bryant application guide

  • Tap on the “Submit Profile” tab to move ahead in the job application process.
  • The new users at Lane Bryant’s job may select the “Don’t have an account yet?” option.
  • Tap on the Agree tab to accept Lane Bryant’s privacy policy.
  • Create your account by entering your preferred e-mail ID, password, and security questions and answers.
  • Tap on the “Let’s Get Started” tab after creating your profile.
  • It would help if you tapped on the “Import Profile” tab to import your data from external sources or fill up your details.
  • Tap on the “Save and Continue” tab to complete the remaining sections and submit your job application to Lane Bryant.

Checking Job Application Status for Lane Bryant

The applicants have both options open for application submissions, either by visiting the store or filling out the forms through online portals. On the website, they need to create their free account through which the application will get submitted. The database will thus sort out the listings based on locations and preferences. Users will also have an option to do the keyword searches to ensure fitting the needs for the employment at the store, and further need to upload the resumes for considerations.

The applicants are likely to receive a response within a few days of the application submissions. If they haven’t received the same, they can follow up for it by calling or mailing for the same. But, while doing this, they need to be confident and show their interest in the job applied.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Lane Bryant

The job benefits and packages offered by Lane Bryant are as follows:

  • Employees at Lane Bryant usually receive dental with medical and vision coverage plans.
  • They also get competitive employee benefits from Lane Bryant.
  • Lane Bryant also offers them purchase options in company’s items, 401 (K) retirement plans, discounted rates both online and in-person to its employees.

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Additional Details of Lane Bryant

The company aims at providing specialized, intimate brands to the customers. They have options available for lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear for women. Their thought and values for the company also motivate the women, no matter what the size. They help in making the women believe that everybody is beautiful and that they must get treated well.

Some of their pieces purchase amount also goes to the welfare of the breast cancer support program. That is thus their way to return to the community what they own from it. For some of the selected pieces, 10% of the amount also goes for the American Cancer Society.


The American clothing retailer, Lane Bryant, sells plus-sized apparel exclusively for women. It is based in Columbus, Ohio, and operates more than 800 store locations across the country. The candidates seeking employment at Lane Bryant can visit its career portal and find various job positions. Besides, Lane Bryant’s online job application process guides in the details above that they can go through and fill the forms accordingly.

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