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Leasing Agent Job Description

the leasing agent job description

Leasing agents help property owners to lease out their properties to tenants. They also market different properties and prepare different lease documents for each property and they assist property owners to screen tenants. In other words, they can represent property owners in front of tenants. They ensure the best lease deal is signed between property owners and tenants. A leasing agent ensures property owners and tenants follow compliance procedures.

leasing agent job description

Job Description – Leasing Agent

Candidates should be excellent at marketing properties for leasing. They should be energetic and enthusiastic about this particular work profile. Proper maintenance of the property is also their responsibility. They also assist property agents in screening potential tenants. The agent also creates a positive environment in their organization and diligently performs all related activities. They also perform clerical and administrative duties for their organization. The brief and conduct a basic orientation for tenants. Candidates must focus on developing themselves in an overall way to work as a leasing agent.

Skills Required – Leasing Agent

  • They need to maintain a balance between both tenants and owners.
  • They should also achieve a proper occupancy rate.
  • The agent should also achieve the rental goals which are set by the organization or property owners.
  • They also require people management skills.
  • They also need to be multitaskers to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • The agent should also be well organized in their work.
  • They should also have good negotiation skills.
  • They should also be able to prepare themselves well.
  • The agent should also have advanced knowledge of presentation skills.
  • They should also maintain strong client relationships.

Job Responsibilities – Leasing Agent

  • Leasing agents maintain a record of tenants and property owners.
  • Leasing agents should also manage the computer database accurately.
  • These agents also examine the property and identify the maintenance issues in the property.
  • Leasing agents advertise available properties and provide property tours to the potential tenants.
  • All shortlisted tenants should also meet the eligibility criteria.
  • They also assist in completing the application of a lease agreement and carry out the necessary verification process.
  • They share the result with potential tenants.
  • Leasing agents also inspect properties after tenants vacate them.
  • Leasing agents address all complaints and queries.
  • They also maintain proper documentation for reference purposes in the future.
  • Leasing agents accept payments and security deposits and other applicable fees.

Job Requirements – Leasing Agent

  • They should hold a high school diploma
  • They require more than 3+ years of experience in the same field.
  • The agent should also have proficient knowledge about the real estate industry.
  • They should also be aware of relevant legislation.
  • They should also have excellent communication skills.
  • The agent should also have a valid driving license.
  • They also require negotiation skills.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • They should also be comfortable working for a long number of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a leasing agent do?

Ans. A leasing agent maintains a good relationship between tenants and property owners. They complete the verification process for tenants before leasing a property. Leasing agents always maintain an excellent balance between property owners and tenants. They ensure all paperwork and documentation is in place.

2 What are the core skills of a leasing agent?


  • Good negotiation skills make a good leasing agent.
  • They should have excellent customer service skills.
  • They should market the different properties and attract potential tenants.
  • The agent should also have excellent people management skills.
  • They should also demonstrate self-confidence to manage clients.

3 How does a leasing agent get appointed?

Ans. Leasing agents can either work independently or they can work with a real estate company. They can receive a good job offer from the career page of the real estate company. The agent can also be hired through employee referral schemes in the organization. They should always demonstrate a polite and friendly attitude while dealing with clients.

4 What are the interview questions of a leasing agent?


  • What are your relevant years of experience as a leasing agent?
  • Did you ever face an ethical issue while signing a lease?
  • Have you made a challenging sale in the past?
  • What kind of skills do you have which are appropriate for this role?
  • How did you persuade a tenant for leasing a property?

5 What kind of success strategies does a leasing agent need?


  • They should work flexible hours.
  • They plan a work schedule for all daily routine tasks.
  • The agent should also communicate well with staff members.
  • They also compile all records every month.
  • They also keep additional time for miscellaneous activities.

6 Why are leasing agents critical for property owners and tenants?

Ans.  Leasing a property becomes simple when a leasing agent is involved to look after the leasing requirements of both tenants and property owners. They keep a proper record of all documentation for tenants. Leasing agents work towards creating proper leasing agreements and put the paperwork for all tenants to ensure leasing becomes simple for a property owner and a tenant. Leasing agents are critical members of real estate companies. They can crack a smooth deal for leasing a property.

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