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Leasing Consultant Job Description

leasing consultant job description

Leasing consultants work for property management organizations and landlords, interacting with renters on their behalf. They are usually rental property specialists and help current and prospective renters with lease renewal, lease negotiation, rental applications, lease rates and terms, and property viewings.

To meet a customer’s demands on available properties, the skilled Leasing Consultant should be well-informed and professional while exhibiting a solution-oriented perspective. Successful networkers with exceptional problem-solving and negotiation skills will be among the top prospects.

Job Description of Leasing Consultant

Many firms frequently seek candidates with excellent interpersonal abilities and customer service for the Leasing Consultant job position. In addition, leasing consultants must be goal-oriented and possess excellent decision-making and organizational abilities.

Responsibilities of Leasing Consultant

  • Leasing Consultants are in charge of overseeing all leases from existing and potential clients.
  • These candidates are also in charge of contacting management database updates, follow-ups, and coordinating property viewings.
  • It is also their responsibility to market every rental listing via individual showings and open houses.
  • Property management companies and landlords usually negotiate lease conditions with Leasing Consultants.
  • They should also schedule and coordinate lease applications and follow all applicable regulations.
  • Leasing Consultants are also responsible for coordinating the move-in process and executing new lease agreements.
  • Leasing Consultants must also complete all lease-related documentation.
  • They must also implement and plan marketing tactics to increase traffic.
  • Their other tasks also include managing compliance and regulatory-related services.
  • The candidates also manage broker commissions.
  • They also do property inspections and reply to leads and queries.
  • Leasing Consultants also handle the general and legal advice needs linked with a massive real estate portfolio.

Requirements for Leasing Consultant

  • A bachelor’s degree will help you get a career as a Leasing Consultant.
  • For this role, a real estate license is also required.
  • As a leasing consultant, you must also have at least two years of experience.
  • Candidates must also have previous experience handling leases for high-volume properties.
  • Understanding and compliance with local, state, and federal rental regulations is an advantage for consideration.
  • Candidates must also have extensive experience with rental agreements.
  • To be considered for a position as a Leasing Consultant, they must also have strong problem-solving abilities with solution-oriented thinking.
  • The candidates should also have good judgment and pay close attention to details.
  • Candidates must have a track record of achieving and exceeding goals.
  • They should be able to network effectively and communicate effectively with others.
  • Working knowledge of property management software and Microsoft Office is essential for the Leasing Consultant position.

Interview Questions for Leasing Consultant

1 When a leasing arrangement does not go as planned, what steps do you take?

Ans. This response assesses the candidate’s problem-solving abilities.

2 What was your solution-oriented strategy aid in matching a client’s requirements to the available properties you have on hand?

Ans. It displays the job prospect’s capacity to provide solutions that meet the client’s requirements.

3 How have you dealt with circumstances in which you failed to follow a fundamental rule?

Ans. It reveals the aspirant’s ability to solve problems.

4 What marketing techniques have you used to generate sales in your available properties?

Ans. This response exhibits the applicant’s ability to market skillfully.

5 When doing a property inspection, what strategies do you employ?

Ans. This answer indicates the individual’s ability to perform thorough property inspections.

Future Scope as a Leasing Consultant

Private companies offer Leasing Consultant training programs covering many similar subjects as individual real estate courses or real estate degrees. Individuals seeking less expensive or shorter than a bachelor’s degree yet more structured than a single course may be interested in these programs.

On-the-job training that could be formal training via undergraduate internships, or job-related expertise at a property management or leasing office, field experience is another typical method for Leasing Consultants to expand their abilities. Such training is conducted during the initial employment years or when the candidate gets employed as a Leasing Consultant. A consultant or supervisor advisor is appointed to new leasing agents to give scheduled tasks’ modeling, a steady rise in responsibilities with time, and explicit training.


Leasing Consultants help landlords discover suitable renters by specializing in property rentals. They arrange for property viewings, negotiate lease terms and costs, and oversee the enforcement and signing of lease agreements. A leasing consultant is an expert who oversees all renter areas of renting properties on account of building management business or property owners. The job of Leasing Consultants initializes with marketing a property and finishes with the lease agreement’s successful fulfillment or termination. Candidates should also have a specific set of abilities, including attention to detail, communication, and interpersonal abilities.

A thorough job preparation process will help you getting job consideration as a Leasing Consultant. You must create a strong resume, highlighting your experiences and skills, gain relevant credentials, and research the market to increase your likeliness to get job consideration.

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