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Library Assistant Job Description

library assistant job description

The role of a Library Assistant handles all sorts of clerical duties in the library. As assistants, they help with checking books in and out at the circulation desk, receiving payments for fines, shelving books when the customers return them according to the categorization, and helping customers with processing out the new books from the shelves. They are also called library clerks, library technical assistants, and library circulation assistants.

the library assistant job description

Job Description – Library Assistant

The main role of the Library Assistant is to provide the best customer service to the patrons, which serves as the main key role. These people are the first point of contact for the patrons visiting the library. A library assistant helps out the patrons by issuing the library card for their future update registration. The proper efficiency of library maintenance lies in the hands of the library assistant by assisting the librarians and higher authorities properly with their clerical activities.

In general, the library assistant possesses versatile skills like interpersonal, verbal, confidence, and communication skills. A hardworking, dedicated library assistant works as an all-rounder in the library’s clerical duties. The basic educational qualification for a library assistant is a school diploma or equivalent.

Skills Required – Library Assistant

Working as a Library Assistant requires the ability to communicate with patrons, supervisors, and coworkers. They must follow the library rules and regulations, like issuing library cards, managing the patron’s individual record file, checking out the essential items, collecting fines and processing the fees, and working on the computer application to maintain the library database completely.

Job Responsibilities – Library Assistant

  • They assist the library visitors according to their requirements.
  • They check the in and out materials of the books according to the categorization and maintain the essential database by entering them into the computer system.
  • The library assistant also places the books returned by the patrons and help them to process the new material.
  • They actively and accurately maintain the records of the outreach collection as a separate database.
  • They organize the IT access within the library and, if any issue arises, solve it quickly.
  • The library assistant also has the capability of handling the phone, front desk, and e-mail inquiries instantly.
  • They maintain the copyright license agreements of the books as per the library rules are followed.
  • They give special attention to organizing the repair of damaged books.
  • The library assistant also helps out the patrons by taking print-outs from the machines and troubleshooting the office machines efficiently.
  • They do the job of catalog maintenance for all the library materials.
  • They behave politely and with a gentle smile towards the patrons.
  • The library assistant also plans and conducts special library programs like used book sales or quiz programs for children.

Job Requirements – Library Assistant

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • They must have detail-oriented knowledge in order to provide accurate information about the library database.
  • They must be attentive at work with perfect attention.
  • The library assistant will also be in contact with the patrons on a daily basis, so good communication and personality skills are important.
  • They must have well-versed knowledge of the library software so as to help the patrons in search of the required information from the library database.
  • They must have a good customer service mindset that makes them help out the patrons with patience.
  • The library assistant must also have good organizational skills in categorizing the books as per the catalog.
  • They must answer the questions of patrons accordingly and help them to resource their materials from the library database.
  • They must have the problem-solving ability in case any issue arises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of a Library Assistant?

The role of the Library Assistant is to serve the patrons according to the requirements with a positive mindset and self-confidence in them. The interpersonal skills of library assistants are very important because they help them to maintain a good rapport with the patrons.

The managerial and organizational skills of the library assistant are very important in maintaining the smooth functioning of the library. It is always a plus to have library assistant experience so the responsibilities can be handled with responsibility.

2 How to become a successful Library Assistant

For the role of Library Assistant, candidates must have multi-talented handling skills with proper managerial and organizing skills. They staff the circulation desk, registering patrons and issuing them library cards, allowing them to check out books, tapes, and other resources. The library assistant also lends and collects these materials, checking them out by stamping the due date on the materials. They also compute and collect fines for overdue materials and answer questions from callers and visitors.

The best library assistants are service-minded, friendly with patrons, and do not mind doing repetitive tasks without any hesitation. They help out by carrying out each activity of the library duties with complete dedication and satisfaction.

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