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Life Insurance Agent Job Description

life insurance agent job description

Life insurance agents usually have specialization in selling policies that pay the guaranteed or insured sum to dependents or beneficiaries when the policyholder dies.

To succeed as a life insurance agent, the candidates must offer excellent customer service by preserving their current client base. While also taking steps to extend the customer base through strategies, social media, and active marketing. Besides, an incredible life insurance agent will undertake the needs analysis for every customer to verify that adequate policies are suggested.

the life insurance agent job description

Job Description of a Life Insurance Agent

Many insurance companies and firms look for a licensed life insurance agent. The life insurance agents are generally in charge of selling life insurance policies, acting as a middleman between the insurance company and the client, and giving advice that pays out when the insured dies.

Independent insurance sales agents who are paid entirely on commission are usually among the highest-paid candidates. Therefore, insurance coverage should be on a candidate’s mind always to sell more than their competitors. At the same time, thorough preparation must be conducted beforehand for every client’s sales appointment. The candidates should also consider every client’s specific requirements and adjust their language to relate their needs to the products’ benefits.

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Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Agent

  • Agents for life insurance are in charge of providing clients information and suggesting insurance policies and products.
  • They also serve as an intermediary between clients and insurance firms.
  • Moreover, these individuals also offer excellent customer service to retain and maintain clients.
  • They need to gain more customers.
  • The agents should also conduct interviews with prospective clients to acquire their information.
  • They must also sell life insurance policies that payout in the event of the policy holder’s death.
  • It is their responsibility to sell annuities that provide a retirement income.
  • Agents who sell life insurance must evaluate their clients’ existing portfolios and also provide recommendations.
  • Clients must also help their clients during the claims procedure.
  • These candidates must maintain paper and digital records.

Requirements for a Life Insurance Agent

  • Candidates for the position of life insurance agent must have a diploma or degree in financial services or a similar field.
  • The candidate must hold a license from the state they work in.
  • Candidates must also be accredited by the FINRA or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to be considered for this post.
  • They should communicate effectively.
  • To be considered for a job as a life insurance agent, applicants must have strong analytical skills.
  • They must deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Candidates should also have outstanding selling abilities for this role.

Interview Questions for a Life Insurance Agent

1 Which skills make you the best choice for the role?

Ans. This answer emphasizes the candidate’s personality traits and communication abilities.

2 How would you like to expand your customer base?

Ans. This response from the candidates reveals their drive and enthusiasm.

3 Why is it crucial for the customer to seek advice and intermediate services?

Ans. The candidate’s response displays their eagerness to offer comprehensive services.

4 What would be an adequate and suitable external entity for document storage?

Ans. The reply from job seekers usually focuses on their understanding of their crucial duties.

5 What is the value of the data-gathering phase in the financial planning procedure?

Ans. The candidates’ reply demonstrates their understanding of this critical step of the financial planning procedure.

Future Scope as a Life Insurance Agent

It is uncomplicated to become a life insurance agent. Other than a high school diploma, many companies do not necessitate educational prerequisites. However, a few states require the candidates to complete a licensure course and successfully clear the exam, while these are relatively straightforward hold.

Besides, the candidates may find several opportunities to sell life insurance. For example, a potential candidate for a life insurance agent position can achieve success in the future. The candidates usually get paid for the renewal commissions on the policies’ period apart from the direct commission gained from selling the policies. The commission rates on policies decline after the initial year. Still, they continue to earn around 5% to 10% until the policyholders pay their monthly premiums. Thus, it is the recurring monthly income that the candidates earn without extra effort or hard work.

Besides, the candidates continuing to work as life insurance agents with nearly twenty years or more in this sector have sufficient renewal commissions developed to produce a great livelihood without even selling new policies.


A life insurance agent is usually a corporate representative who can sell life insurance products, act as a middleman, and advise.

While interviewing candidates for life insurance agents positions, hiring managers to hunt for someone who desires to engage with clients.

Also, the candidates must have outstanding communication skills and have a strong understanding of the product. However, the hiring staff avoids job applicants lacking the capability and product understanding.

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