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Life Time Fitness Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

lifetime fitness application

Candidates looking to work with Life Time Fitness can check the information provided in this guide. If you are looking to work with this fitness company, you can check its career portal. Applicants can check the various available positions at Life Time Fitness, including general management, corporate, and club positions.

The American chain of fitness centers, Life Time Fitness, is based out of Chanhassen, Minnesota. This company was founded in 1992 and operated in various store locations across Canada and the United States.

Applicants can apply for the various job roles available at Life Time Fitness through its online platform and avail themselves of the opportunity to work with this American chain of fitness. Scroll down to know the complete details of current job roles at Life Time Fitness, work timings, and the job application form process.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Life Time Fitness

  • Life Time Fitness jobs can be viewed and applied through its career portal.
  • The job roles are open for candidates with a minimum age of 18.
  • Its works and operates its fitness retail chain locations for twenty-four hours and seven days a week.

Job Opportunities Available at Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness hires candidates for many job positions, including Front Desk Team Members, Housekeepers, LifeCafe Prep Cook, Hospitality Team Members,Sales Advisors, Assistant Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Fitness Managers, Instructors, Personal Trainers, Registered Dieticians, LifeClinic Chiropractic Coordinators, LifeClinic Chiropractics, and LifeClinic Exercise Specialists.

life time fitness application guide

Life Time Fitness also seeks Child Centre Team Members, Aquatics Supervisors, Aquatics Department Heads, Aquatics Assistant Department Heads, Slide Attendants, Swim Team Coaches, Swim Instructors, Aquatics Group Fitness Instructors, and Lifeguards.

Future Job Scope at Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is committed to innovate, educate, and entertain in the fitness and health sectors since 1992. Its helping the team achieve fitness and health goals and is operational in more than 110 recreational centers around North America. Every center of Life Time Fitness has employees who get specialization in their offered job role actively.

Their certifications and cross-training in various other health and physical activities give them the space to grow. This fitness company also increases each staff’s professional and personal value by motivating them for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Job Positions Offered at Life Time Fitness

Most vacant positions at Life Time Fitness are for help desk settings or gym floors. Applicants with certification are considered for a job role at Life Time Fitness. Job seekers can explore various full-time and part-time job roles at Life Time Fitness, including the following:


  • Life Time Fitness’ Aquatic team members are responsible for cleaning pool areas, maintain safe and also fun settings in their spaces.
  • These employees also offer assistance in pool spaces to ensure their guests’ safety completely and monitor each activity.
  • These members should rescue swimmers in adverse situations or when a swimmer is drowning.
  • They should also administer CPR, AED, and First Aid services.
  • These teams also get quarterly and monthly training, which helps them answer queries associated with company policies, club programs, and pool activities.
  • These members earn around $8.00 to $11.00 per hour at Life Time Fitness.

the life time fitness application

Member Services

  • Member Services at Life Time Fitness are responsible for supervising, coordinating, and also directing fitness floors.
  • Their duties are also to assist visitors with their queries and demands, equipment demonstration, and housekeeping.
  • These floor members should also maintain healthy bonding with customers through excellent services.
  • The members also maintain the account and welcome visitors.
  • These members earn around $7.00 to $11. An hour with Life Time Fitness.

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Fitness Instructor

  • These members are responsible for offering top-notch education by providing various interactive and also entertaining classes.
  • Their sessions and activities are also aimed to promote positive self-esteem and fitness.
  • Life Time Fitness trainers should also boast services, products, and programs.
  • Their salary is around $17.00 to $31.00 per hour at Life Time Fitness.

Benefits of Working with Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness offers many benefits to its employees, including the following:

  • Employees at Life Time Fitness enjoy various packages, including wellness and health initiatives.
  • They are also offered with gym membership for free.
  • Life Time Fitness employees also get 401(K) retirement plans, health coverage, medical and life insurance.
  • The company also offers them paid time off and paid vacations.

The Online Job Application Process of Life Time Fitness

If you want to get employed with Life Time Fitness, you can check the below-mentioned process of its job application form.

  • Candidates should explore the career portal of Life Time Fitness to know its available job roles.
  • Tap on the “View All Jobs” to see the current openings of this fitness company.
  • You can sort the job listing that appeared here by job level, type, field, location, or store.
  • Now, tap on the job level or title you wish to apply for Life Time Fitness.

life time fitness application tip

  • Candidates must read the details of qualification required, job roles, responsibilities and description, before applying for the job and tap on the “Apply Now” tab.
  • Tap here for the “New User” tab, enter your required log-in details, and tap on the “Register” tab.
  • Fill out your personal information in the “About You” fields, and tap on the “Save and continue tab.”
  • Now, fill in the remaining sections to complete your job application process for Life Time Fitness.

Checking Job Application Status of Life Time Fitness

According to the employment needs, the job application process at Life Time Fitness takes around a few days to months. Applicants can visit the fitness centers or call the hiring staff of Life Time Fitness to know their job application process.

Some More Information about Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness aims to control childhood nutrition by partnering with schools. It offers school administrators and cooks specific tools, making them serve healthy lunch.


The American fitness retail chain, Life Time Fitness, operates in Canada and the United States. Various locations of this fitness chain are operational twenty-four hours a day. It features child care centers, food courts, salons, and personal fitness instructions. Their various fitness centers need to hire staff frequently for smooth functioning and offer job seekers the opportunity to apply for full-time and part-time job roles.

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