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Long John Silver’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Long John Silver’s Application

If you are filling out a Long John Silver application but you must know that you are joining an organization that strives to serve yummy delicious seafood to patrons who aren’t looking to enjoy it as much as they like. The company is looking for hardworking, friendly, and motivated people to fill positions in some restaurants throughout the nation. They need energetic and bright people that are willing to join the company currently.

You must submit the job application if you like to work in a team-knit environment besides meeting new people. The company offers comprehensive pay to the employees besides several perks. The first Long silver’s unit cam up in 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky, and it was known as Cape Codder. The company gained prominence as it offered fantastic seafood, and the company grew in no time and opened various franchises across the country.

Additional Information

Unfortunately, the company was forced to be declared bankrupt in 1998 as its sales had been significantly declined. When it was acquired by Yum Brands Inc., the Long Silvers, added several restaurants to its current restaurants under Yum Brands Inc. A&W found that both restaurants gelled well together. Yum Brands Inc. had invested a lot of money in more prominent restaurants and announced some plans to sell Long John Silver’s in 2011. The company has gained a lot since 2011 as a group of investors came together to purchase the company and formed new restaurants.

Company Offerings

The company is quite prominent for its seafood, and it is mainly served in platters like side dishes including green beans, corn, French fries and hush puppies, coleslaw. All the main dishes are likely to have shrimp clamps, or the fish is served uniquely. The company currently has more than 8000 employees across the globe, and to align with customer’s demands, the company regularly hires entry-level and full-time employees.

Important Information To Know about Long John Silver Before Applying For The Same

Minimum required age of the candidate to apply and work at Long John Silver: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to work here.

Working Hours at Long John Silver

The working duration will range from:

  • A: Sunday to Thursday: The working hours will be from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
  • B: Friday to Saturday: The working duration will be from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Long John’s Silver

Long John’s Silver takes pride in offering comprehensive training programs for entry-level employees and welcomes the new hires to apply and obtain valuable fast food industry experience. The employees need to show exemplary leadership and communication skills to avail job opportunities to advance in these positions, including shift manager. Regular performance is likely to receive raises, and for entry-level employees, it isn’t essential to get perks.

the long john silvers application

Flexible schedules and meal discounts are likely to be offered by the fast-food chain. The upper-level employees can work for longer hours to complete almost all administrative and team-building obligations. Previous work experience is mandatory for managerial level positions as managers need a firm grasp of the fast-food chain. The company mainly imposes several responsibilities on the upper-level employees, but at the same time, it also rewards the employees with consistent pay that aligns with the industry standards. They can also avail employee benefits.

Career Opportunities at Long John Silver

The fast-food job hopefuls must apply to this company if they want to gain employment in the food industry. The candidates need to be at least 16 years old for an entry-level position, while for managerial positions, the applicants must be at least 18 years old.


Being an entry-level position the applicant needs to take the food orders, handle money and run the cash register. They also need to assemble the meals on trays or in to-go bags. Therefore, the company mainly hires employees possessing friendly and outgoing personalities. The cashiers also need to see the cleanliness of the dining regions. The cashiers can earn minimum wages, but they can get better pay once they get some working experience. Above all, employees with strong work ethics are likely to make more.

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Team Member

The employees need to have a great deal of dedication and hard work to work as a team member. They need to cook food aligning with the company’s menu and recipes and clean and organized workstations. The team member also needs to restock whenever necessary. They must be alert while cooking so they go through minimum injury. They should possess reliable personalities. The team members can earn $8 per hour, but it can increase with experience.


The company is likely to encourage employees to work as assistant managers and manager job titles, including team leaders. The team leaders mainly supervise the entry-level employees and make work schedule. The managers need to oversee the restaurant locations besides commuting with the company’s corporate offices. They can earn $40000 to $50000 per year while team leaders make $8 or $9 per hour.

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Tips for Applying at Long John Silver

The vacancy at the company varies depending on the location and the availability of different job roles. When looking for job opportunities, workers primarily look based on the location to find the nearby store to work in. Accordingly, they visit the restaurants to learn about the added vacancies. The outlets here are primarily looking for individuals who are passionate about the job.

Perks of Working at Long John Silver

The employees can get paid training and holiday. They can also enjoy meal discounts. In addition, eligible employees can get health retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Long John Silver

The company ensures they offer healthy meal choices to patrons and dozens of meals contain less than 600 calories. Assistant manager and manager job titles.


In this article, we have listed out all the important topics such as perks of applying at the company, and the ways of how you must apply. This is something that will help candidates understand what it takes to get a job at Long John Silver. This will also spell the beginning of a new career.

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