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Longs Drugs Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Longs Drugs Application

If you plan to work in a drug chain company, you must apply to long drugs as it is one of the fastest emerging drug store chains in the United States. The company was established in 1938, and they have at least 500 stores located in e USA continental and states of Hawaii. Two brothers named Thomas and Joseph Long established the company, and they initiated Long’s Self-Service Drugs. The company’s first store was opened in Oakland, California, and later it was expanded to Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada.

CVS Health acquired the company in 2008, and now Long Drugs is a part of CVS health. They offer equal job opportunities at the workspace. The company doesn’t discriminate among its employees regarding promotion, compensation recruitment, training, hiring, and benefits.

Additional Information

The company also participates in various fairs regarding conferences, careers, recruitment companies, colleges, or universities, which mainly help connect with job hopefuls. They have at least 15 colleague resource groups with more than 23000 colleagues working across the country and representing several professionals besides personal interests. The company is quite strict as they approve job applications only through the company’s official website.

They are one of the best places to work with candidates who have disabilities. They also support lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender communities besides supporting women empowerment, networking skills, and leadership for women as they provide volunteering, education, and mentoring jobs. The company hires new employees often for various job openings.

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Important Facts To Be Aware of Before Applying for Longs Drugs

Minimum eligible age of the candidate needed to apply for Longs Drugs: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to have permission to apply or work for Longs Drugs.

Working hours at Long Drugs: The working duration on Monday to Sunday is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Career Oportunities At Long Drugs

The Long Drug store has a significant presence in Hawaii. The company mainly hires for many pharmacy and retail positions, which offer several classes for both entry-level and career-minded professionals. Successful employees are likely to perform excellent customer service. They have to work well in teams and retain flexible availabilities as most of the positions are likely to qualify for both part-time and full-time jobs.

Hiring Requirements

The minimum hiring requirements are likely to apply for most entry-level positions, besides schooling certificates and experience is expected to be mandatory for advanced and long-term job opportunities. Entry-level jobs with Long Drugs are likely to include customer representative positions amid the retail chain side of the pharmacy chain. They are responsible for creating ideal customer interactions and holding service-minded positions. These employees are likely to work under some titles like the stock person, clerk, or cashier.

the longs drugs application

Mid-level pharmacy technicians are also available as job positions. Being assistants to the pharmacist, the technicians are likely to be accountable for interacting with clients, providing valuable information, and filling prescriptions per their physician’s instruction.

Both internal and external applicants can apply for managerial candidates, and they can also avail integrated training program. Managers need to maintain corporate sales, operational objectives, and employee performances.

Career Opportunities at Long Drugs

The applicants need to be at least 18 years old if they want to avail a job here. The age criteria are mandatory for both entry-level jobs, including customer service associates. Besides that, other positions are likely to require other certifications and academic qualifications.

Customer Service Representative

The applicants are likely to first serve as cashiers and stock persons within the pharmacy retail chain. The customer service representatives can earn $9 per hour. The job responsibilities are likely to assist and interact with patrons, replenish stock when needed, unloading deliveries, and payments for all the purchases. The customer service representatives need to possess excellent interpersonal skills and strong organizational skills. The employees can work in part-time shifts that are overall at least 15 to 30 hours per week.

longs drugs application guide

Pharmacy Technicians

These individuals need to ensure that clients get quality products while aligning with all safety and federal standards. Besides, that employees need to sort all the medications accurately and create perfect labels. They also need to review any side effects that patients may have and ideally complete the purchases with clients. A high school qualification is ideal to meet education requirements, but most pharmacy technicians can get extra certifications to do so with the company’s support. They can earn $12 or $13 per hour.


Successful managers have to mainly maintain store teams through the demonstration of a strong example. The managers need to maintain overall supervision, implement general company policies, and hire, train, and develop new employees effectively. Customer service is likely to be at the forefront. They can earn $45000 per year.

Tips for Applying at Long Drugs

Interested applicants can refer to the official website of Long Drugs, make an account on the company’s career portal. Post the profile is created, applicants are free to apply to multiple positions. An important tip here is that before submitting any profiles, the candidates try and get their hands on essential hiring material.

This is because, in the application, the information should be very accurate, free of any spelling mistakes. Applicants also have the freedom to apply offline and to do so, applicants should dress up professionally as it helps in retaining a great first impression.

Perks of Working at Long Drugs

The employees can strike a perfect work-life balance here, and they can also access several healthcare programs. The eligible employees can also avail 401 k retirement plans besides paid leaves and training.

Miscellaneous Information about Long Drugs

Being the most significant drug store in the country, it offers several perks to patrons. They keep all prescription records on file besides accepting the majority of the health plans.

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This article is written to help the interested applicants out by providing them all the vital information such as the company, the advantages of working at Long Drugs, and the tips for applying here. Candidates should make the most of this opportunity and work hard to build a successful career here.

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