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Love’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Love’s is a large gas station business with over 300 stations spread over 40 states. With more than 10,000 jobs in management and customer services, the rising gas filling station firm continues to be a great place to work. The candidates looking to be a part of the gas filling station must visit its employment portal to know more about the suitable job position at Love’s.

Besides, they can check out the details provided in this article below to get complete information about Love’s employment process. Besides, they can check the online application process and submit their forms to Love’s, as explained in the steps. We have also covered the available job roles in this article with benefits, salary, career opportunities, shifts available, and a lot more offered by Love’s.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Love’s

Love’s considers job applications of candidates with at least 18 years while going through the employment process. The business hours and work schedule at Love’s gas stations are twenty-four hours and all days of a week.

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Job Prospects at Love’s

Love appeals to seasoned transportation and the casual traveler industry professional as compared to other commercial gas station businesses. The corporation has massive refueling stations that can accommodate vehicles of various kinds, such as semi-trucks and tour buses.

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Besides, Love’s wider terminals allow many guests to browse shopping lines and buy extra products for the road, such as souvenirs, drinks, and snacks. As a direct outcome of Love’s chain’s business ambitions, multiple career options arise at each filling station. Hiring is done regularly at Love’s store locations to address high industrial staffing rates and help support continual volumes of clients,

The Job Positions Available at Love’s

Love’s accepts job applications for various roles at its gas locations. This includes CDL Delivery Truck Driver, Tire Service Manager, Tire Service Technician, and Fuel Tax Analyst. It also accepts Remodel Technicians, Customer Contact Center Representatives, IT Store Support, Tire Technician, and Front End Clerks.

Job hunters can also apply as Administrative Assistants, Maintenance Technicians, Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Leaders, Cooks, Gas Station Attendants, and Cashiers. In addition, you can find the following employment opportunities easily at Love’s:

Retail Cashiers

  • Love’s Retail Cashiers are responsible for standing in good health and moving or lifting around fifty lbs.
  • They are also responsible for performing food preparation and restaurant server duties.
  • Retail Cashiers usually earn around $09.00 per hour at Love’s.

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  • Love’s management-level employees are also responsible for possessing physical stamina as entry-level workers.
  • They are also responsible for performing various administrative tasks, such as sales, maintenance, and inventory at Love’s.
  • Love’s Shift Leaders usually earn around $25k to $35k per annum.
  • Store Managers earn more than $50k per annum at Love’s.

The Online Job Application Process of Love’s

Love’s allows job hunters to open an account on its career portal and apply for the available job posts. It offers multiple full-time, part-time, and managerial-level job posts that the candidates can explore online and submit accordingly.

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Love’s online process to fill up and submit job application is as follows:

  • The candidates should look for Love’s official online platform and open it in a new web browser.
  • Scroll down the career page to find Love’s available job posts.
  • Enter the keywords, such as location or job role, in the search bar and tap on the “Search Jobs” link to view Love’s available job positions.
  • You can sort this job listing by location, date, or job post and tap on the job role you are looking to submit your job application for at Love’s.
  • Look through the complete job summary of your interested position and enter your e-mail address to tap on the “Start” tab.
  • Create your new profile for Love’s by entering the basic required personal information and tap on the “Next” tab.
  • Submit your job application to Love’s after completing and reading your job application form thoroughly and complete the process.

Checking Job Application Status for Love’s

Applicants can configure the Love’s careers platform to continuously scan for relevant employment based on personal search choices after creating usernames and profiles. Individuals can also apply for various roles at any gas station in the company’s network through the online platform of Love’s. Most job candidates have to wait from a few days to two weeks to be considered for an interview.

After submitting employment forms to Love’s, job applicants can call or e-mail preferred locations to check on the status of applications and demonstrate an interest in job spots. Managers may not call each applicant of Love’s due to extensive applications submitted to the company. Keeping up to check your job application status could help you get employment opportunities at Love’s store locations.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Love’s

Love’s is an ideal place to work because of its flexible hours and prospects for professional growth. The job benefits offered by Love’s are as follows:

  • Love’s offers bonus incentive programs, weekly pay at its gas locations.
  • Eligible Love’s employees often benefit from life insurance plans, paid holidays, healthcare options, and 401 (K) retirement plans.

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Additional Details of Love’s

Millions of people are affected by Love’s principles, which are centered on family. In catering to customers, the gas station network collaborates with many charity and non-profit groups to promote community and wellness in the areas it serves.

To honor the inauguration of new sites, the corporation makes direct donations of $2,000 or more to local charities. In addition, thousands of dollars are raised for charities like United Way and Children’s Miracle Network Hospital through seasonal fundraising efforts.


The American convenience trucks and store chain, Love’s, is Travel Stops and Country chain. It operated over 400 locations across the United States since 1964. The company’s current job listings are available at its official online site.

First, job applicants can check Love’s career webpage and create an account to apply for the available job roles. Then, they can submit job applications to Love’s through the online application process. We have provided the process in this article. The candidates can go through the same and fill up the job application quickly. This gives them an option to be a part of the well-known convenience store chain in the United States.

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