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Top 10 LoveSac Competitors & Alternatives

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Are you searching for some modern and comfortable furniture to transform your home?

The American furniture company LoveSac is famous for its oversized bean bag chairs and sectionals. This furniture usually consists of two matching pieces of furniture that can be combined.

The most popular pieces are large enough for a family of four to unwind together. However, while this furniture is very high quality and comfortable, it also comes with a high price tag. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 LoveSac competitors & alternatives and see what they have to offer you.

About LoveSac

Shawn David founded this popular furniture company in 1995. He started out hand-making the chairs and delivering them to students at the University of Utah. They quickly became a staple in dorm rooms due to how comfortable they were and the fact that they could be positioned easily.

About LoveSac

Demand for the bean bag chairs grew steadily as word about their comfort and style spread. Customers liked the fact that they could mold the chairs to suit their needs. Moreover, they allow students to lounge while they study, watch movies, play video games, and read books.

The demand has continued to grow and…

Over the years, the company has expanded to offer a wide range of popular innovative seating options. The original bean bag chairs are still very popular and are available in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, they are covered with durable fabric that comes in a whole host of different colors.

The company is also famous for developing a patented modular furniture system that is known as Sactionals. This type of furniture consists of two pieces, namely seats, and sides. These two pieces can be arranged in numerous ways for optimum comfort. LoveSac also offers custom-fit covers and a wide range of different types of accessories. 

Competitors and alternatives…

While the original customer base was students, most students are unable to afford the Lovesac price tag these days. However, as discussed, the demand for this type of furniture is still very high. So, here are some of the other companies that offer more affordable alternatives. 

The Top 10 LoveSac Competitors & Alternatives

1 Chill Sacks 

Not only are the bean bags that this company sells cheaper, but there are also even much larger models available. Chill Sack sells three feet, four feet, five feet, six feet, seven feet, seven and a half feet, and eight feet bean bags. So, they are sure to be large and comfortable enough to satisfy all your relaxation needs.

Chill Sacks 

The best part?

While these products look almost identical to those sold by LoveSac, they are more than $1,300 cheaper. The microsuede covers are very durable and come in a series of seven bright and bold colors. These covers are removable and resistant to stains and discoloration, while they are also machine washable.

Even better?

Each microsuede cover comes with a one-year limited manufacturer for extra peace of mind. However, you can also purchase replacement covers if you need to. Other popular products include neck pillows, micro plush blankets, neck pillows, and foam-filled inners.

2 Ultimate Sack 

You can save more than a thousand dollars when you choose the largest model from Ultimate Sack. The company also runs regular sales so that savvy shoppers can save even more. So, it’s worth taking the time to check out the extensive product range because you’ll likely find something that meets your comfort needs.

There are products for all members of the family, including your precious pooch. The corner bean bags and pillows are perfect for people who have limited space. Plus, there are also blankets and pillows for people who want a little extra comfort.

All bean bags and pillows are filled with new shredded polyurethane foam. The double-stitched covers are removable and machine washable. The zippers also come with child safety locks for extra security.

Overall, a strong LoveSac competitor…

All products are designed to be very durable and suitable for a wide range of occasions. Moreover, they come with a ten-year warranty for extra peace of mind. There are more than a dozen bright and bold colors to choose from, including red, purple, pink, and lime.

Ultimate Sack 

Popular products include:

  • Kids bean bags
  • Three feet bean bags
  • Four feet bean bags
  • Five feet bean bags
  • Six feet bean bags
  • Loungers
  • Floor pillows
  • Footstools
  • Dog beds

3 Big Joe 

These innovative bean bags utilize patented technology to ensure they never go flat. The company offers a sustainable solution that is ideal for bean bag buyers who are concerned about the environment. All products are designed and filled at the company’s Zero Landfill Certified Facility in the United States.

More on the patented filling…

The filling features Big Joe’s patented design that is particularly popular among comfort lovers. There is a huge range of materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. And in addition to saving money, 10% of each purchase is donated to help people in need. 

What about the price?

You can pick up a kid’s bean bag chair for less than $50. And, if you are searching for something larger, the six-foot model is perfect for sharing. Even the largest size is priced at less than $200, and there are often deals to take advantage of.

Each bean bag chair is filled with a soft and very durable Ahhsome foam filling. Plus, the covers are very durable and can be popped into the washing machine. They air dry in a mere matter of minutes so that they are quickly ready for use once more. 

If you need a little extra support…

Then, you can choose a bean bag chair with a sculpted back. The Joey allows you to sit upright and comes with a loop on the back so that it can be positioned easily. It is double-stitched with dual zippers and weighs just 3.8 pounds. 

Available options include:

  • Kids bean bags
  • Large bean bags
  • Large loungers
  • XXL loungers

4 Fatboy 

No matter what the occasion, you can choose comfortable and innovative furniture from Fatboy to enhance it. The company has created a wide range of affordable bean bag chairs and loungers with different types of covers. Many options are suitable for outdoor use, while some can even be enjoyed by the pool or on the beach. 

True to the name…

There is a large selection of huge bean bag chairs that are suitable for more than one person to share. There are also slim versions, which have been created with portability firmly in mind. All bean bag chairs are filled with virgin polystyrene beads, which deliver full comfort and support.

On to cost savings…

You will automatically save around a thousand dollars when you choose one of these bean bag chairs. However, it’s also worth stopping by the sale section of the Fatboy website. The new section is also packed with innovative furniture that stands out from the crowd.


Available options include:

  • Poufs and footstools
  • 47 inches by 61 inches bean bags
  • 47 inches by 61 inches outdoor bean bags
  • 70 inches by 51 inches bean bags
  • Velvet bean bags
  • Buggle Up loungers
  • Pupillows

5 Costco 

You can stop by your local Costco store and pick up a huge jumbo lounger for a very reasonable price. This large and comfortable piece of furniture makes it worth paying for membership. And the bean bag chair comes with a faux fur cover that is very soft and easy to care for.

How big is ‘Jumbo’?

This classic bean bag chair measures an impressive 50 inches by 22 inches and is suitable for comfort kings. It is large enough for two people to unwind on together while catching a movie. Plus, being filled with high-density memory foam, it is designed to retain its shape at all times.


You can easily remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine any time you need to refresh it. There is a choice of four neutral colors to choose from, including gray and beige. These colors have been specially selected to perfectly complement any room. Finally, you can also arrange delivery if you don’t have a vehicle large enough to take your new bean bag chair home. 

6 Sam’s Club 

If you are a member of Sam’s Club, you can pick up an alternative bean bag chair for just $149.98. This popular product is designed to be very durable and is backed up by a five-year warranty. The bean bag chair is five feet in size and comes in a stylish dark gray color.

The size?

This is large enough for two people or several children to sit comfortably. It’s perfect for movie nights or simply lounging around. The cover is machine washable and is set with a child-proof zipper. 

7 Jaxx Bean Bags 

With a huge range of innovative bean bag chairs, Jaxx is one of LoveSac’s main competitors. The fabrics that are selected for the covers are particularly soft, yet durable. Then, each cover is lined with foam to provide extra comfort and durability.

Our favorite option?

The largest option in the company’s collection is known as the cocoon. It is designed to cradle users so that they feel fully supported and snug. This can also be unfolded flat so that several people can sit on it.

Once turned on their side, the cocoons become round and very bouncy. This makes all of the bean bag chairs that Jaxx offers very versatile. Plus, the fabrics that the bean bag chairs are covered with are available in all the colors of the rainbow. 

Jaxx Bean Bags

The bottom line?

You can save around $1,400 when you order a bean bag chair from Jaxx. However, the company no longer has a physical store, and you will need to head on over to the website. But there are often deals and discounts, and you can have your new furniture delivered right to your door. 

8 CordaRoy’s 

If you value versatility, make sure you take a look at Cordaroy’s collection. These stylish bean bag chairs can be converted into comfortable beds. They are perfect for sleepovers and making sure that overnight guests are comfortable. 

Each product is filled with polyfoam and comes with a machine washable and dryable cover. All you need to do is remove the cover and flip over the inner cushion to transform it into a bed. This makes unwinding in style very quick and easy.

Popular products include:

  • Youth bean bags
  • Large bean bags
  • Queen-size bean bags
  • King-size bean bags
  • Nest bean bags
  • Outdoor bed bags
  • Dog beds
  • Pillow loungers
  • XL bean bags

9 Sumo Lounge 

If you are on a tight budget, you can spread the cost of new furniture by paying in installments. Sumo Lounge accepts a range of payment options and uses FedEx to make deliveries. This means that you can be sitting pretty on your new furniture within 72 hours.

Their range?

The company stocks a huge selection of bean bags, from gamer bean bags to foam-lined seats. The Sumo Gigantor is perhaps the company’s most popular product, and it comes with a three-year warranty. This massive bean bag chair comes in a choice of three durable and soft fabrics and a huge range of colors. 

Sumo Lounge 

10 BeanBagTown 

If you like the idea of supporting a smaller business, make sure you check out BeanBagTown. This online retailer boasts a huge inventory of some of the most comfortable furniture around. This includes a huge assortment of bean bags, futons, ottomans, love seats, and loungers.

As a reseller…

BeanBagTown offers products from popular brands like Theater Sacks, Jaxx, and Majestic Home Goods. Plus, you can even search for products by color to make it easy to find furniture that matches your style. Finally, in addition to regular low prices, there are often sales and deals to take advantage of.

Now that you know all about the top 10 LoveSac competitors & alternatives, do you find yourself…

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Ok, back to…

The Top 10 LoveSac Competitors & Alternatives

As you can see, if you are searching for a comfortable bean bag or sectional, there are numerous options to choose from. LoveSac has gained a solid reputation over the years for offering very high-quality products. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit the comfort needs of numerous types of shoppers.

However, there are other options to choose from if you find these products to be a little pricey. Some companies offer almost identical products, while others have created their own unique product range. So, it’s definitely worth checking out Lovesac’s competitors to see what they have to offer and find the perfect product for you and your budget.

Happy lounging!

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