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Lowes Employee Discount (Full Guide)

lowes employee discount

As America’s favorite home improvement store, Lowe’s is everyone’s first thought when it comes to DIY.

After all, Lowe’s has it all. From spanners to screwdrivers, fans to flooring, they have everything you need for your next project. If you’re good with your hands and have a little construction knowledge, why not consider working there? It’s an awesome place to put your skills to good use and earn some cash while doing so. 

And the best part is those sweet, sweet employee benefits and discounts. But how much is it at Lowe’s? Well, let’s find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Lowes Employee Discount.

What Are The Lowe’s Employee Perks?

Lowe’s employee benefits package is incredibly competitive. This is a company that understands the importance of employee satisfaction. It knows that happy staff equals hardworking staff.

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Lowe’s Employee Discount

Lowe’s employee discount policy offers 10% off any purchase. That’s for everyone who works there, regardless of position within the company. From part-time sales associates to the higher-ups in corporate, everyone gets the same discount on goods.

And what’s more, that discount gets bigger during the holidays! For the two weeks running up to Christmas, Lowe’s increases its employee discount to 20%! This is a real bonus when things are tight, and you have a lot of gifts to buy.

Vacation Time

Lowe’s offers a whole host of other benefits as well. It not only provides health and dental but vision insurance too. There’s also a generous life insurance policy, plus disability insurance. Then there’s vacation time. All Lowe’s employees are entitled to paid time off, covering vacation, public holidays, sick leave, and volunteering opportunities. They even offer both maternal and paternal leave for new parents.

Is that everything?

No, not at all! Lowe’s also offers help with education. Lowe’s staff can get trade school scholarships and assistance with college tuition. Plus, for those in need, there’s an employee assistance program. This offers counseling, as well as help with work/life balance. Add to that a generous 401K, and it all adds up to a pretty incredible employee benefits scheme.

How To Qualify For Lowes Employee Discount?

How To Qualify For Lowes Employee Discount?

Lowe’s is different from many other similarly large retailers. Most comparable stores expect their employees to work there for at least 30, if not 90, days before they qualify. 

Happily, here that isn’t the case because Lowe’s employee discount program kicks in as soon as you start working for them! That’s right; staff gets Lowe’s employee perks from the first day. There’s no need to wait; just start shopping as soon as your shift is over.

Do you have to work full-time to get my discount?

This is another area where Lowe’s differs from its competitors. Other stores only offer discounts and benefits for full-time staff. At Lowe’s, everyone gets a discount regardless of how often they work. However, this only applies to Lowe’s employee discount. It doesn’t include most of the other benefits. For those, you’ll need to be working there full-time.

How often can I use my discount?

How often can I use my discount?

As often as you like! The limit does not exist when it comes to saving money. You can use your Lowe’s employee discount as many times as you like throughout the year, no matter how large the purchase is. There are also no limits on what you’re buying. All lines carried in store are included. And this even applies to online-only items found at Lowes.com as well.

Can friends and family use my discount?

This is the one area where Lowe’s does start to have some restrictions. Not just anyone can use your Lowe’s employee discount. Only the employee’s spouse is eligible.

Although, you don’t have to say who you’re buying an item for. The cashiers aren’t going to interrogate you at the checkout! You can always purchase goods on behalf of your family and friends. Just don’t take advantage of your perk!

Can I use other discounts along with my employee discount?

Yes, you can! Under some circumstances, that can lead to some seriously substantial savings. Lowe’s is one of the few big box stores that allows mixed discounts.

What does this mean? Is it black Friday? No problem, you get both the black Friday discount and your 10% employee benefit. You’re a veteran? Congratulations! On Memorial day weekend and Veterans day, you can use the military discount and the employee discount at the same time. All discounts can be combined to save a little extra cash.

Does Lowe’s have any other employee discount programs?

Does Lowe’s have any other employee discount programs?

It certainly does! Like I said earlier, Lowe’s takes care of its staff. There’s also a system in place to help you save even more money. It’s known as Lowe’s associate discount program. This scheme allows employees to make savings on all kinds of online purchases. You can find amazing deals on travel, entertainment, fitness, and so much more.

How do I apply for a job at Lowe’s?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply head to the careers section of Lowe’s website, where you can search for opportunities in your area and apply for your perfect position by uploading your resume and answering a few easy questions.

Get Ready For Your Application!

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Lowes Employee Discount – Final Thoughts

As you now know, a job at Lowe’s can be extremely rewarding. Sure, the money is pretty decent, but that’s not all. The discount and its working conditions are generous, and the employee benefits scheme is fantastic too.

Not to mention, the job itself is satisfying. There’s just something gratifying about constructing something yourself. And if you can pass that knowledge and experience onto your customers, then that’s probably the most rewarding thing of all.

Good luck, and enjoy working at Lowe’s!

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