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Lowes Water Heater Installation Cost

When it comes to home appliances, water heaters may not be the most glamorous, but they certainly are essential. A cold shower on a chilly morning is no one’s idea of a good time!

But if you’re in the market for a new water heater, you might be wondering about the cost of installation. Lowes offers installation services, but how much does Lowes water heater installation cost?

In this article, we’ll discuss what to expect, as well as the various factors that will affect the cost of your installation.

Let’s get to it!

Factors that Affect Water Heater Installation Cost

There are several elements that can have an effect on the overall cost of water heater installation, including the…

Type of Water Heater

The cost of installation can be greatly impacted by the kind of water heater you select. For instance, tankless water heaters may cost more to install than traditional tank-style water heaters. 

As another example, a standard water heater could require additional labor for setup, particularly if it needs to be taken to an area that is hard to get to.

Type of Water Heater


Depending on the location of your water heater, the installation cost may be affected. If your water heater is situated in an area that is not easily accessed, like an attic or a crawl space, the cost of installation may be increased. This is because it may require extra labor or equipment to reach and install the unit.

Size of the Water Heater

The size of your water heater can also affect the installation cost. Larger water heaters may require more labor and additional equipment for installation, which can drive up the cost. In contrast, smaller water heaters may be far easier to install, which can help reduce installation costs.

Cost of Lowes Water Heater Installation

Now that you have some knowledge of the factors influencing water heater installation costs, let’s look more closely at the cost of water heater installation at Lowes.

Basic Installation Cost

Lowes provides basic installation for water heaters, which includes disconnecting the old water heater, linking the new water heater to the existing plumbing, and ensuring the new water heater is operating correctly. The cost for this basic installation service at Lowe’s starts at $325.

Basic Installation Cost

Additional Services

If you need additional installation services, such as electrical work or venting, the cost will be higher. Lowes offers a variety of additional services, including electrical work, venting, expansion tank installation, and permits. These services come with these estimated costs:

  • Electrical work: $50-$100
  • Venting: $150-$300
  • Expansion tank installation: $150-$300
  • Permits: Varies by location

DIY vs. Professional Installation

DIY Installation

If you’re handy and have experience with plumbing and electrical work, you may be able to install your water heater yourself. This can save you money on installation costs, but it’s important to remember that improper installation can be dangerous and may void your warranty. 

Additionally, you may need to obtain permits and inspections from your local government, which can add to the overall cost.

DIY Installation

Professional Installation

If you’re not comfortable installing your water heater yourself, or if you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s best to hire a professional. Professional installation ensures that your water heater is installed safely and properly, and can also help you avoid any potential warranty issues. 

What’s more, professional installers can often obtain permits and inspections on your behalf, which can help simplify the installation process.

Tips for Reducing Water Heater Installation Costs

Shop Around

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of water heater installation is to shop around. Compare prices and services from several different installers to find the best deal. Don’t forget to factor in any additional costs, such as permits or additional installation services.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Always consider energy efficiency when picking out a water heater. Although energy-efficient models may be more expensive at first, they can help you save money over time by decreasing your energy costs dramatically. Look for models with the ENERGY STAR label, demonstrating that they have met strict energy efficiency standards.

Look for Rebates and Incentives

Many utility companies and government agencies offer rebates and incentives for energy-efficient water heaters. These can help offset the upfront cost of installation, making it more affordable. Check with your local utility company or a government agency to see what programs are available in your area.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing and installing a new water heater can be a significant investment, but with careful consideration and planning, you can reduce the overall cost of installation. Factors like the type of water heater, location, and size can all impact the installation cost, so it’s important to weigh these up when making your purchase. 

Finally, proper maintenance can help extend the life of your water heater and prevent costly repairs down the line. Work with a trusted installer like Lowes to enjoy reliable hot water for years to come.

Happy installation!

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