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Lufthansa Application: Jobs & Careers Online

lufthansa application

Are you searching for a job that will allow you to see the world?

Lufthansa is one of the world’s leading airlines and was established in 1955. Today, Lufthansa boasts an extensive network that covers destinations in more than eighty different countries.

Lufthansa is constantly expanding its operations to meet the growing demand of passengers. As a result, job opportunities for candidates of all levels are advertised on the company’s website throughout the year.

So, let’s find out about the Lufthansa Application: Jobs & Careers Online process and how to appeal to their hiring managers.

lufthansa application

Facts About Working At Lufthansa

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work at Lufthansa. The company generally operates around the clock every day of the year to serve the needs of passengers. As a result, employees of all levels are required to work a range of different shift patterns.

The main hubs of Lufthansa are in the German cities of Munich and Frankfurt. In some cases, candidates may need to spend time in one of these hubs to complete their training. This is a good opportunity to see a new part of the world while gaining valuable skills and experience.

Lufthansa Job Opportunities

The airline offers a range of entry-level positions, which come with paid training and a range of benefits. However, Lufthansa also seeks experienced and talented professionals with special skills to lead operations. Here are some of the most easily accessible jobs at Lufthansa and the typical responsibilities that go with them.

Lufthansa Internships

Taking part in a Lufthansa internship is a good way for college students to gain new skills and experience. Internships typically run for three months and can be arranged during the summer months between semesters. Internships are paid, and people who perform well are offered full-time employment after they graduate.

After completing an internship at Lufthansa, it is possible to enroll in a second one after graduating. The recommended duration of the second internship is six months. The second internship comes with additional entry requirements and allows candidates to skip the hiring process.

Flight Attendant

This role involves greeting passengers, showing them to their seats, and serving food and drinks. Flight attendants need to have excellent customer service skills and be able to put passengers at ease. They need to be attentive to the needs of customers while following strict safety procedures.

lufthansa application tips

It is necessary to pass through a rigorous training program before starting work in this role. Flight attendants also need to be physically fit and be able to remain calm under pressure. Flight attendants usually start at $35,000 per year, which rises to $40,000 per year over time.

Passenger Service Agent

This role involves working in a major airport and assisting passengers with the check-in process. Passenger service agents need to remain courteous at all times and able to answer questions from passengers. This includes explaining details such as the gate and boarding time clearly and arranging any extra services required by passengers.

The average salary for a passenger service agent is $15 per hour.

Ticket Sales Agent

This role usually takes place in a major airport and involves helping passengers with their ticket sales. Agents need to be able to operate a computer and use it to search for available flights. They then take passenger details and make a reservation on their behalf.

the lufthansa application tips

This role is suitable for entry-level candidates who have strong customer service skills. Full training is provided to ensure that ticket sales agents can assist passengers in the best way possible. The starting salary is typically $12 per hour, which rises after training and assessments have been completed.

Additional Benefits of Working at Lufthansa

All Lufthansa employees are provided with discounts on travel, free uniforms, and access to the employee assistance program. Full-time professionals are also provided with a range of special benefits such as paid time off and annual vacation days.

Other benefits include medical and dental insurance, access to company retirement plans, and life insurance coverage.

How To Apply?

A full list of the Lufthansa job vacancies can be found in the careers section of the company’s website. It is important to take the time to click on job titles and read the list of requirements and duties. If you meet the requirements, click on the ‘Apply’ button to access the Lufthansa application.

In most cases, hiring preference is usually given to candidates who can speak more than one language. It is also important to be willing to work a range of different shift patterns. Hiring managers pay close attention to references, so it is worth taking the time to provide strong references.

the lufthansa application tip

Can take a few weeks…

It can take up to three weeks for hiring managers to contact suitable candidates to arrange an interview. Before reaching out to candidates, hiring managers perform extensive background checks. It is also necessary to submit to a drug test and other types of tests before receiving a job offer.

Lufthansa also runs booths at special hiring fairs at different locations throughout the year. College students are encouraged to attend hiring fairs and meet with the people in charge of the booth. This is a good way to find out more about different jobs and make connections with hiring managers.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring managers at Lufthansa actively seek candidates who have strong customer service skills and a range of other special skills. Employees of all levels are expected to have a certain amount of knowledge of the industry. Therefore, it is important to do a little background research into Lufthansa, paying close attention to the company culture.

Employees also need to be able to work well under pressure and as part of a team. As a result, behavioral interview questions are likely to focus on discovering these skills.

It is also a good idea to prepare questions for the interviewer that demonstrate a drive to advance through the company.

All the very best with your Lufthansa Online Application!

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