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Lululemon Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Lululemon Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you interested in discovering the secret behind Lululemon’s success?

The company operates under the name of Lululemon Athletica Inc. and, in just over two decades, has risen to become one of the top athletic apparel brands in North America.

In 2020, Lululemon Athletica Inc. reported an annual revenue of $4 billion and a profit of $645.6 billion. The company employs more than 19,000 people and is constantly expanding to reach a wider customer base.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Lululemon mission and vision statement analysis to find out why?

lululemon mission and vision statement analysis

Lululemon History

Lululemon was founded in 1998 by the snowboarding and surfing enthusiast Chip Wilson. After taking a yoga class in Vancouver, Wilson realized that there was a need for sports clothing created from stretchy fabrics. Lululemon started life as a design studio by day and a yoga studio at night.

From the very start, Chip Wilson recognized the value of input from potential customers. He created a list of potential names and conducted a survey with a hundred people. The name Lululemon was the most popular option, and he decided to use this as the brand name.

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It all started with yoga clothes for women!

In the year 2000, the first standalone Lululemon store was opened in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver. The store originally specialized in yoga clothes for women. Through feedback from customers, Wilson quickly realized there was a need to expand the collection.

Today, Lululemon is one of the leading athletic apparel brands in the world. The company’s collection includes a wide range of athletic wear for people practicing all types of sports. The product range also includes lifestyle apparel and accessories that are designed to enhance performance.

More than just product-focused…

Rather than marketing a particular product or product line, Lululemon’s focus is on a fit and healthy lifestyle. The company promotes different aspects of healthy living, which can be enhanced with their products. Customers are encouraged to become part of a community and learn and share information about healthy living and mindfulness.

Lululemon Mission Statement

Lululemon boasts a clear and simple mission statement. It is ‘to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness. Two key elements comprise this mission statement that can be explored in more detail.

Elevate the world

The start of the company’s mission statement shows that it is focused on expanding its global presence. The company boasts just under five hundred international stores in countries such as Hong Kong and has a strong online presence. While the company is focused on international recognition, it also concentrates on innovation and elevation.

From mediocrity to greatness

This part of the mission statement also reveals the company’s focus on striving to be the best. This is a philosophy that customers can identify with and embrace. Customers are encouraged to give feedback on ways to improve products to help make the brand stronger.

Lululemon Vision Statement

The company also boasts a clear vision statement that is in line with its products and services. ‘To be the experimental brand that ignites a community of people living the sweat life through sweat, grow and connect.’

This vision statement shows that Lululemon stands for more than creating and selling clothes and accessories. It also reveals the company’s initial aim to become a community hub for fitness enthusiasts.

Healthy lifestyle and mindfulness…

Over the years, the vision has expanded to include a focus on a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. It reveals the focus on connecting the company’s products to the ideologies of health, wellness, and personal development.

This vision has helped Lululemon to connect with like-minded people all over the world. Fitness and healthy living enthusiasts from all over the world can connect through the Lululemon brand.

Lululemon’s 5 Core Values

The core values of Lululemon are personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, honesty, courage, connection, fun, and inclusion. These values form the heart of the company and are expected to be embraced by all employees. These core values are quite different from those of many other successful companies and help shape the Lululemon identity.

Taking personal responsibility

Lululemon employees are expected and encouraged to perform at the highest level in all tasks. This includes going the extra mile to give customers information about different products and services.

The company provides employees with special training to help employees reach their full potential. It also provides online shoppers with digital educators to help them choose the perfect products for their needs.

 lululemon mission and the vision statement analysis

Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit

Lululemon is committed to helping employees of all levels to be the very best they can be. Chip Wilson personally mentors and nurtures young entrepreneurs in various departments of the company. There are several programs and initiatives that employees are encouraged to take part in.

Acting with honesty and courage

It has established a solid reputation for honesty and integrity over the years. All employees are expected to act with honesty in everything they do. They are encouraged to take the initiative and speak out when something is out of line with the company’s image.

Valuing connection

This is one of the main elements of the company brand that has helped Lululemon stand out from the crowd. Customers are invited to become part of an ever-growing community of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

Lululemon regularly launches initiatives such as Move and Stay Connected to maintain connections with customers. This special initiative was launched in 2020 and is an online platform where people can train together as a community.

Choosing to have fun

This final core value highlights the commitment to making Lululemon a fun place to work. The company actively seeks enthusiastic employees who are passionate about living a healthy life. Employees are encouraged to have fun at work and share their passion for the lifestyle and products with customers.

The Strategy Analysis

Lululemon utilizes a range of marketing, engagement, and sales strategies to achieve its goals. The company is committed to innovation and uses the principles of health, wellness, and personal goodness to drive this. The company’s R&D department has always been very active and creates the driving force behind its innovation.

Over the years, Lululemon has developed a whole host of innovative materials and market-driven product designs. These offer customers unique and instantly recognizable market value.

The Creation of 3 Unique Fabrics

These innovations began with Luon, which is Lululemon’s original and signature fabric that was developed for yoga clothing. The company also developed Swift, which is a very lightweight material created for jogging and running. A few years later, the company launched Luxtreme, which is a wicking fabric especially for running.

Interactive Digital Marketing

In recent years, the company’s marketing approach has begun shifting toward high-level digital fame. Lululemon offers a number of interactive programs that encourage customers to connect and feel part of the brand.

They encourage and promote collaboration through social platforms as well as fan-based interactive activities and special competitions.

the lululemon mission and the vision statement analysis

The Sweat Collective

A good example of this is the Sweat Collective interactive program. This program is marketed as being an exclusive group of the ‘world’s sweatiest leaders’ who are involved in fitness studios.

The Sweat Collective community is composed of personal trainers, professional athletes, club leaders, and even Olympic athletes. These community members actively use and promote Lululemon products.

International branding…

Sweat Collective community members are offered exclusive perks such as product discounts. This campaign has helped Lululemon to increase international recognition. It also raises the profile of the brand by showing that it is actively used by sporting professionals.

Innovative Services

One of the main elements of the company’s vision statement is innovation. The company has reinforced this by regularly launching new services that reflect the changing demand from shoppers.

Shoppers who want to visit a physical store have the opportunity to make an appointment. This helps to ensure they will receive a focused and first-rate service with a personal shopper.

The ‘Wishlist’ gifting service!

The company’s website offers a special wish list service. Online shoppers can create a wish list of the products they are interested in. They can then share this wish list with their loved ones to guide them toward the perfect present.

The virtual shopping platform makes finding the right products online much easier. Shoppers can text questions to product experts. The live chat feature also provides a more interactive experiment. This allows customers to enjoy the experience of interacting with a salesperson in the comfort of their own home.

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Final Thoughts

Lululemon boasts a unique brand image that is associated with its significant international recognition. It is clear from the company’s strategic operations that Lululemon is committed to creating value for customers. The company’s mission statement reveals its unique standpoint of offering a lifestyle rather than a brand.

Part of the secret behind the company’s success is including customers in the decision-making process right from the start. Customers are treated like friends and equals and made to feel part of a healthy living and mindfulness community.

Lululemon has also launched innovative products and services that directly serve the needs and desires of customers.

Hope you enjoy working for Lululemon and of course…’Namaste’!

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