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Lush Interview Questions

lush interview questions

We congratulate you to get an opportunity for an interview with Lush. You can use a popular set of interview questions to handle the interview at Lush with proper knowledge and preparation. You should use successful interview tips which facilitate you to excel in your career at Lush.

This company was launched in the year 1995. It is the parent company to the famous brand called Body Shop. Lush was another brand in the same name. The head office of this brand is based in England. Customers choose to buy bath bombs at the most popular product with Lush. This brand started a makeup collection in the year 2012.

General Interview Questions for Lush

Q – 1. How will you introduce yourself at Lush?


  • You must highlight your work-related experience at Lush.
  • You should talk about how Lush is better than its competition.
  • Before stepping in for the interview, you must read the Job Description of various work profiles offered at Lush.
  • You should also focus on highlighting your skillset as a team member and highlight relevant experience in skincare or cosmetic products.
  • You can also talk about the specific experience as a volunteer if you do not have prior work experience in this industry.
  • Don’t forget to also take appropriate opportunities to work for this brand as a part of their growing workforce.
  • You should never narrate your life story at the interview.

lush interview questions tips

Q – 2. Highlight the main features at Lush?


  • It is a cosmetic company which was launched in the year 1995.
  • The main product of this company was sold under the famous brand called “The Body Shop”.
  • Later the company launched a brand called Lush which became a popular brand for cosmetics.
  • The advantage of using Lush products is that it’s 100% vegetarian with no side effects.
  • Customers buy popular bath bombs which is the highest selling product.
  • In the year 2012, a special makeup collection was launched under the Lush brand which became popular amongst customers.
  • At Lush, you must focus on representing the brand by representing its products and services.
  • You must state the reasons for working for such a popular brand like Lush.

Q – 3. What motivates you to work for Lush?

Ans: You must talk about how you enjoy working with different customers at Lush. You should highlight a sense of pride which you gain while working for Lush.

Career Opportunities at Lush

Q – 1. Why do you want to become a sales ambassador at Lush?


  • You should demonstrate your enthusiasm and be a quick learner which assists you to engrave your roots at Lush.
  • Customer handling experience helps you to grow with the brand.
  • You should have appropriate product knowledge and skills to represent this brand to customers.
  • You should use your skills for operational excellence to maintain an inviting atmosphere at Lush.
  • Also, try and pay appropriate attention to detail so that you can grow as a professional with Lush.
  • You can become an active listener for customers to handle all their queries appropriately.

lush interview question

Q – 2. When can you start your job with Lush?

Ans: You must provide a definite answer for this question you should focus on a specific date or an approximate date when you can join the new role at Lush.

Q – 3. What kind of work shifts can you follow with Lush?

Ans: Always remember you must showcase flexibility during your work schedule so that you can work appropriately with Lush in any kind of work conditions and at any of the stores.

Q – 4. Explain your attendance record in previous work employment?

Ans: The interviewer wants to assess whether you are a regular resource for the organization, this can get proven if you share the contact number of your previous supervisor who validates your attendance record from the previous employment.

Q – 5. How will you cover the gap in your Resume?

Ans: You should honestly focus on stating an example that helps you to convince the interviewer about the gap that has occurred in your Resume. You should answer this question with proper confidence and integrity to convince your interviewer about why this gap occurred and what steps did you take to overcome this career gap.

Q – 6. What do you know about the competitors of Lush?

Ans: There are different competitors such as Sephora, Bath and Bodyworks, and also Body Shop. These are competitors for Lush as a brand.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Lush

Q – 1. What is your major strength to work with Lush?

Ans: You should talk about specific skills which directly correlate to a job that you are applying for. This helps you to seek a better opportunity with Lush. You can use your specific strengths to convince the interviewer that you are the best choice for this job.

Q – 2. What are your major weaknesses to work at Lush?

Ans: You should focus on highlighting every possible weakness which is related to your work experience. You should focus on providing appropriate strategies to excel in your work at Lush. Every weakness transforms into an opportunity to work at Lush. Lush provides you a platform to grow and develop as a professional at Lush.

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Interview Tips & Attire

Q – 1. Suggest some interview tips to ace your career at Lush?


  • You can arrive few minutes before your interview.
  • Keep your mobile phones on a switched-off mode.
  • Focus on learning and development opportunities provided by Lush.
  • Dress up formally for your interview.
  • You should carry extra copies of your resume to your interview.

Bottom Line

Lush is a popular cosmetic brand that provides multiple work opportunities to young and enthusiastic applicants. You can use the interview tool to ace your interview appropriately in a tactful manner. Lush offers many skillful opportunities to young employees who want to develop a career in cosmetic retail.

You can multitask at work to prepare yourself well for this kind of interview process. Develop your customer handling skills to ace your interview and handle customers effectively. If you are an all-rounder in all skills, you hold a better chance to grow as a professional with Lush.

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