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Lyft vs Uber Driver Income

lyft vs uber driver income

Ride-sharing has become one, if not the most sought-after side jobs one can have. This is because of time management and flexibility. The best thing about it is the fact that an individual can make his schedule. Because of this you drive when needed, allocate time, and stop when a break is due.

Getting into ride-sharing is simple. Considering it is safe and provides the needed income it is a viable option. It is also a job that does not necessarily require academic qualifications. This makes it open to a lot more people.

Uber and Lyft are one of the two biggest companies out there. These two companies are the correct decision when looking to create another income stream. For a felon to get a foot through the door a TLC license is a good way to start.


Lyft is the second-largest ride-sharing company in the U.S.A. It operates on a national level and can be found in approximately 640 cities around the U.S. as well as 12 cities in Canada.

Lyft features a mobile application used to access the services by customers. Setting up a profile is easy and the name, phone number, as well as payment, are needed. It features services that offer private rides, larger rides (more passengers, or luggage), and luxury vehicles.

lyft uber driver income

The car used can be a rental or a leased one. In some areas, drivers are required to have a business license. Cars may also need to go through an annual safety inspection as safety is key.


Uber is the largest ride-sharing company in the world. It can be found in over 65 countries and it serves over 93 million users worldwide. In the U.S. the company profits from approximately 70% of the market destined for ride-sharing.

Services also include food delivery, package delivery, or ride-hailing.

lyft vs uber driver income guide

Connecting the driver and passenger is done via an application. This is set up in the usual way by providing name, phone number, and payment options. Uber drivers are independent and may be required to pass a background check. There are car types, age of the driver, and other requirements. Some areas may feature a business license for the driver and an annual safety inspection for the car.

Overview of Similarities

These two companies will allow some freedom when it comes to driving. They also include some other aspects. Here are some similarities between the two:

  • Log in and drive when needed/wanted
  • Chose the riders for the trip
  • Price calculation by base rate, miles traveled, and car
  • Earning multipleS than usual as demand is increasing – surge price or prime time
  • Both services are available 24/7
  • Buying or renting cars if the driver does not own a vehicle
  • A rating system is used for drivers by both companies

Driver Perspective

Lyft offers tipping via the app for drivers. Tips are kept 100% but this can change. As Lyft is smaller in size than Uber it has stayed under the radar when it comes to controversies.

Testimonials by drivers on Lyft paint the rides as calmer than Uber. Technical support seems helpful when needed. These drivers describe Lyft as more friendly.

Uber is the bigger company, and they have both professional drivers but also non-professional ones. These need to have passed driving record checks and background ones.

lyft vs uber drivers income

Uber drivers have a lot to be happy about too, Uber also includes tips. There are more rides, and the busy hours provide more income because of this. UberSELECT is also a great way to get more income and enrolling seems easier.

Choosing a more open company is a good decision for an ex-convict. Being open as a small company that features inclusion is the way to go about it. As an ex-convict, there is always a possibility to become a driver for a ride-sharing company. There is also a chance to lose the job. Being deactivated as a driver is known to happen.

Background Check

The background check is an important part of the driver’s enrolment. Discarding a felony can happen if it is older. The checking process still takes place, but it may be passed.

Policies feature several reasons when it comes to rejecting a felon. There are areas where positions can be occupied. A background check from Uber will look for convictions related to murder, sex abuse, terrorism, and other violent crimes.

Lyft has a background check that will search for felonies as sex offenders, terrorism, DMV mentions, and drug-related convictions.

Both companies are also subject to different state and federal rules.

Costs to Factor in When Driving for a Ride-Sharing Company

Because an individual working will manage costs separately, attention is needed. These factors come on top of the Lyft and Uber fees.

1 Gas

2 Car detailing and washing

3 Car insurance

4 Road tolls and other taxes involving highways or specific state roads

5 Maintenance on car, services for keeping the car running in a good state

6 Self-employment taxes

Incomes provided by various drivers are allegedly around 12$ an hour. These incomes are only an indication and not the actual value. From the research done it has been proven that money made can vary from 8 – 12 $ an hour.

The car used will need more service time or just a lot more cleaning and care. Passengers will wear down a car. Driving for a ride-sharing company will mean driving a lot of individuals. Some passengers will be drunk, some sloppy, or just messy.

Jobs like these require going about it as a normal business and take into consideration hidden costs and unexpected incidents.

Can you Improve Your Income?

1 Tax deduction

The tax deduction is a great way to improve income when driving for Lyft or Uber. Drivers can benefit from a tax deduction like every other individual. Looking up for this information is crucial as felons may need to take additional steps when it comes to it.

2 Business expenses

Self-employment means tracking your expenses. Cutting them down is where extra money comes from.

Keep the car clean, in running condition, and pay taxes. Do not eat out, make yourself a home lunch to take with you. The temptation is high when on the road to just stop and get something to eat but this will add up quickly. Saving money by getting a big cup of coffee from home and a sandwich will go a long way.

3 Tips

Considering the nature of the job a tip jar can be a good thing. As mentioned earlier both Uber and Lyft offer the possibility for passengers to give tips. Going the classic way may have an advantage as it keeps things under a certain nostalgic umbrella. Get lucky and you could end up with a happy passenger leaving you a large tip.

lyft vs uber driver income 2023

4 Driving When The Time is Right

Individuals need to exploit possibilities and focus on different areas to get ahead. Friday and Saturday nights a lot of drivers come out. Because of this openings in driver occurrence are where one can thrive. This also includes holidays and other times when people go on vacation. The general idea is to get out on the roads when a lot of people will be looking for a ride.

5 Airport Runs

A lot of flights have an early departure schedule. That is why passengers will look for this time to get a ride. Since it is still very early, around 3 – 7 AM this is a golden zone. Less traffic and fewer drivers mean more income. There is also a good chance of picking up passengers at arrivals.

Income Breakdown

It comes down to more than one thing when considering the income. As discussed, the profit rates vary but here are some pointers. Individuals looking for an income breakdown must also consider other things that may impact profitability.

Consider particular trips as a “commute” between the actual starting points of the drive. Know that based on where you live there are certain factors to take into account. Because of this driving within the city is more productive. If the timing is right it can lead to more income.

Average income based on months:

  • June / July – 20 $ / hours
  • March / April – 15 $ / hour
  • November / December – 16 $ / hour

Average income based on mileage:

  • June / July – 0.85 $ / mile
  • March / April – 0.7 $ / mile
  • November / December – Around 0.75 $ / mile

lyft uber driver income requirements

Average income based on city / trip:

  • Austin – 10 $
  • Boston – 11 $
  • Denver – 10 $
  • Houston – 10 $
  • Los Angeles – 10 $
  • Miami – 9 $
  • New York – 15 $
  • Portland – 11 $
  • Seattle – 11 $
  • Washington, D.C. – 10 $

Bottom Line

Driving for a ride-sharing company is a great second job. When going down this path ex-convicts need to address all aspects. There are some good and not-so-good things about the companies presented in this article. When choosing what direction to follow future drivers will always have multiple options available to them.

A felon will have to pay attention to the recruitment process and other legal aspects. They might find themselves included so it is a good idea to check u pon the facts first.

If the most important thing is getting as much income as possible and having a lot of rides you can move in that direction. An important aspect can also be a more relaxed work environment with a possibility to grow.

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