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Maintenance Manager Job Description

maintenance manager job description

Maintenance managers are in charge of directing and monitoring the company’s operations and maintenance procedures. These candidates are often referred to as maintenance supervisors. Maintenance managers are also in charge of managing the repair of workplaces, landscapes, and buildings. The responsibilities of Maintenance Managers also include assigning schedules, reporting progress, and tracking spending.

The candidates who exhibit expertise in a management and maintenance role, with solid leadership and management abilities, are suitable candidates to apply for a maintenance manager job position. Prospective maintenance managers usually hold sound knowledge of equipment and maintenance machinery. In addition, these candidates usually possess outstanding vocal and writing abilities.

maintenance manager job description

Job Description of a Maintenance Manager

Many organizations seek reliable and qualified maintenance managers to supervise the company’s maintenance department. These candidates are also responsible for upkeep operations, repair, and installation work at the company’s work settings as the maintenance manager. Their responsibilities also involve designing maintenance procedures, planning repair actions, and maintaining machinery.

The candidates applying for maintenance management job positions must have familiarity with the equipment and have excellent technical knowledge in their field. In addition, this job position needs more soft skills and interpersonal abilities to manage their team effectively.

The abilities possessed by the candidates assist them in encouraging their team so that they can be more productive and effective. Besides, the abilities can help them reduce daily stress and accomplish more in their career. Furthermore, their technical knowledge enables the candidates to instruct their team on making the best decisions and implement the right technical solutions for the systems and equipment involved.

Responsibilities of a Maintenance Manager

  • All maintenance processes and operations are typically supervised and led by maintenance managers.
  • They must keep track of overseeing and spending and the maintenance budget.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining all machinery to ensure that it is in satisfactory operating standards.
  • These candidates will be in charge of developing and implementing maintenance procedures.
  • They must also examine the facilities regularly to resolve and detect problems.
  • All repair and installation activities are usually managed and planned by maintenance managers.
  • These candidates are responsible for ensuring that all department staff follows the department’s safety procedures and policies.
  • Maintenance supervisors are also in charge of assigning maintenance schedules and evaluating repair estimate costs.
  • Preparing and documenting maintenance logs and daily progress reports are also part of the responsibilities of a maintenance manager.
  • A maintenance manager’s tasks include overseeing placing orders for fresh merchandise and equipment stock as needed.

Requirements for a Maintenance Manager

  • Candidates applying for the role of maintenance manager must have a high school diploma or similar certification.
  • They should also have a bachelor’s degree in facility management, business administration, or a related discipline.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of five years of maintenance experience to apply for this role.
  • To be considered for the role, candidates must also have previous managerial experience.
  • The candidates for this position must be well-versed in the technical aspects of electrical systems, carpentry, and plumbing.
  • They should also have strong knowledge of equipment and facilities machines.
  • Possessing outstanding leadership and organizational abilities is an advantage to achieve job consideration.
  • The hiring team prefers job applicants with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills for a maintenance manager job position.

Interview Questions for a Maintenance Manager

1 What is an HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system?

Ans. The response from the candidates evaluates their understanding of maintenance processes and systems.

2 What would you do if there is a disagreement between two workers?

Ans. It highlights the candidate’s ability to lead and interact with others.

3 How would you determine if a machine needs to be a replacement or replaced?

Ans. It displays the candidate’s previous maintenance experience and training.

4 How will you maintain a high productivity level when two of your staff call in sick?

Ans. It evaluates a candidate’s leadership and problem-solving abilities.

5 Could you describe a time when you discovered a maintenance issue before it became highly crucial?

Ans. It displays the candidate’s attention to detail and maintenance experience.

Future Scope as a Maintenance Manager

Maintenance managers are in charge of the maintenance, including all types of properties, whether commercial or residential. In small companies, these candidates usually perform most of the installations and repairs themselves. However, these candidates may supervise an employees’ team or external technicians and vendors in large companies.

These individuals enjoy working in a full-time work scenario. Therefore, their pay is determined by their education level, work experience or expertise, and the size of the organization they work for.


A maintenance manager supervises the company’s maintenance staff. These candidates are responsible for allocating jobs overseeing maintenance and keeping track of goods. Their duties also include administrative tasks, such as negotiating contracts and budgeting costs.

You may check out the article above to find what it takes to succeed in an interview and application for a maintenance manager job role.

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