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Maintenance Technician Job Description

maintenance technician job description

A Maintenance Technician is responsible for the appropriate functioning of a residential building or business organization. they handle basic repair works in the areas of plumbing, carpentry, and they also manage the electrical systems of the organization. They also carry out regular inspections for the buildings and plan preventive maintenance for the building. The technician also ensures proper stock inventory is maintained for tools and equipment used in maintenance activities. They also schedule regular repairs for the organization.

the maintenance technician job description

Job Description – Maintenance Technician

A candidate who applies for the role of a maintenance technician must be a reliable and trustworthy person. They should be able to maintain the functionality of the organization appropriately. They are also responsible for carrying out quality assessments in the organization. The technician should also maintain a proper inventory for the organization. They should also take preventive maintenance procedures to maintain the building appropriately.

Skills Required – Maintenance Technician

  • They should know basic tools that are used for maintenance.
  • They should also understand the hydraulic systems well.
  • The technician should also manage basic appliances in residences or commercial buildings.
  • They also need to be quick and responsive to solve issues.
  • They also need excellent skills to solve problems.
  • The technician should also have good communication skills.
  • They should also have good organizational skills.

Job Responsibilities – Maintenance Technician

  • They inspect buildings for maintenance work.
  • They also identify maintenance-related issues.
  • The technician also replaces and repairs the faulty equipment.
  • They also ensure a healthy and hygienic plumbing system is maintained in the building.
  • They also plan and schedule the repairs in the organization.
  • The technician also ensures periodic quality checks are conducted to ensure proper maintenance processes are managed well.
  • They also ensure quality standards are maintained for the maintenance procedures.
  • They also carry out general maintenance tasks with a positive approach.
  • The technician also develops and plans the budget for maintenance and manages all activities in the set budget.
  • They also keep all stock inventory records in the organization which are always updated.

Job Requirements – Maintenance Technician

  • They require a high school diploma.
  • They also need certification as a maintenance technician.
  • The technician should also have at least 2 years of relevant work experience in a similar profile.
  • They should also understand advanced procedures of general maintenance.
  • They should also know about new techniques of general maintenance.
  • The technician should also follow a flexible work schedule.
  • They should also be open to working on rotational shifts in this role.
  • The technician should also solve problems proactively and efficiently.
  • They should also have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • They should also be organized and make a priority list for their daily tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a maintenance technician do?

Ans. They maintain and manage the general maintenance procedures in the organization. They also facilitate the building with maintenance equipment to carry out daily maintenance activities. The technician also ensures the systems of the building function appropriately and the building remains safe from fire or electrical hazards.

2 What are the skills of a maintenance technician?


  • They can solve problems with a polite and positive attitude.
  • They have the physical stamina to manage maintenance-related problems.
  • The technician also pays proper attention to detail.
  • They should also be versatile in the approaches they use to carry out the tasks of maintenance.
  • They should also have the vast technical knowledge to work as a maintenance technician.
  • The technician also requires basic computer literacy to work in the role of a maintenance technician.
  • They also require proper certification in this role.
  • They should also follow all protocols to manage the maintenance work in the building.

3 Can employers customize the Job description of maintenance technicians?

Ans. Every business will have a different set of requirements for the organization. Therefore, employers can add or remove roles and responsibilities from the job description of a maintenance technician. The maintenance technicians work in a set routine and carry out the tasks for general maintenance in the business premises. Maintenance technicians must understand the skills and techniques they require to excel in this role.

4 Where do employers advertise for the role of a maintenance technician?

Ans.  Employers can advertise this role as a maintenance technician on free job sites, on the career page of the company, or outside residential buildings on notice boards. They can also hire them through employee referral schemes.

5 Why is a maintenance technician critical for streamlining maintenance activities?

Ans. Maintenance technicians are critical for maintaining the basic maintenance activities in the building. They ensure that the building functions properly without an issue. They help the maintenance department to plan a budget and allocate resources for completing the daily maintenance activities in the building.

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6 What are the different maintenance activities?


  • They repair the systems within the building.
  • They ensure all plumbing systems work properly in the building.
  • The technician also ensures electrical systems do not cause a fire hazard.
  • They carry the preventive maintenance processes.
  • They ensure all maintenance processes are carried out in a streamlined manner.
  • Create a maintenance schedule for all the activities.
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