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Maintenance Worker Job Description

maintenance worker job description

Maintenance workers are those workers who carry out repair work in residential and commercial buildings. They are responsible to maintain machinery and mechanical equipment. The maintenance worker also repairs the plumbing systems and paints their homes. They also repair the flooring of the residential accommodation. The maintenance worker also manages and maintains the electrical repair work in the house. They also carry out the maintenance of HVAC systems in the buildings.

maintenance worker job description

Job Description – Maintenance Worker

A candidate who works as a maintenance worker will handle all types of repair work in the buildings. They also carry out preventive maintenance. They must have relevant experience as a maintenance worker to gain success in this role. The maintenance worker should also have hands-on experience in using different tools to carry out maintenance work. They should also know how to read blueprints and manuals to carry out repair work.

Skills Required – Maintenance Worker

  • They can work effectively under tough situations and meet strict guidelines.
  • They should also have strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • The maintenance worker should also have relevant knowledge about the various technical aspects involved in the maintenance work.
  • They should also have strong problem-solving skills.
  • They should also work proactively and efficiently.
  • The maintenance worker should also demonstrate the ability to work in a team.

Job Responsibilities – Maintenance Worker

  • They need to conduct inspections as a daily routine activity.
  • They must also perform maintenance to prevent hazards caused by fire and electricity.
  • The maintenance worker should also manage basic repairs and maintenance in the house or a commercial building.
  • They must identify mechanical issues and apply strategies to correct them.
  • They also repair machinery and equipment whenever it is required.
  • The maintenance worker also needs strong skills to organize their work and follow up wherever needed.
  • They should also have a presentable attitude and a professional one.
  • They should also be able to work independently.
  • The maintenance worker also needs strong time management skills.

Job Requirements – Maintenance Worker

  • They should have relevant experience in maintenance work.
  • They should have a high school diploma.
  • The maintenance worker also requires technical knowledge to work in this field.
  • They should also hold a degree in technical education from a college that provides such qualifications.
  • They should also be able to replace defective parts in the machinery they repair.
  • The maintenance worker should also be aware of how to use common tools to carry out repairs in the building.
  • They should also have experience in electronic testing of devices.
  • The maintenance worker should also pay attention to every small detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a maintenance worker do?

Ans. This is an entry-level work profile; they are responsible for fixing broken equipment in the building. They handle complaints of all residents. The maintenance worker also conducts inspections regularly. This helps maintenance workers to perform diligently for the tasks at hand. They also prepare an inventory list for the equipment which requires replacement.

2 What are the main duties of a maintenance worker?


  • They are responsible for cleaning and mopping the floor.
  • They repair broken locks and fill the gaps inside walls.
  • The maintenance worker also checks issues with the electric wiring in the building.
  • They install appliances in the house.
  • They keep the garden clean and mowing lawns is their responsibility.

3 What are tips to prepare for a maintenance worker interview?


  • Create a good work portfolio.
  • Highlight the reasons to work as a maintenance worker.
  • Talk about specific skills and motivating factors that assist you to work as a maintenance worker.
  • Talk about the tools you use for repairing different electrical and other kinds of defects.
  • Highlight your qualities as a maintenance worker.
  • Demonstrate relevant work experience as a maintenance worker.

4 What is meant by maintenance skills?

Ans.  Maintenance workers inspect and diagnose different problems. They solve different issues through their ability to solve problems. They can take preventive measures. This helps in the overall maintenance of the building. The maintenance worker should also have the proper knowledge to work with tools and repair machinery cost-effectively.

5 Where does an employer advertise this role?

Ans. Employers can use job sites to advertise for this position. They can also use employee referrals to hire candidates for this role. Maintenance workers also work independently on various assignments. They may or may not be associated with a maintenance company.

6 Why are maintenance workers required?

Ans. Any building whether residential or commercial requires maintenance workers to work hand in hand to carry out basic maintenance practices. Maintenance workers ensure there are no mishaps in the building due to lack of maintenance. These workers are skilled and manage different kinds of repairs independently. They ensure business owners and homeowners feel safe at work or home. It is their responsibility to inspect buildings. They identify common repair areas to ensure proper maintenance in the building.

7 What are the different activities for Maintenance?

Ans. They manage plumbing and electrical works in the building. The maintenance worker also maintains the surroundings of the building. They manage the mowing of lawns and they also ensure broken instruments are repaired promptly.

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