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Marcelo Vieira Net Worth

marcelo vieira net worth

Professional sports are well-known for paying huge, some would say, grossly over-inflated salaries. Football is no different, with some of the biggest money-earners in any sport plying their trade, especially in Europe, where real money can be earned. Therefore, as I take a look at the Marcelo Vieira net worth figure, we should not be surprised at some of the numbers we will be looking at.

The Boys From Brazil – Part One

Vieira is a professional footballer who is Brazilian and played in Spain for Real Madrid. One of a great number who have made a similar transition. In some circles, they are known as “The Boys from Brazil.” And they come with a real skill set, as you can see here.

It is not easy to go from the South American leagues and come to Europe and make an impact. The standards are much higher in Europe, and there is more depth of talent. In Brazil, Vieira stood out. At first, in Europe, he didn’t. But Real Madrid adopted a policy similar to some other European clubs like Barcelona also in Spain, Ajax in Holland, and some others. 

They try to look for talented players who are the “unfinished” product. They can then acquire them cheaper and take them through the necessary gradual improvements until they become a first-choice player.

The Boys From Brazil - Part One

Marcelo Vieira was one of those… 

And it took him some time to gain a regular first-team place. But, he stuck it out, where some don’t. And, since he did, Marcelo Vieira’s salary and endorsements improved, which affected his net worth.

He became club captain from his defensive position. The first foreign captain of the club since 1904. In 2022, he left Madrid and, after a short spell in Greece, returned to Marcelo Vieira’s boyhood football club, Fluminense.

The Boys From Brazil – Part Two

Brazil’s national football team. Myth or Legend? There is certainly an aura about them that some think is unjustified. Yes, they have won the World Cup five times. Ahead of Germany and Italy, both with four wins each.

Yes, they have produced world-class players like the great Pele, Ronaldo, Jairzinho, and others. They built their reputation in the Pele era when the young man was almost unstoppable. But it isn’t quite the same now. These days, other countries are more successful internationally.

Brazil last won the World Cup over 20 years ago. Furthermore, they have only won it twice in the last 50 years. Perhaps the legend has become a myth. But, it must be said when they produce good players, they are just that – good. Marcelo Vieira is one of those.

The Boys From Brazil - Part Two

Personal Life

He was born in Rio De Janeiro into a very poor family. At one time, it didn’t look like he would ever be able to play because there was just no money in the family to pay for basics. 

His grandfather convinced him to carry on and provided some of the modest funding required. Marcelo was signed by local team Fluminense, but it wasn’t long before he came to the attention of Real Madrid. He signed for them in 2007.

Vieira has enjoyed a relatively settled personal life… 

In 2008, he was married to his long-term girlfriend, Clarice Alves. And in 2009, they welcomed a son Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira. They had a second son, Liam, in 2015.

Whilst playing for Real Madrid, he applied for and gained Spanish nationality. This was granted to him in 2011 on July 26th. That means he would not have to be registered as a ‘non-EU’ player.

A big advantage if he were to look to join another European team as it would not use up a non-EU ‘quota’ place at the new club. It would also take him off the ‘non-EU’ register at Real Madrid. That opens the door for another non-EU player to be signed.

Marcelo Vieira Net Worth And Income Streams

As is the case with many professional sportsmen and women, they accrue their net worth from a variety of income streams. And, the more high profile they are and the bigger the club they play for, sees the wider and more lucrative range of options.

Some figures for these sources of income are not published in their entirety, if at all. Therefore, it can be hard to ascertain a near exact net worth. Nevertheless, let’s make an attempt.

Playing for one of the world’s best teams means that there will be plenty to look at. And, since he has now returned to South America, the estimation is all but impossible. So, we can only look at his time in Spain.

Marcelo Vieira Net Worth And Income Streams

Weekly Salary

At Real Madrid, Marcelo was earning a salary of $100,000 per week. On top of that were various performance-related bonuses. These would come in the form of appearances, trophies won, league position, etc. 

There may also have been an agreement that earned income for the use of Marcelo Vieira’s name in the club’s literature or other marketing exercises. It is estimated that his salary plus bonuses would have earned him $5.2 million annually.


Most professional sports people have endorsements. Some are privately arranged, others are through their clubs or associations. Until 2012, Marcelo was endorsed by Nike. This was a deal that was linked to the club and would have earned him a percentage income plus free merchandise.

Towards the end of his time in Spain, he switched to endorsing Adidas along with several of his teammates. The projected income from such an endorsement for Adidas would likely have been similar to the one for Nike. However, this is one of those areas where the details of the arrangement have not been published.

Property Investments

Marcelo owns several properties both in Spain and Brazil, which he has acquired during his career with Real. The luxury house he lived in with his family in Madrid has a value of $1.9 million.

Luxury Items

The family owns their share of expensive jewelry and watches, but not to the point of outrageous expense. Marcelo, though, does like his luxury cars. He owns a Lamborghini, an Audi, and a Range Rover. The estimated value of the three cars is approximately $1.4 million.

Personal Investments

Football agents can be a downright nuisance most of the time. But, they sometimes have a positive side. That side can be advising on investments that will reap financial rewards in the future. Marcelo invested in a small portfolio that was worth about $8.1 million while he was in Madrid.

An Investment Company

In 2017, Marcelo set up his own company, ‘Doce,’ meaning ‘Twelve.’ The purpose is to invest in football clubs. They are now the majority shareholder of a club called ‘Campeonato Paranaense’ based in Marmeleiro, in the south of Brazil. They have also invested in the club ‘Clube Desportivo Mafra,’ in Portugal.

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As I said earlier, it can only be an estimated figure as some contractual payments are not available. However, it was thought that at the end of Marcelo Vieira’s career in Spain, his net worth would have been in the region of $17 million. How much that might have changed as of today is unknown. 

He would have had a loss of income on an average salary and other endorsements. But then, he has assets to sell, which would have realized extra worth. 

Marcelo Vieira’s net worth is not close to some other famous footballers, of course. But, his career has more than set himself and his family up for life. And he was able to achieve that without trailing halfway around the world every couple of years as some have chosen to do.

Until next time, may you find your success story.


1 What is Marcelo Vieira’s salary at Real Madrid?

Marcelo’s annual salary at Real Madrid is €7 million, which translates to €134,615 per week.

2 How much is Marcelo Vieira worth?

Marcelo’s net worth is estimated to be $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

3 How many Champions League titles has Marcelo won with Real Madrid?

Marcelo has won five UEFA Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

4 Is Marcelo Vieira married?

Yes, Marcelo is married to Clarice Alves, a Brazilian actress and journalist.

5 How many children does Marcelo Vieira have?

Marcelo has two children, a son named Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira and a daughter named Liam Vieira.

6 What brands does Marcelo Vieira endorse?

Marcelo endorses top brands such as Adidas, PepsiCo, and EA Sports.

7 Where does Marcelo Vieira live?

Marcelo has properties in Brazil and Spain. In Spain, he lives in a mansion in the Madrid neighborhood of La Finca.

8 What is Marcelo Vieira’s career history?

Marcelo started his professional career with Fluminense in 2005. He then moved to Real Madrid in 2006 and played for the club’s youth team, Real Madrid Castilla. He made his first-team debut in 2007 and has been an integral part of the team since then. Marcelo has also represented the Brazilian national team, earning over 50 caps.

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