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Marriott Interview Questions

marriott interview questions

Getting an interview call from Marriott is nothing less than a big deal for sure. Above all, getting interviews is indeed stressful as there is a lot of completion prevailing out there. When it comes to preparing for the interview, generally, people take it very lightly and do not prepare well. However, the truth is that the interview round acts as a deal-breaker or maker. Once you have been called for an interview call, only 10 % of the task is done till then.

90% of the chances of getting into Marriott will rely on how your interview goes. It would help if you prepared well for the interview way in advance, and there should be a strategy in place. You cannot randomly start preparing in this way as you might end up missing the essential points.

Firstly, begin with having a thorough knowledge of your resume. You must know your resume in and out, including your educational background, prior work experience, hobbies, interests, achievements, etc. Next, you must read about Marriott, which includes a little about its history, achievements, current dealings, etc. Not to forget, you must thoroughly read about its vision, mission, and core values. Lastly, you must prepare the answers to some basic questions like why the company should hire you, your USPs, etc.? It is always better to get prepared for the interview as it will help you get better confidence.

You can land yourself a career with a little preparation. You don’t need to stress as we have got your back by giving some tips.

Things To Know About Marriott Hotels

Back in 1927, J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott founded Marriott. There are at least 6000 properties in 122 countries. On the NYSE, the hotels are publicly-traded company as MAR. They have a head office situated in Bethesda, Maryland. Back in 2016, Marriott had earned a revenue of 17 billion dollars. The Marriott international features at least 18 brands. You can read about the current happenings and dealings of the hotel.

Reasons What Motivate You To Work With Marriott

One can genuinely grow with Marriott hotels and learn tremendously about the industry thanks to their being of a Fortune 500 company. You can also say that the company has been ranked as one of the best 25 Best Global Companies to Work for by Fortune magazine.

marriott interview question

Although the reasons to join Marriott are pretty obvious, because the chain enjoys a great name and goodwill, apart from that, you must come up with some solid reasons to join Marriott. For instance, you must thoroughly go through the company’s vision and mission and state that you abide by the core values and resonate with them. This will give the Interviewer a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in you.

Their Dream Job

The Interviewer is most likely to ask you to check your ambition level and see if you aren’t just behind the paycheck. Also, they will fit if you align with their expectation level, so all you need to do is ensure that your goals meet the hospitality industry’s expectations. As Marriott is such a vast organization, you have to check what jobs they offer on their website and which you can take up and see yourself in the next five years. It will surely make you a sound fit for the company.

Tips For Dealing With An Angry Customer

You have to say that you would give full attention to your client and listen carefully. Even if essential, you would apologize in no time do whatsoever to make your clients feel happy. For an industry where Marriott belongs, it is a customer-driven industry, and for them, their customers are their number #1 priority throughout.

the marriott interview question

There could be times when the Interviewer will give you a hoax situation where there will be an angry customer, and you will be asked to tackle that situation. These situation-based interviews are there to check for your ability to handle difficult situations. In such a scenario, firstly, you cannot afford to lose your calm. Even when you feel you or your organization is not at fault, you will still have to be calm and apologies. An angry customer is undoubtedly not in the state to listen to your side of the story. The best is to apologize and compensate the customer either with a complimentary dish or some discount to genuinely make them feel a human mistake and wasn’t done on purpose.

How Did You Come To Know About This Position?

You can tell the Interviewer that you got to know about this position from someone who works at Marriott to give a good reference. On the other hand, you can say you have seen the job opening the Fortune magazine’s 100 best companies to work for and you were pretty keen on searching new magazines.

Salary Requirements

When it comes to salary requirements, you can either flip the question or ask the range. Expert interviewers say that it is ideal to delay the response they are trying to get out of. More importantly, it is important to be rational when it comes to salary expectations. Sometimes, the salary is fixed, and you will get no grounds to bargain on it. However, before arriving for the interview, you must do a background check about the salary offered to the employees at the same position. You cannot give an unrealistic answer about the salary expectations, as this would lower your chances of getting hired.

Tips For Working Under Pressure

When this question comes, you can say you can find yourself stepping back at your priorities, and organizing them helps you perform well. You aren’t afraid to ask questions and would people whenever they feel overwhelmed. When we talk about the hotel industry, then this is surely one of the demanding industries, which expects its employees to be on their toes and cater to the needs and demands of the customers. One should always be organized, and take measures well in advance to be able to work under pressure.

marriott interview questions

Some Of The Questions To Ask At The Marriott Interview

Things you would love to like working here, a description of the ideal candidate for the position. How would they measure your success, and what position is the ideal one. Which part features the steepest learning curve, and what could you do to reach there in no time?

Some Of The Marriott Interview Tips

You can see some details on their website, and one of them is that you would see that interviewers don’t like you repeating things that are already given on the resume. You should always have some extra copies of your resume. Always arrive 10 minutes early and turn off your smartphone during the interview process. Avoid speaking too fast, or else you sound nervous. You should maintain eye contact but avoid staring into the opposite person’s eyes.

Interview Attire

You should dress formally if you are planning to join the front desk management. You can dress casually if you are planning to join the housekeeping position. Try and always dress for the part you want to be offered.

What Is The Interview Process At Marriott?

Thanks to the tech-dominated world, almost everything happens online only, so Marriott’s job application also happens online. After submission, the online application tends to go to the respective hiring manager. If the background aligns with the open position, then the candidate is called for an interview. If you wish to stand out on the ground, you need to follow the application and leave a voicemail. And do whatever it takes to do a follow-up as it makes a huge difference for sure. Above all, it shows your interest in getting that job.

What Do They Look For?

It is pretty competitive to land a job at Marriott, so ensure your background shows you are indeed interested in the hospitality industry. Marriott is undoubtedly perfect for people who are looking forward to making their career in the job. The goal of the company is to help employees and allow them to grow the company. For Marriott, it is undoubtedly not uncommon to stay with a company for at least 20 years. At times, employees tend to explore various areas of the hospitality industry. Marriott aims to retain the employees for the long term no matter the employee works at the front desk or the backend. Some of the common questions the Interviewer asks the employees include What is their job history, or when did you leave your job history?

These questions generally tell you about the employee’s behavior and how they react to different cases. But all the application process takes place online, so you can’t say the hiring person responds to a question and telling the Interviewer about the situation.

For almost all the parts, the Interviewer receives plenty of applications day in and out, but it all depends on the job. They get tons of applications for desk jobs, especially. Under recruiting processes, all the managers tend to undergo a lot of training. It helps the interviewers decide if they can align with the existing team or no.

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