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Martin’s Food Markets Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

martins food markets application

Are you’re looking for a company where you can start a solid career in the grocery retail business?

If so, Martin’s Food Markets might be the place for you! And if you’re still a student and you want to find your first part-time position in the job market, they are a great place to start.

But what is it like working at Martin’s Food Markets? What jobs are available, and how can you apply for them?

Let’s find out in my in-depth guide to the Martin’s Food Markets Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

martins food markets application

About The Company

Martin’s Food Markets is a chain of supermarkets that operates 34 stores in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Martin’s is a subsidiary of The Giant Company, which owns a total of 190 supermarkets, the majority of which are run under the name of Giant.

The layout, the services, and the products on sale are nearly identical for both the brands, and the only real difference is the name.

The Giant Company has a long history, dating back to 1923 when David Javitch opened a butcher store in Pennsylvania. Fifteen years later, he acquired a store in Lewiston, PA, and started offering dry and perishable products in the same location. At that time, it was a revolutionary concept, and great success was the natural consequence.

The great expansion…

In 1970, The Giant Company purchased Martin’s, a small supermarket chain with a few locations across Maryland. Since then, the expansion has continued, and nowadays, Martin’s and Giant are the supermarkets of thousands of families living in their area of business.

Martin’s slogan is “For Today’s Table,” which is meant to underline the importance of gathering around a table with the people that are meaningful for us, as well as the freshness of the produce. Martin’s mission is to facilitate these moments by providing everything that is needed to turn even the most simple meal into a special occasion.

But is it a good place to work? Let’s find out what employees think of the company…

the martins food markets application

What’s It Like Working At Martin’s Food Markets?

Current and former employee online reviews are always a good source of information if we want to have a better understanding of the working conditions of the company that we’re applying for.

Most of the reviewers agree that Martin’s Food Markets is a great place for a first job. Since there are almost no requirements for an entry-level position, the application process is usually easy, relaxed, and quick.

Many people report that they have been able to start working just a week after they applied online. If you’re looking for quick cash, this could be something to keep in mind.

Flexible schedules…

Moreover, the management is willing to accommodate any request when it comes to flexible schedules. The job is therefore suitable for part-time workers that need to fit their shifts in their academic schedule. Another positive aspect is the possibility of quick career advancement.

Unfortunately, one of the most recurrent complaints is the low pay. In the beginning, you can expect to make no more than the minimum wage. This is perceived as unfair especially considering that most of the stores are open 24/7 all year round. Therefore, if you decide to apply, be prepared to be assigned night shifts and to work on public holidays.

Lastly, the number of hours given with a part-time position can largely vary depending on the month. This might be a problem for somebody who needs a consistent monthly income.

the martins food markets application guide

Jobs and Career Opportunities

If you need more information about the available jobs, the company culture, and the benefits, you should visit the Martins Foods Career Page of the company website. From here, you can navigate through the different opportunities that the company offers. There are four main career areas: in-store, support, distribution, and delivery.

All of these sections come with a large variety of available positions, ranging from cashier to store manager, delivery driver, produce clerk, cake decorator, and everything in between.

Benefits are provided…

Additional details on the benefits package are given in the “What we offer” section. The company provides employees with training and tuition reimbursement, medical and wellness support, flexible schedule, team members discounts, and financial wellness programs.

Moreover, they say that anybody willing to put in the work and the time will be given a chance to develop their skills and to grow within the company.

How To Apply?

The application process is slightly different from what you can find on other companies’ career pages, in that you don’t have the possibility to view a list of all the vacancies and to choose one. However, you can select the store that you’re interested in, and apply for any position available in that specific location.

The first step is to create a profile. To do so, you need to provide a valid email address, some personal details, and a password. Make sure you will remember your login details because you will need them later on to check on the application status.

Only a few days to wait…

Then, you’ll be asked to upload a resume and other documents to support your application. After you fill in the required information about your job history and your educational background, you’re ready to apply. You can expect the hiring manager to contact you within a few days if you’re successful.

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Final Thoughts

While Martin’s Food Markets is definitely a great place for a first job, it is also a good choice for everyone willing to build an enjoyable and long-lasting career.

Countless different jobs are available, and they usually don’t require any previous experience in the retail industry. People acquire the necessary skills through training on the job. Also, the possibility to quickly grow within the company is given to those with the right attitude.

If you’re looking for a retail job with a reliable organization, Martin’s Food Market is an excellent choice. Are you ready to apply?

All the very best with your Application!

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