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Mary Kay Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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If you search for a job that claims to offer a thriving work environment, then you are at the right place, as Mary Kay cosmetics has several job openings. The company was established in 1963, and it started as a small cosmetics company and is now a privately owned company. Mary Kay has its headquarters in Dallas. The company also has 1.8 million independent sales business employees and representatives.

Ideally, the company was started by Mary Kay Ash, and the current chairman is Richard Rogers. If you submit your job application to this company, you must know that you will be working with one of the best companies in the cosmetic industry. All you need to do is head to the official site and see the job applications available, of course, and you can find several job offerings across the United States and globally.

Company Niche

The company offers at least 200 products in the skincare niche besides cosmetics and perfumes. The company also has a product line known as The Mary Kay Botanical Effects. The product line was introduced as a way to enhance the protection of the environment. The company has also managed to reduce energy consumption significantly.


The company’s vision is to help women earn independently and to improve their self–esteem. They also help women to grow personally. The idea has led the company to operate in at least 29 countries. The company has earned several awards as one of the best employers, and they have been named in Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 best companies in America. So without any second thoughts, you should apply here. The company has several job opportunities for both entry-level employees and managerial employees.

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Essential Facts To Know about Mary Kay Before Applying Here

Minimum eligible age of the candidate to apply at Mary Kay: The candidate needs to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to apply or work at Mary Kay.

Working hours at Mary Kay: The working hours at Mary Kay are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Friday: The working duration is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • B: Saturday: The working hours are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • C: Sunday: The company does not work on Sunday

Employment Opportunities at Mary Kay

The company mainly empowers women and transforms their lives by appealing to true beauty, both inside and outside. The international company sells products for males and females, including color cosmetics and fragrances, body care, nail care, and facial care products to sun protection.

The applicants willing to work here can find some careers in the company’s corporate office, and they will find rewarding work with the company. The job seekers need to share the company’s mission, which enriches women’s lives across the globe. Job seekers can find challenging and meaningful job opportunities that will help them develop careers shaped by creativity.

Job Requirements

Employees need to take pride in legacy, known as one of the company’s most critical assets, and it gives fundamental importance. The golden rule provides significance to the business principle, applicable on a personal and professional level. The employees can find happiness and success through social gatherings. The candidates who possess similar notions can find careers here.

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The majority of the employees are responsible for creating work schedules here. The independent consultants tend to work separately from the company as they sell products on a commission basis without any direct overview. The employer looks for detail-oriented and driven employees.

Career Opportunities at Mary Kay

Employers mainly give priority to hard work and grit. The company stores across the globe include a teamwork atmosphere and respect relationships based on trust, kindness, and honesty. The employees can earn competitive salaries besides employee perks.

Independent Beauty Consultant

The employees mainly work part-time, but they are free to set personal schedules, and if they want, they can work full time. These consultants tend to build customer bases, maintain merchandise knowledge, and spread the company’s mission and values to patrons. The company hires employees that are at least 18 years old. They have to show typical family values.

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The room for growth is also proving exponential as success mirrors the efforts and time applied. The consultants need to establish and sample products during the one-to-one sessions or some gatherings, including parties. The pay mainly depends on the individual performance, but the independent beauty consultants can earn $13000 to $26000 per year.

Sales Manager

The promotion mainly happens from within as it encourages consultants to work hard and proves to be quite rewarding as leadership qualities are likely to build. Being a sales director, each consultant tends to streamline some flows of queries and concerns. The main aim is to improve sales and financial management besides restocking duties. They can earn $33000 to $60000 per year. The wages are based on the consultant’s devotion highlighted in the working even in the busy schedules.

Tips for Applying at Mary Kay

Interested candidates should get in touch with the associates at Mary Kay and apply accordingly. Generally, these singular beauty consultants end up recruiting their friends and then doing a follow-up. This is done to match up to the moral values which the company exhibits to describe the code of conduct of the company.

Perks of Working at Mary Kay

The employees can avail of several perks like earning at least 50% of the value of merchandise sold, competitive bonuses, jewelry, travel packages, etc. They can also get healthcare plans, and eligible employees can earn health retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Mary Kay

The company is dedicated to curing cancers in females, and it donated 12 grants in 2014, and the cosmetics company helps candidates suffering from the ailment. They have also donated at least $17.3 million to cancer researchers.


Getting recruited at Mary Kay is not very challenging. One has to be passionate about the job. In the above article, we have mentioned the important information to help you get through the process. Doing well in this job will help your careers move ahead in the right direction. Candidates should take care when applying as they cannot afford any mistakes.

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