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Massage Therapist Job Description

massage therapist job description

A massage therapist performs various therapeutic massages on various customers, they help in improving blood circulation, they are able to promote relaxation for the customers. They are able to relieve stress and remove pain and injuries from the lives of customers. Massage therapists work with physicians, doctors, psychologists, and also physiotherapists for coordinating and taking forward various treatments. The massage therapists should always be calm and patient with their staff. They are able to focus on various services. All body massages are designed in such a manner that prevents injuries.

massage therapist job description

Job Description – Massage Therapist

A Massage therapist must offer various services to clients. The massage therapist focuses on understanding various customers to understand their specific conditions. They help in providing various services to customers. The massage therapists are able to prevent injuries and cure other aches and pains that clients suffer. They handle client inquires and explain various treatments offered to the guests. The therapists also create packages for clients. They need to help clients to perform various services. The therapists also perform various massages on various clients. They also ensure guest retention. They also demonstrate a polite and friendly attitude.

Skills Required – Massage Therapist

  • They require excellent communication skills.
  • They need proper judgment and perception.
  • The therapists should also empathize with clients.
  • They should be learning in every stage of their job.
  • They need good hygiene habits.
  • The therapists should also organize their work well.

Responsibilities – Massage Therapist

  • Massage therapists focus on attending different meetings and training sessions.
  • Massage therapists ensure they organize the spa facility well.
  • The therapists must also focus on organizing their workstations.
  • Massage therapists must focus on replacing linens within the spa facility.
  • Massage therapists sterilize the equipment.
  • The therapists also consult with clients.
  • Massage therapists accompany clients from different treatment rooms.
  • Massage therapists create a brochure for providing all massage services.
  • The therapists also focus on filing documentation.
  • Massage therapists should also comply with various rules, regulations, and various standards.

Requirements – Massage Therapist

  • They require a high school diploma to work as a massage therapist.
  • They require a minimum work experience of at least 6 months.
  • The therapists should also be familiar with the massage of all pressure points.
  • They should be able to use a computer to manage the spa facility.
  • They need people management skills to excel in this job role.
  • The therapists also need to be well-groomed with professional experience.
  • They should be able to stand for long working hours.
  • They should also be able to manage and handle diverse clients always.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of a massage therapist?

Ans. Massage therapists need to assist clients to relieve stress. They massage muscles of the body and also massage the body tissues for clients. They use relaxation techniques to relax the body, mind, and soul of their clients. Massage therapists earn a lot of money based on tips in addition to their salary.

2 Make a list of skills for a massage therapist?


  • They should have excellent communication skills.
  • They need people management skills.
  • The therapists also need to empathize with the clients.
  • They should have appropriate hygienic habits.

3 Where can a Massage Therapist work?

Ans. After earning a relevant certification in the field of massage therapy. A massage therapist focuses on working at spas, hospitals, medical centers, they ensure clients are given a comfortable environment to relax after a massage. They should be aware of all skin types and recommend appropriate treatment to the different clients as per their requirements.

4 Make a list of different massaging techniques?


  • Stretching is one of the techniques.
  • Taping is another popular technique for therapeutic massage.
  • Medical massage is another technique followed by different massage therapists.

5 How do you become a good massage therapist for clients?

Ans. A good massage therapist must focus on providing manual dexterity. They should also be able to perform complicated massages in a simple and easy manner. You should also be able to deal with physical stamina to become a good massage therapist. All your clients should be able to give positive testimonials.

6 How do massage therapists help clients to remain healthy and active?

Ans. Massage therapists use various massaging techniques to relax the mind-body and soul of their clients. These techniques help clients to remain active always and also remain healthy. Many massage therapists work in different franchises and assist clients to lead a healthy lifestyle in the long term. They also assist in enhancing the overall wellness of massage therapists.

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7 Why are programs designed for massage therapy?

Ans. Massage therapy programs are designed to provide proper knowledge and assistance to different people who want to work as massage therapists. The professional experience a person gains can be supported with certification so that a massage therapist can work independently. Successful completion of this program helps massage therapists to gain proper knowledge about massage therapies and a license to work as a massage therapist in the best possible way. Once they have the license they are able to work independently and also work as a part of a well-known franchise.

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