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Material Handler Job Description

the material handler job description

A Material Handler is responsible for the storage, transportation, and management of non-hazardous and hazardous merchandise. Their responsibilities include checking supplies, logging deliveries, and moving products. Material handlers, often referred to as warehouse associates, do not require formal schooling. However, on-the-job training is required to get consideration for a job as a Material Handler.

Our ideal candidate for the Material Handler job is the one who can exhibit extraordinary physical health in addition to having good written and verbal communication abilities. These individuals should also have a thorough understanding of warehouse equipment and machineries, such as booms, forklifts, and cranes.

material handler job description

Job Description of a Material Handler

Several companies and organizations consistently search for a professional and self-motivated material handler to join the warehouse department. These organizations are interested in job applicants if they are hardworking and can execute things satisfactorily with little or no supervision. These individuals are usually responsible for storing products, logging orders, and tracking warehouse inventories in this job role.

By retrieving orders from inventories, providing production materials and supplies, and staging final goods, a material handler keeps production and distribution running smoothly. Material handlers also contribute to the team’s success by completing associated tasks as required.

These candidates also require a few skills to get job consideration as a Material Handler. The candidates should know dealing with complexity, analyzing information, scheduling, or organizing skills to learn to get job consideration. Besides, data entry, lifting, inventory control, safety management, process improvement, time management, and deadline-oriented skills are a few more skills or abilities that a candidate must possess to apply for a Material Handler job position.

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Responsibilities of a Material Handler

  • Material Handlers are in charge of unloading and loading inventory from production sites, storage spaces, delivery trucks, loading docks, and other places.
  • They must verify that all inbound deliveries are following the company’s purchase order.
  • These applicants are also in charge of storing freight utilizing pallets and cargo boards in designated locations.
  • A Material Handler’s job is to keep track of inventory byrecording, categorizing, and identifying its location.
  • These candidates must use production sheets to track the number of units handled and moved each day.
  • Material handlers must also operate various machineries, such as forklifts, cranes, cameras, and booms to handle materials and inventories.
  • These candidates must also assess pick sheets based on client orders and retrieve the correct products for each purchase.
  • They should also give purchasing recommendations and keep track of supply levels regularly.
  • A Material Handler’s tasks also include contacting vendors for refunds and pick-ups.
  • These candidates must also follow all health and safety regulations.

Requirements for a Material Handler

  • To work as a Material Handler, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree.
  • This job opportunity also requires at least two years of experience in a similar role.
  • Forklift certification from the OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a plus when applying for a Material Handler position.
  • These individuals should be in outstanding physical condition and capable of lifting about 100 pounds.
  • They should be able to work overtime in the evenings, public holidays, and weekends if necessary.
  • The candidate should have exceptional communication and organizational abilities.

Interview Questions for a Material Handler

1 Do you have any experience with warehousing machinery and equipment?

Ans. The response from the candidates demonstrates their ability to operate various machines.

2 What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and when would you utilize one?

Ans. The answer from a job applicant assesses their knowledge of required paperwork and sheets.

3 What safety standards must you observe when unloading a dangerous gas delivery?

Ans. This reply emphasizes the job applicant’s understanding of workplace safety and health requirements.

4 What is the maximum amount of weight you can lift and carry at one time?

Ans. This response from the candidate reveals their physical condition.

5 Could you explain how you keep track of inventory levels?

Ans. This answer assesses the job applicant’s ability to organize their time.

Future Scope as a Material Handler

Although there are no explicit educational requirements, many industries, organizations, and businesses prefer applicants who have completed a high school diploma or equivalent education or certification. For example, material handlers may need a certificate in a few cases to operate a forklift or other piece of equipment. In addition, material Handlers must have strength and stamina to get job consideration because they are sometimes required to stand for extended periods and lift large items.

With automation touching practically every industry and business in some form, it is logical to assume that the functions of Material Handler will also be impacted. However, a single person completes the responsibilities of a Material Handler.


Material handlers are typically employed in manufacturing facilities or warehouses, where they pack and move inventories and supplies. Essential warehouse equipment such as hand trucks, forklifts, jacks, and pallets are frequently required are also handled by Material Handlers. Registering, storing, and identifying stock are among a few of the responsibilities of a Material handler.

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