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McDonald’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

McDonald’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you trying to learn the secret behind the success of McDonald’s?

It is certainly no secret that this is one of the most popular fast-food franchises in the world. Multiple branches of McDonald’s can be found in more than 120 countries around the globe.

McDonald’s is so popular that the name is synonymous with hamburgers, fries, and hot apple pies. Even though the company has several major rivals for the crown, it has managed to maintain its popularity.

So, let’s take a closer look at the company in my in-depth McDonald’s mission and vision statement analysis.

mcdonalds mission and vision statement analysis

McDonald’s History

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. The first-ever restaurant was located in the town of San Bernardino in California. Although the restaurant served a range of dishes, it quickly became clear that their hamburgers were particularly popular.

The McDonald’s Corporation opened its first modest hamburger stand in 1948. From the very start, McDonald’s has utilized innovative business practices that have helped the company grow and thrive. In this case, the hamburger stand used production line principles that allowed it to create and serve hamburgers in record time.

The potential was recognized…

In 1955, businessman Ray Kroc decided to join the company as a franchise agent. Kroc quickly recognized the potential of the company to grow and reach more hungry customers. Just a few years later, Kroc purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers. He then focused his attention on developing the company to become an international fast-food chain.

Today, McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the United States. The company operates more than 34,000 outlets around the world. However, more than 70% of these fast-food franchises can be found in the United States.

Adapting to the world…

Part of the secret to the company’s international success is adapting its menus to include international elements. In countries where rice is more commonly eaten than fries, rice dishes are added to the menu. The company also regularly introduces limited-edition menu items and special offers to keep customers interested.

McDonald’s Mission Statement

The company’s mission statement has changed and been modified several times over the years. In 2021, the company announced a slightly shorter and simplified mission statement. This is; ‘Our mission is to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone.’ This mission statement can be broken down into three main parts as follows:


It is only natural that the main focus of McDonald’s would be on the food it offers. The company’s menu has grown dramatically over the years to offer a wide range of options. Most of these menu items are available in several sizes to provide customers with extra choice.

However, the emphasis is on making sure that the food is delicious and appealing to customers. To back up the fact that the food is delicious, the company actively seeks celebrity endorsements. Although celebrities are not paid for these endorsements, they receive unlimited free food and other types of rewards.

mcdonalds the mission and the vision statement analysis

Feel-good moments

This part of the mission statement relates to how the company encourages customer loyalty. Each McDonald’s franchise is decorated with bright colors that will appeal to children and teenagers. These bright colors are also associated with happiness and excitement.

McDonald’s puts a lot of effort into making sure the dining experience is as enjoyable as possible. This includes offering toys for children and free coloring sheets for young diners. The company also promotes birthday parties to help ensure customers create lasting feel-good moments.

Easy for everyone

Part of the popularity of McDonald’s is the fact that the outlets are easily accessible. Franchises in major cities and beside highways offer customers free parking and restrooms. The service timings and quality of menu items are also part of this commitment to ease and accessibility.

McDonald’s has managed to keep up with the ever-changing demand from customers. One of the most prominent examples of this is the huge number of drive-thru outlets. These outlets allow motorists to order, pay, and even eat, from the comfort of their vehicle.

Enter the digital delivery…

In November 2020, McDonald’s announced a new strategy that would make enjoying its products even easier. The new strategy is known as the 3 Ds, which stands for ‘Digital, Delivery and Drive Thru.’ This allows customers to order online or with a smartphone and have menu items delivered to their door.

Since then, McDonald’s has heavily invested in strengthening the online ordering process. The ease and availability of the company’s home delivery system has also dramatically increased.

McDonald’s Vision

‘To move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.’ This is the company’s main vision statement. This vision statement was included in the growth plan that the company introduced in 2017.

Before 2017, McDonald’s had a slightly longer and more involved mission statement. ‘Our overall vision is for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary customer experience.’ It can be seen that the new vision statement puts more impact on the company’s global impact.

The 3 Key elements…

Like the company’s mission statement, the current vision statement can be broken down into three different elements. Each of these elements offers an insight into the plan for future operations. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these elements in turn.

Move to drive growth

This element highlights the company’s ambition to expand even further. To realize this aspect, the company has been focusing on diversifying and expanding its operations. This includes real estate, which is an area that is allowing the company to maximize profits.

Better at serving customers

To remain relevant, it is not enough for a company to maintain the same high standards. It is essential to be constantly striving to do better to raise the company’s image and reputation. McDonald’s does this by enhancing its marketing strategies and employing training experts to design special programs for new team members.

mcdonalds mission vision statement analysis

Around the world

While McDonald’s is the leading fast-food franchise in the United States, there is room for growth in other countries. The company is constantly setting up new outlets in different countries around the world.

These international outlets often incorporate cultural elements from those countries to entice customers. For example, outlets in Muslim countries often feature a mural of a mosque on the wall. International outlets often feature slightly different versions of Ronald McDonald that appeal to diners in those countries.

McDonald’s 5 Core Values

The core values of a company give customers a clear understanding of how it operates. McDonald’s recognized this in 2021 with a press statement. ‘The backbone of our Brand is, and always has been, a commitment to a set of core values that define who we are and how we run our business and restaurants.’ McDonald’s operates under five core values that can be explored in more detail.


This value again highlights the importance of customers to the company. It emphasizes the point that the company is established to meet the needs of customers. It can be seen that customer satisfaction is the main goal of McDonald’s.


This value indicates that the company does not operate or allow discrimination of any type. In fact, the company announced the goal to fill at least 35% of its leadership roles by minorities by 2025. There is also a plan to promote more female employees, aiming for a percentage of female leaders of at least 45%.


McDonald’s employees of all levels are expected to be accountable for their actions and act with integrity. New employees are provided with extensive training on how to interact with customers. This is intended to instill the feeling that customers can trust the company to do what is right.


McDonald’s strives to have a positive effect on its community through a series of initiatives. One of the best examples of this is the Ronald McDonald House Charities that help children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. The company also develops plans to minimize food waste and donate food to those in need.


This core value aims at improving the dining experience for families. Families with young children are provided with special facilities and equipment to keep them entertained. This includes baby changing rooms, onsite playrooms, and free coloring books and toys.

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Final Thoughts

Like most large and successful companies, McDonald’s boasts clear and simple mission and vision statements. The company has created a set of impactful core values. Employees are expected to follow these at all times. This helps customers to understand what the company offers and what it stands for.

Unlike many competing companies, the mission statement of McDonald’s has changed several times over the years. This reflects that McDonald’s is constantly revising its mission to remain in line with the times and the values of customers.

It is perhaps this willingness to be adaptable that has helped McDonald’s maintain its popularity over the decades.

All I can say is… ” I’m Loving It!”

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