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Medical Biller Job Description

the medical biller job description

A medical biller is responsible for collecting and calculating fees for medical services and procedures. In addition, they are responsible for preparing invoices, developing payment plans, and updating patient information. These candidates are usually hired for medical administrative facilities to ensure that patients are invoiced appropriately and quickly.

If you consider a career as a medical biller, you must know about its requirements, expected questions from interviewers, requirements, and career advancement options. You can check out the complete information associated with the Medical Biller job position in the article below.

medical biller job description

Job Description of Medical Biller

To join the administrative office, most companies look for a skilled and professional Medical Biller. The candidates will be responsible for various duties that will require strong judgment, in-depth evaluation, and data analysis in this position. Recording late payments, appealing refused claims, and maintaining billing software are all part of a Medical Biller’s everyday responsibilities.

Medical Billers, also referred to as Medical Coders, are vital to the effective operation of medical facilities. Nurses and doctors would not be compensated if Medical Billers did not translate patient care into codes and then submit them to payers. To be successful in this job position, the candidates should have a thorough understanding of medical insurance policies and billing software. Because talking with various insurance agents and clients will be a vital skill required for the job, the potential candidate applicant should also display outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

Responsibilities of Medical Biller

  • Medical billers are responsible for submitting and preparing insurance claims and billing data.
  • These applicants must also make sure that the patient’s medical information is up to date and accurate.
  • They should also create invoices and bills and track the amounts owed for services and medical procedures.
  • Pre-authorizations and recommendations are also reviewed and collected by them.
  • They must also keep track of late payments and monitor them.
  • Medical billers should also follow up on late payments and work out any financial issues.
  • They are also responsible for verifying the accuracy of patient billing and requesting any missing information.
  • Candidates must also file an appeal and explore any claims that have been refused.
  • It is also the responsibility of Medical Billers to assist patients in developing payment plans.
  • A Medical Biller’s responsibilities also include maintaining billing software by updating current collection reports, cash spreadsheets, and rate changes.

Requirements for Medical Biller

  • Medical Biller jobs require a bachelor’s degree in accounting, health care administration, business, or a related subject.
  • To apply as a Medical Biller, you must also have at least two years of experience as a medical biller or related job.
  • Candidates should also be well-versed in electronic medical records and billing applications.
  • They must also be able to manage and multi-task time efficiently.
  • Candidates should also be able to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.
  • This employment position also requires exceptional organizing and problem-solving skills.

Interview Questions for Medical Biller

1 Could you explain an effective strategy for assuring the medical records’ accuracy that you employ?

Ans. The answer exhibits the individual’s previous work experience in this area role.

2 You’ve received notification that an insurance claim has been denied. What procedure will you use to challenge the choice?

Ans. The employers assess the candidate’s understanding of medical insurance procedures through the answer.

3 Have you worked with any billing software?

Ans. The response will emphasize the person’s previous knowledge of billing software.

4 Which information about the patient do you need to create an efficient payment plan?

Ans. The reply to this answer shows an applicant’s understanding of payment schemes.

5 Which was the most threatening phone call you have ever received from a debt collector? How did you deal with it?

Ans. This answer will reveal the ability of the job applicant to communicate.

Future Scope as a Medical Biller

Income and various things varied and influence the pay of a Medical Biller. This field and job position has a bright future, and Medical Billers are in higher demand as healthcare businesses expand to meet patient demands. It needs a proactive approach, compassion, empathy, and a positive attitude; the Medical Biller is the ideal career option for you. Besides, reliability, ability to work in a team, conflict management skills, intuitive learning, multi-tasking ability, and active listening abilities make your job role considered.


A job as a Medical Biller might be ideal for you if you want to initiate your career in the healthcare field. You will be working with healthcare professionals, perform documentation duties that utilize calculators and spreadsheets. Medical Billers work in various work settings, including hospitals, walk-in clinics, and family practices.

Medical billers are in charge of overseeing the collection and billing of medical debts. In addition, a medical biller is responsible for calculating accurate payments and provides bills in a suitable format when a patient receives medical treatment. Other responsibilities also include creating payment arrangements and keeping track of late payments—besides, check the guide above and know how to become and succeed in the Medical Biller career position.

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