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Medical Receptionist Job Description

the medical receptionist job description

Medical Receptionists are professional people who are responsible to coordinate with medical professionals such as doctors. They are responsible to manage visitors, and patients. They also coordinate with various staff members in the healthcare facility. The receptionist also books appointments, handles queries of patients, and handles emergencies for critical patients. They record and monitor the stock inventory of suppliers.

medical receptionist job description

Job Description – Medical Receptionist

Medical receptionists should have excellent skills to organize their work well. They should be excellent with time management skills and maintain the healthcare records well. They should be able to keep all information confidential. Medical Receptionists must always demonstrate confidence at work.

Skills Required – Medical Receptionist

  • They should demonstrate confidence while at work.
  • They should also have a polite and friendly attitude towards visitors and patients.
  • The receptionist also requires strong interpersonal skills to work better at the healthcare facility.
  • They should also demonstrate efficiency in day-to-day activities.
  • They should also be able to work under pressure.
  • The receptionist should also have the ability to multitask at work.
  • They should also adapt to a fast-paced environment.
  • They should also quickly respond to all medical emergencies.
  • The receptionist should also have problem-solving skills.
  • Organizational skills and planning skills are also a must.

Job Responsibilities – Medical Receptionist

  • Medical receptionists greet every patient in person or over the phone.
  • Medical receptionists also focus on providing proper assistance to doctors, visitors, and patients in the hospital.
  • Responsible for maintaining stock inventory for the business.
  • Responsible for answering all calls courteously.
  • They also perform all duties as per the compliance procedures of the hospital.
  • They also ensure all appointments for doctors have been scheduled for patients.
  • A medical receptionist also coordinates between medical departments in the hospital.
  • They must also follow all policies and procedures in the hospital.
  • Responsible for admitting the patient and coordinating their treatments in the hospital.
  • They are also responsible to communicate medical results to patients with proper clinical supervision.
  • They also keep a record of all documentation related to patients.

Requirements – Medical Receptionist

  • They should have a bachelor’s degree in working as a medical receptionist.
  • They should also have basic certification in administration as this is helpful for this role.
  • Medical receptionists should be aware of medical terminologies to work in health care.
  • They should also think creatively.
  • They should also quickly respond to emergencies situations.
  • The receptionist should also have the ability to multi-task at work.
  • They should also keep sensitive information confidential.
  • They should also keep everything documented.
  • The receptionist should also be passionate about healthcare and provide excellent service to patients and other visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a Medical Reception do?

Ans. A medical receptionist works in the front office in the hospital. They are responsible for answering all queries for customers. They ensure the medical environment is a very welcoming and calming environment that provides a peaceful atmosphere to various patients. Patients get treated and become healthy once again in such an environment.

2 What are the core skills for a Medical Receptionist?


  • Excellent customer service skills are necessary for this role.
  • Multitasking is a required skill for this role.
  • Good interpersonal skills are important for this role.
  • They prioritize their work as a medical receptionist.
  • Technical skills and computer literacy are an added advantages.

3 What are the attributes of a Medical Receptionist?


  • They can communicate effectively
  • They demonstrate professionalism.
  • The receptionist also needs to work on organizing.
  • They are supported to use technical knowledge.

4 What are essential duties for a Medical Receptionist?


  • They book appointments for patients.
  • They carry out administrative tasks for a hospital.
  • The receptionist also resolves queries for patients.
  • They are well versed in record keeping.
  • They work with sensitive data and keep it confidential.

5 What are the educational requirements to excel as a Medical Receptionist?


  • They need a graduation degree.
  • They should have a certification for administration.
  • A candidate needs 3+ experience in hospital administration.

6 How does a Medical Receptionist get appointed?

Ans. This role is advertised on free job sites, professional career pages of leading hospitals. This is also advertised or spread through word of mouth to make applicants aware of the expectations from this role and what kind of skill set they need to excel in this role.

7 How do Medical Receptionists help patients?

Ans.  They assist patients to complete their admissions and treatment coordination. They also book appointments for them with leading doctors. The receptionist can also work with hospital staff to provide a pleasant environment for patients. They can answer queries for all patients. Medical Receptionists ensure a smooth operation of the hospital where patients get treatment in a hassle-free manner.

8 Are Medical Receptionists’ central point of contact for patients?

Ans.  They are provided all information regarding treatments, test results, and medication on the front desk by a medical receptionist. Medical Receptionists work efficiently with the hospital staff to act as an information provider to all patients. Patients feel a sense of trustworthiness with someone who answers all their questions and comforts them by assuring critical treatments.

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