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Medical Records Clerk Job Description

the medical records clerk job description

A medical records clerk is in charge of monitoring patient health files at a hospital or a clinic. The medical record clerks have a high school diploma and three years of experience handling medical records at a registered medical facility. The medical record clerks who excel in their careers possess exceptional communication, patience and interpersonal skills.

Such traits help them in dealing with the family members of the patients appropriately. Filing records, assisting with audits, and collecting data are among the key responsibilities of a medical records clerk. People interested in becoming a Medical Records Clerk can check out the article below to find the relevant details.

medical records clerk job description

Job Description of Medical Records Clerk

Working in a medical facility, they ensure proper handling of patients’ files and information. They are usually in charge of gathering personal information about patients, such as their medical history and demographics.

The Medical Records Clerk makes sure that the information remains confidential. Besides that, they must be well-versed in rules and regulations to legally distribute medical files to the appropriate people and agencies. The Medical Record Clerks are well-versed with the medical terminologies, protocols, and administrative responsibilities. The candidates interested in this profession must have strong communication and organizational abilities.

Responsibilities of Medical Records Clerk

  • They Collect the demographics and personal information of the patients.
  • Assistant Managers also provide medical files to individuals and organizations under applicable laws and regulations.
  • They also assist with audits and investigations conducted by the department.
  • They also help in the distribution of medical charts to the respective hospital departments.
  • Medical Records Clerks also maintain correct and up-to-date records information by adhering to the hospital procedures.
  • They also ensure the completion of patient charts, paperwork, and reports on schedule.
  • The candidate should also ensure safeguarding all medical records and kept private.
  • They are also in charge of storing the medical data and information of all patients.
  • They also provide the nursing department with relevant forms and documentation.
  • Medical Records Clerk also complete the clerical activities involving telephones, e-mail responses, and patient records of admission and release.

Requirements of Medical Records Clerk

  • To work as Medical Records Clerk, the candidate must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent certification.
  • The candidate should also have a minimum of two years of experience.
  • They should also have advanced knowledge of medical terminology and administrative procedures.
  • The candidate should have expertise in information management software and MS office. Excellent communication abilities and human skills are required to get considered for the position of Medical Records clerk.
  • The candidates should have outstanding attention to detail along with excellent organizing abilities.

Interview Questions for Medical Records Clerk

1 Do you have any experience working with electronic health record software?

Ans. It tests the candidate’s familiarity with the software.

2 How can you help a Frightened patient?

Ans. It demonstrates the people skills of the candidate.

3 What is the strategy you use to ensure the confidentiality of the medical files?

Ans. This question tests the capacity of the candidate to handle private files.

4 To admit a patient, what personal data do you require?

Ans. It proves the candidate’s experience in the job.

5 What methods do you employ if the patient has asked for their medical records to be released?

Ans. The candidate’s knowledge of the medical process is put to the test.

Future Scope as a Medical Records Clerk

Some specialized training remains required to work as a medical records clerk. Although a postgraduate degree is not a compulsion for entry-level roles, some people choose to get a diploma or associate degree in medical office management or attend other seminars to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Pursuing the degree is an efficient way that sets one apart in the workplace and helps in positioning an individual for growth in this domain.

After completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree program and passing the relevant certification courses, medical record clerks generally pursue a career as a medical or health services manager. The specific requirements in the academic degree or certifications may be different for facilities.


Medical Records Clerks could have diverse responsibilities depending on the institution. In large institutions, they may need to collaborate with others to collect and arrange records, whereas, in smaller facilities, they may be responsible for their activities.

They guarantee completion of documentation and reports is on time. Besides that, the interested candidates must possess IT skills of essential to intermediate level. Because they may be required to react to e-mails, convert digital records to other forms, and scan, print, and photocopy files, a medical records clerk should have good IT abilities.

Furthermore, to avert rejection, the interested candidates must ensure they don’t struggle with interpersonal communication. Owing to the nature of the job, the candidates having poor communication skills get rejected in the initial stages.

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