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Meijer Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Meijer is an American departmental store chain established back in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer in Greenville, Michigan. The company deals in two different types of businesses, including department stores and gas stations.

As of today, the company has at least 242 department stores and 200 gas stations. At least 77000 employees work at Meijer currently. It is a super-center chain having its headquarter in Walker, Michigan. 50% of the company stores are located in Michigan, while other stores are located in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Hendrik Meijer’s son Frederik Meijer was one of the first employees who worked at the company when it begins initially. At that time, Fendrik was just 14 years old teenage boy who later turned to be the company’s chairman. Henrik’s grandsons Hank and Doug Meijer are the co-chairmen of the company.

Back in 2015, the company was listed as the 19th American largest private company on Forbes, and in the US, the company is listed as the 26th largest Retail Company. To fill out several customer services positions, the grocery chain tends to seek out competent employees.

Important Information to Know Before Joining Meijer

Minimum age required for working at Meijer: The candidate needs to be minimum of 16 years of age to be able to apply and work at Meijer.

Working operational hours at Meijer: The store is open 24*7 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

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The Job Opportunities at Meijer

The previous year, the company had established a program that supplies meals for employees at its 248 centers, grocery stores, and distribution centers by joining hands with the local food chains. The program continued for a few weeks, and then the company announced it as buying local program that allows the stores to choose from what establishments they wish to buy from as the main idea was to help the local restaurants and show gratitude towards the employees who tend to keep the shelves stocked.

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The new program is said to get a lot of praise on social platforms. Hence, if you are planning to join Meijer, you must know that the company holds the Best Place to Work certification. Even for LGBTQ Equality, the company was on the list of best places to work in. Additionally, you must know that you would be welcomed in the company irrespective of your background.

Entry-Level Positions

The entry-level positions tend to represent some types of jobs that are ideal for job seekers. All the locations tend to hire extra candidates to fill the various parts available throughout the stores. Being a company-owned chain, the grocery retailer tends to have some expectations throughout all locations. There is no need to have any experience if you wish to join as an entry-level employee. All you need to have is a will to work with the general public and take the direction ideally.

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Even though the previous experience is a brownie point but at times, it is not essential.

Applicants for managerial positions need to have some previous experience in the retail industry. The company tends to promote the employees from within as crew members, mainly lead roles to make excellent managers once they have proved themselves at the job. The outside applicants have to hold some previous work experience highlighting outstanding sales records.

Career Opportunities at Meijer

The jobs at Meijer tend to feature both full-time and part-time jobs and offer fantastic flexibility to align with the needs of various workers. The minimum age of the candidates is 16 years old, and if the candidate wants to join the managerial position, they must be 18 years old. The applicants can easily apply online for the following jobs:


  • The cashiers have to focus on ringing out the purchases from clients, running the cash register and collecting monies, and giving the correct change.
  • The necessary traits for interested candidates include a positive attitude, interacting with people continuously, and processing sales with speed and precision.
  • If the employee wants to be successful, then they need to maintain the cashier drawers immediately.
  • The cashiers are paid minimum initially, like $8 per hour or so.


  • The clerks dodge multiple roles at grocery retail chain as they work in several departments, including grocery, deli, bakery, and produce.
  • All the divisions tend to boast unique duty types of service offered, and as other employees overlap, they tend to move from one department to another in no time.
  • Some of the general responsibilities like retaining and offering product knowledge are played by clerks. They also need to have a friendly attitude.
  • The clerk can earn $9 or $10 per hour.
  • They also have to ensure that the environment is clean, and following safety, protocols is a must.

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  • Meijer breaks down the management positions into team leaders. They name these designations as department managers and assistant managers.
  • The team leaders in supervisory roles have to perform several tasks. This includes planning, directing, and maintain all the divisions amid the store hierarchy.
  • The team leaders can earn at least $35,000 and $45,000 yearly and earn $80000 annually depending on the store area and tenure.

Status of The Application at Meijer

Each location will have its own speed and frequency to review the application. The hiring managers take about a week or two to review all the applications which have been submitted and proceed further. Post applying, if the candidates do not get any response within 15 days, they must get in touch with the store of the appropriate where they have applied for.

Following up with the employer is always considered a positive gesture. This shows the enthusiasm and the motivation to work at the company.

Perks Offered at Meijer

Meijer is known for providing a very fast-paced, dynamic and a warm working environment to the employees. Apart from that, the employees also enjoy multiple discounts, enhanced trainings, health benefits, retirement plans, holidays, paid vacations, paid-time-off, etc.

Overall, the company is great to work at. Candidates should put in the right effort to get a job at this store. This is when they can grow in their career while having fun at work.

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