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Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Application

Are you planning to apply for a job at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water?

This is one of the largest three-service utility companies in the United States and was established in 1939. The company serves nearly half a million people and is constantly expanding to meet demands from customers.

As a result, talented and experienced professionals are always needed to join the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water team. There are also roles for entry-level candidates who are willing to learn new skills.

So, Let’s take a look at the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to make sure you grab the attention of hiring managers.

memphis light gas and water application

Facts About Working At Memphis Light, Gas, and Water

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water. The company operates around the clock every day of the year. Therefore, employees need to work a range of shift patterns to ensure continuous service.

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Job Opportunities

Most positions at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water require a bachelor’s degree in a related field and some work experience. However, the company offers a few entry-level positions for candidates who demonstrate an ability to learn quickly and work hard. Here are some of the key job opportunities that are likely to arise at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water occasionally.

Customer Service Technician I

This is one of the key roles at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water that is open to entry-level candidates. The role mainly involves reading gas, water, and electric meters in Shelby county and Memphis. It is necessary to keep careful records and report any damaged or potentially dangerous meters.

It is also necessary to interact with customers, so strong customer service skills are essential.

memphis light gas and water application tip

Design Engineer

The role primarily involves designing additions or replacements for transmission and communication systems. Design engineers are often required to make field inspections on hazardous construction sites. They need to have an excellent understanding of the principles of electricity and physics.

Design engineers need to hold a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and hold a valid driver’s license. Candidates should also have previous experience in a similar field and demonstrable skills. The typical salary for a design engineer is $60,000 per year, which can rise to $70,000 with overtime.

the memphis light gas and water application tip

Electronics Communication Technician

These employees are charged with installing and maintaining video recording equipment and radio equipment. Other duties include finding and repairing causes of electronic interference and operating infrared scanners to track down abnormal heat signatures.

A large part of this role takes place in underground vaults, so electronics communication technicians need to be comfortable in confined spaces.

The necessary qualifications…

It is usually necessary to hold an associate’s degree in telecommunications engineering technology to perform this role. New candidates need to complete Placement Performance Exercises before starting work and hold a valid Tennessee driver’s license. On average, the salary for this role is around $42,000 per hour.

Corrosion Control Surveyor

These full-time professionals are tasked with performing regular voltage surveys to determine cathodic protection levels on gas mains. This basically involves troubleshooting and investigating faults on gas service lines. Corrosion control surveyors spend the majority of their time working outside in all weather conditions.

It is necessary to be physically fit to perform this role and have a good head for heights. Before starting work, new candidates must pass a series of Placement (Group 002 “Electricians”)/Performance Exercises.

Energy Engineer II

This is an intermediate position at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water that provides extra training and special skills. The role mainly involves providing prominent customers with engineering and technical assistance. It is also necessary to evaluate and monitor the economic impact of recommendations that have been implemented.

memphis light gas and water application tips

Additional Benefits of Working at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water employees are provided with an impressive benefits package that includes paid vacation days. Eligible employees also receive company pension plans and retirement plans. There is also a special health and wellness package for employees to take advantage of.

How To Apply?

The best way to secure a job at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water is through the careers section of the company’s website. Applicants first create a user profile by supplying a username and email address. This information can be used to log back into the user profile at any time to check on the application status.

A full list of Memphis Light, Gas, and Water job opportunities can be found in the careers section. After clicking on a job title, it is possible to access the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water application. It is important to complete each section in detail and upload a carefully edited, up-to-date resume.

You have to live in Shelby County…

To work at Memphis Light, Gas, and Water, it is necessary to live in Shelby County. Applicants who live in another part of the country should be willing and ready to make a move. If applying for a job from another part of the United States, include a note stating your relocation plans.

After submitting an application form, it can take a few weeks to be contacted by a hiring manager. In most cases, the application forms of suitable candidates are kept on record until a vacancy arises. Taking the proactive approach and contacting a hiring manager directly can help to speed up the process.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring managers actively seek candidates who have experience working at industrial locations such as a chemical processing plant or paper mill. Holding a degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or accounting also helps employees to stand out from the crowd. Some roles may also require candidates to hold a Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

It is important to highlight any special skills and experience during the interview with the hiring manager. Candidates should prepare and practice answers to standard interview questions.

When answering technical questions, candidates should give detailed answers that show their deep knowledge of the topic.

All the best with your Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Online Application!

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