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Men’s Wearhouse Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Ideally, Men’s Warehouse is a clothing boutique, and it is one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry in the United States. The company mainly deals in various clothing styles for men. It was formed at least twenty years, and the ever-expanding company has more than a hundred branches today, and it has become a fashion icon in the industry.

The company operates in almost all parts of the United States and Canada. It has at least 1500 stores featuring more than 22000 employees to run the company regularly. The employees who have been in the company know that they can avail themselves of various career development opportunities besides getting a competitive package and friendly working environment.

Additional Information

The company is well–known for its warm and inviting working environment by its employees and patrons. The clients tend to appreciate that the employees are pretty friendly, knowledgeable, and see a lot about the products and services. The company aims to build a good relationship with patrons by offering them almost all the helpful tips on both fashion and style through their blog known as Guy’s Lines”.

Job Requirements

A client can learn nearly everything from choosing the perfect interview attire to a tie. In the United States, the company is one of the most famous clothing brands. The company also has corporate responsibility for its clients. It means they claim to offer a better workplace for the employees or create a better community by sponsoring events and campaigns.

Above all, in the fashion industry, the company is one of the biggest employers having 500 locations. As the company tends to expand its operations, the job opportunities also enhance.

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Important Information To Know Before Applying at Men’s Warehouse

Minimum eligible age of the candidate required to apply for Men’s Warehouse: The candidate must be a minimum of 17 years of age to be eligible to apply at Men’s Warehouse.

Working hours at Men’s Warehouse: The working hours at Men’s Warehouse are as follows:

A: Monday to Friday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

B: Sunday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Men’s Warehouse

The company started in 1973, and it is one of the most trusted names in the men’s business attire industry. The brand’s reputation and successful advertising have led to constant patronage from patrons across the nation. The candidates find several job opportunities here as the thriving retailer aims to hire employees regularly to keep up with the market needs. The company aims to pursue dedicate and professional job hopefuls during the recruitment process.

Work Experience

The candidates having some previous work experience in the retail fashion industry can get some additional consideration to get a job. The company tends to feature various brand-name attires especially for men, like suits, jackets, pants, ties, and shoes.

The knowledgeable applicants need to stay updated about the information regarding the clothes available in the store. The employees also need to keep track of discounts available on the merchandise and savings incentives. As the retail chain mainly sells men’s attire, the employees are mostly men, but the company tends to follow equal opportunity and standards for people.

Career Opportunities at Men’s Warehouse

The applicants must be at least 18 years old to get a job here. Entry-level jobs are one of the most common jobs available with the retailer. Above all, the retailer chooses to promote from within when hiring employees for managerial-level jobs.

Customer Service Associate

The employees can earn $9 per hour, but the customer service associates need to help the patrons in some fundamental way. The primary duties include:

  • Running the cash registers.
  • Maintaining cleanliness across the stores.
  • Stocking the shelves.
  • Answering customer queries.

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The associates need to direct clients to sales consultants or tailors for challenging questions or for some specific issue. The customer service associate is primarily part-time jobs, but entry-level jobs are pretty accessible to motivated applicants irrespective of the experience they hold.

Sales Consultant

The employees must deal with the patrons directly to sell the attires and coordinate the tuxedo rentals. They are also known as wardrobe consultants as they mainly align with customer’s and stores’ objectives besides being a part of a team. The employees should be ready to work in a fast-paced environment and show the necessary familiarity with products besides being able to help clients to make some satisfying purchases. In addition, they should have sales abilities. They can earn minimum hourly wages besides commission on the bulk sale.


These professionals need to alter and repair the attires for patrons, measure the clients for garments, and style them according to their needs. The applicants must be pro at stitching and should be able to deliver garments on deadline. They can earn $15 per hour.

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Tips For Applying at Men’s Warehouse

Although the standard way of applying is through the visiting the company website, but the applicants can also go the local store and send in their application. Candidates would require to spend at least of 20 minutes at least for filling out the application. While applying online, the candidates need to have in handy their documents.

Candidates are required to fill in all the right information, as the company does carry out a thorough background check for the same. Applicants can visit the offline store at local locations to apply at the company.

Perks of Working at Men’s Wearhouse

The company benefits qualified employees like dental and vision insurance and health retirement plans besides paid training and leaves. The company also offers merchandise discounts to various employees. The employees of the company get a plethora of opportunities to showcase their skills. They can also upskill themselves in the best way possible.

Miscellaneous Information about Men’s Wearhouse

The company owns a blog known as Guy’d Lines that help patrons with various style and fashion tips. It also includes videos to better understand the directions, and it makes shopping easy for clients.


This is a fun place to work and candidates can make it far with the right effort.

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