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MGM Grand Application – Online Job Form


One of the largest resort complexes in the United States, MGM Grand Las Vegas, draws many visitors each year, for which it consistently opens job positions. It hires candidates for managerial, food services, hospitality, and customer service capacities.

Please scroll down and know the vacant job titles offered by MGM Grand. Besides, you can go through the online job application process for MGM Grand and submit your job application as guided in the article below. You will also know the job benefits, career advancement, salary, duties, schedule, and much more offered by MGM Grand to its workers.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at MGM Grand

MGM Grand provides employment opportunities to job applicants with a minimum age of 21 while submitting their job application forms. The shift timings and operational hours MGM Grand is twenty-four hours every day for each day of the week.

Job Prospects at MGM Grand

Career-oriented and ambitious applicants may get employment consideration at MGM Grand. Every job role at MGM Grand requires superior guest care at its locations. The candidates with previous employment may be preferred for hiring by MGM Grand. In contrast, many job roles are also available for inexperienced individuals.

MGM Grand looks for professionalism and attention to detail to help its employees receive advancement opportunities and career growth. All tenured and new employees enjoy access to job benefits packages, development, and ongoing training programs while working for MGM Grand.

The Job Positions Available at MGM Grand

MGM Grand offers plentiful job roles to the candidates, including Butlers, Employee Relations Specialists, Employee Relations Specialists, Food Runners or Bussers, and Counter Attendants or Baristas. It also offers various job positions for Wardrobe Attendants, Slots Guest Services Representatives, PIT Clerks, Pantry Workers, Order Taker-Room Services, and Models or Bartenders roles. The job applicants can also apply for Maintenance Technicians, Luxury Sales Specialists, Lead Special Events Representatives, Guest Room Attendants, and Group Reservations Specialists positions.

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There are many positions available for General Managers, Front Desk Clerk, Food Servers, Dispatcher-Convention/Banquets, Customer Relations Representatives, Cook, and Convention Porters job roles. Besides, there are vacant positions for Cocktail Servers, Buspersons, Bartenders, Bakers, Housekeepers, Beverage Managers, Pool Attendants, Massage Therapists, Front Desk Agents, Door Hosts, Table Game Dealers, Dancers, Concierges, and Front Services Attendant. The essential job roles at MGM Grand include the following:

Front Desk Clerks

  • Front Desk workers at MGM Grand are responsible for assisting customers with the accommodations at the hotel.
  • Clerks at MGM Grand also process payments, register guests, assign and sell rooms.
  • These MGM Grand clerks are also responsible for coordinating with hiring personnel and issuing keys to rooms.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining and ensuring account balance between the start and end of every shift schedule.
  • These clerks are also responsible for notifying security and security of missing items and unusual events and also help resolve complaints of guests.
  • These MGM Grand’s clerks usually earn around $12.00 to $16.00 an hour.

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  • Valets are responsible for greeting customers, offering to park customers’ cars, and offering alternatives to customers willing for self-parking.
  • They also assist with wheelchairs and luggage.
  • They provide directory details to every casino-goers guest.
  • Valets also keep a check on alleged thefts, missing parts, or dents to inform hotel security and supervisors for more investigation.
  • MGM Grand’s Valets usually earn around $5.00 to $11.per hour.

A Few Tips For Applying For a Job Role at MGM Grand

MGM Grand research in-depth every application received and submitted to them. It also performs background checks and contacts professional and personal references provided in the job application forms and candidates’ resumes. Open availability for flexible schedules may increase their chances of hiring at MGM Grand.

Most job positions at MGM Grand need communication with guests. Employees should perform well and show willingness and bright personalities to assist customers. They should be available for help whenever required by the guests. Job applicants with a minimum age of 21 and older can get job potentiality at MGM Grand. They should also possess high-school diplomas or equivalent education or certification to get consideration at MGM Grand.

Checking Job Application Status for MGM Grand

MGM Grand generally takes around three weeks to complete the hiring process and schedule the interview process. However, it may take a more extended period to select the potential candidates due to extensive research of candidates done by the MGM Grand’s hiring personnel. The individual with job potentiality may call or send an e-mail to MGM Grand to know their hiring status. They may also visit MGM Grand’s locations to know the hiring process and get information about their candidature.

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Benefits and Perks While Working at MGM Grand

MGM Grand offers various job benefits plans and packages to its employees, including the following:

  • MGM Grand offers various beneficial packages to its employees, including 401 (K) retirement plans, health coverage, and paid vacation.
  • They also receive tuition reimbursement, paid breaks, and free meals during their work schedules.
  • MGM Grand employees also receive many on-site amenities, including daycare and health centers.
  • Generous pay scale and other employment benefits are also offered to MGM Grand employees.

Additional Details of MGM Grand

In 2014, the MGM Resorts Foundations, operated by MGM Grand, raised approximately $4.7 million for various non-profit organizations in Mississippi, Michigan, and Nevada. This foundation funds the administrative expense of disbursing and raising funds to facilitate workers-designated donations to various non-profit organizations chosen by the council associated with company grants.

It also enables allowing each donation by the employees to reach charity directly. It is indicated that approximately 46% of 62k employees offered contributions via foundation-hosted and payroll donation or fundraising events.


MGM Grand offers various employment opportunities for job seekers with any skill level. Entry-level, first-time workers and students can find multiple employment options with MGM Grand.

In addition, corporate positions at casinos and resorts are readily available in Las Vegas. The candidates can check out the relevant job roles offered by MGM Grand and fill in the job application form according to their potential and desired job role. This helps them get the job they want.

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