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Michaels Interview Questions

michaels interview questions

The interview questions offered by Michaels are a preparatory tool for young career aspirants who want to develop a career with Michaels. Interviews can become a highly stressful exercise. The interview questions will assist applicants to face a fierce world shortly. Interview guidelines become a helping hand for new hires to understand the work culture and functioning of Michaels as an organization.

It is a specialized retail store for arts and crafts. The company established itself in 1973. Michaels equips people to learn skills in knitting, scrapbooking, painting, crocheting, etc. The store offers a wide range of handicrafts to choose from.

Generic Interview Questions

Q-1 Introduce Yourself To Us?

Ans. This is an extremely tricky but basic foundation question, talk about your skills, hobbies, and appropriate work experience which helps you to structure this answer appropriately with a logical flow. The interviewers get a fair idea of your work experience and personal information so that you can develop yourself as a professional and demonstrate your best side to interviewers.

Q-2 Describe Michaels in Your Language?

Ans. The interviewer wants to understand how much does an applicant knows about Michaels as an organization. This organization is a retail outlet for art and craft. It offers special courses in knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, painting. The corporate office for the organization is based in Texas. This company operates under Aaron’s brother’s stores.

Career Opportunities With Michaels

Q-1 Why Do You Prefer to Work for Michaels?

Ans. Applicants who are passionate about art and craftwork can apply for Michaels. Michaels also works to uplift underprivileged children this creates an impression in minds of young professionals to grow and join hands with an organization that works for a noble cause.

the michaels interview question tips

Q-2 What Kind of Crafts Are You Well Versed With?

Ans. You can talk about crafts such as knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, painting, baking, paper crafting. This helps you to secure a decent job with Michaels.

Q-3. Why Do You Want Michaels to Hire You?

Ans. Read the job description thoroughly and identify the possible skills you have. This permits you to understand more about the work culture at Michaels. This understanding helps you to secure a better job with Michaels in the long term. Your skills should provide a resolution to the problems of the organization as a whole. Then it is worth hiring you.

Q-4 What Does It Mean to Stand for Long Durations?

Ans. Since this is a retail outlet standing for long durations is a normal practice any person working with this industry needs to abide by it. You can choose to hire for long time durations with a proper set of shoes. Always maintain a good posture and stay hydrated always.

Q-5 What is a Definite Career Path for You at Michaels?

Ans. Michaels would like to assess whether you are a long-term investment for Michaels. You must look at different opportunities to hire than your role so that you can achieve a definite career objective during your tenure with the organization. You can also receive definite mentoring and coaching to grow as a professional.

Q – 6. What Do You Know about The Teaching Craft Course at Michaels?

Ans: Michaels offers craft courses for both adults and children. You can get hired as a craft instructor with this organization and train adults and children in craft and other related courses offered.

Q – 7. Did You Face Any Attendance Issues in Your Last Job?

Ans: You must reply honestly and provide relevant references to cross-validate your attendance record from your previous organization.

Customer Handling Skills at Michaels

Q – 1. How Will You Handle an Upset Customer?

Ans: Allow the customer to vent out his frustration. Show the customer that you care, avoid blaming either the customer or the organization. You must try and solve the issues to provide utmost customer satisfaction. Don’t take customer criticism to heart. It is nothing to do with you.

michaels interview question

Q – 2. What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

Ans: You must demonstrate a helpful and polite attitude towards customers and try to meet their needs. Ensure your customers do not wait for longer durations. Ensure the store display is such that customers have easy access to it. The stock inventory must be adequate to serve customer needs.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q – 1. What is Your Core Strength?

Ans: You must read your Job Description carefully and identify the potential work-related skills which will help you grow in the present job role in which you have applied for. This increases your chance of getting a better job with the organization in a role of your choice.

Q – 2. List Down Your Specific Weaknesses?

Ans: Always identify weaknesses related to your job and choose suitable strategies to overcome the weaknesses. You should avoid saying that you are a perfectionist and do not have any weaknesses. You should never state a weakness that is a critical strength for completing a particular job. This will decrease your chance to get a good job with Michaels.

Q – 3. What Kind of Working Hours Are You Open to Working For?

Ans: You must remember this is a retail sector. Be flexible with your work timings and schedules to get a better chance to get hired at Michaels. Working on weekends or holidays opens up new opportunities for you in the long run.

Interview Attire & Questionnaire

Q – 1. What Kind of Interview Attire Can You Wear at Michael?

Ans: Both business casuals and formal dress codes help applicants to dress up well and create a first impression in the minds of the interviewer. The dress code is very important for appearing in an interview. It provides a professional look to the person appearing for the interview.

Q – 2. List Down Interview Tips for Michaels?


  • Reach early for an interview
  • Strike an interesting conversation at the interview
  • Carry additional copies of your resume
  • Do not sound nervous or anxious
  • Do not strike a boring conversation that sets off the tone of the interview
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Do proper company research
  • Switch off your smartphone before the interview.

Q – 3. Does Michael Conduct Background Verification Checks For Employees?

Ans: Yes, to safeguard the interest of the company, client and employees Michaels conducts background verification checks after receiving consent from employees. The process takes 1 month to get completed. These checks help Michael to ensure there are no bad hires and there is no risk to anyone associated with them.

the michaels interview question

Q – 4. What Kind of Questions You Can Ask The Employer?


  • What is the best part about the work culture of Michaels?
  • Define the qualities of a good employee
  • What are the specific job responsibilities for a particular job?
  • How will you measure the success graph for any individual?
  • How can an employee attain a learning curve at Michaels?
  • What are the strategies to accelerate career growth?
  • What are the various opportunities to learn and grow at an individual level?

Q – 5. What Will You Do if You Disagree with a Colleague?

Ans: You must use real-life examples which state how you will resolve a particular conflict calmly and patiently rather than passing negative comments on colleagues. Avoid discussing negative comments and situations at work as this brings the morale down for colleagues.

Q – 6. What is Your Best Accomplishment in Your Last Job?

Ans: You can talk about awards and recognition or specific career goals that you achieved during the performance cycle of the company. Always use a positive approach to answer your question.

Q – 7. State an Incident Where You Did Something Extraordinary for The Customer?

Ans: You can always state real-life examples to structure your answer effectively. You can use a real-life example to explain an incident where a customer applauded your efforts for bringing a smile on his face.

Q – 8. How Will You Tackle a Difficult Customer?

Ans: Difficult customers put your knowledge and skills to the real test. You must use an empathetic and polite approach to deal with such customers. Never try and explain to the customer that he is incorrect. Always try to find proper solutions to your problems.

Q – 9. What Are The Basic Tips for Behavioral Interviews?

Ans: These interviews are based on practical assessment and they take time to review the situation based on a problem and solution method. You must keep your answers specific and brief. You must use a positive approach and keep your answers short and brief. Always listen carefully to the interview.

Bottom Line

Michaels offers ample opportunities for new applicants who want to work with Michael. The company conducts a basic background verification check after the interview process is over. The pre-preparatory guideline helps the applicants to apply for desired positions with the required skillset. Michael offers ample opportunities for learning and development and developing the applicant as an overall professional.

Serving customers is the main criteria for applicants who work with Michael and want to develop a career in the art and craft industry. Flexibility in work shifts works better for all applicants in this industry. Use this interview tool to advance in your career opportunities with Michaels without a hassle.

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