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Miles Teller Net Worth

miles teller net worth

In the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, net worth is often a topic of fascination and speculation. For actors, their financial success becomes a measure of their achievements and popularity.

One such actor who has made a mark with his talent and charm is Miles Teller. So, I decided to delve into his life, career, and the factors that have contributed to his financial success and total Miles Teller net worth figure.

Current Overview of Miles Teller Net Worth

Early Life and Career

Born on February 20th, 1987, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Miles Teller had a multifaceted upbringing that spanned various locations, including Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Jersey.

Even from an early age, Teller’s deep affection for music and the arts was evident. He skillfully displayed his talents through diverse creative endeavors. Mastering a range of musical instruments such as the saxophone, drums, piano, and guitar.

Furthermore, his active involvement in his school’s drama club propelled him into the spotlight. Culminating in his remarkable performance as the lead in the acclaimed production of “Footloose.”

Early Life and Career

With some tragedy along the way…

Initially harboring dreams of pursuing a professional baseball career, Teller’s life took an unexpected twist. When Teller reached the age of 12, his family relocated to Citrus County, Florida, setting the stage for a new chapter in his life. He enrolled at Lecanto High School, where he assumed the role of drama club president and highlighted his musical prowess as the drummer for a church group band.

 Throughout his high school years, Teller’s remarkable versatility shone through. As he not only excelled in the arts but also displayed talent in playing the guitar and participating in baseball. Leaving an indelible mark on Teller’s diverse range of interests and abilities.

However, a transformative car accident marked a turning point in his journey. Steering him towards a path focused on the arts.

This pivotal moment led him to enroll at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he dedicated himself to obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His passion for acting flourished further during his time at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, acting as a catalyst for his rise to prominence and achievement.

Breakthrough and Major Projects

Teller’s breakthrough in the entertainment industry came with his remarkable performance in the critically acclaimed film “Rabbit Hole” in 2010. Catching the attention of renowned actress Nicole Kidman. And this marked the beginning of his successful journey in the world of cinema.

From his charismatic role in “Footloose” to his captivating performance in “The Spectacular Now,” Teller has showcased his versatility and earned both critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

But it didn’t stop there…

His involvement in the “Divergent” series, alongside co-star Shailene Woodley, further solidified his status as a rising star. Teller’s portrayal of a student drummer in the Oscar-winning film “Whiplash” displayed his dedication to his craft and earned him numerous award nominations.

Breakthrough and Major Projects

And with an impressive filmography that includes diverse projects such as “Fantastic Four,” “War Dogs,” and “Only the Brave,” Teller has proven his ability to excel in various genres. As well as tackle a wide range of roles.

Beyond his film endeavors, Teller has also made notable appearances on television, including a guest-star role on the series “The Unusuals” in 2009. And his talent and dedication to his craft have been recognized with accolades, including the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting. He received this alongside Shailene Woodley for their work in “The Spectacular Now.”

More recently…

In 2020, Teller completed filming the highly anticipated Top Gun sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick,” where he portrayed the character of Bradley Bradshaw, the son of the late pilot Goose. The film, starring Tom Cruise, was released in May 2022 and became the highest-grossing movie of the year. Further solidifying Teller’s presence in blockbuster productions.

However, while Teller’s career has been marked by notable successes, there have been instances where he faced disappointment. He reportedly lost the lead role in the film “La La Land” due to a disagreement over salary negotiations, with Teller asking for a higher fee than what was offered. And the role ultimately went to Ryan Gosling.

Sources of Income

Miles Teller’s impressive net worth stems from a combination of different income streams. His earnings primarily come from his work in films, where he commands substantial salaries for his performances.

Additionally, endorsements and brand partnerships contribute to his financial success. However, Teller’s association with reputable brands not only boosts his income but also solidifies his position as a sought-after actor in the industry.

Like many celebrities…

Apart from acting, Teller has also ventured into real estate investments. In 2016, he purchased a home in Studio City, California, for $3 million, which he recently listed for sale at $5.7 million.

Additionally, in March 2023, Teller acquired a new property in LA’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Highlighting his interest in real estate as a means of expanding his financial portfolio.

Sources of Income

Financial Success and Achievements

Teller’s financial success is a testament to his talent and hard work. With a total net worth of $10 to $16 million, this may not place him among the highest-earning actors in Hollywood, but it is a remarkable feat considering his relatively brief time in the industry.

Moreover, his accomplishments go well beyond monetary gains, as he has received recognition and awards for his performances.

Comparing Net Worth and Success

When comparing his net worth to other actors in Hollywood, it’s important to consider various factors such as experience, longevity in the industry, and the types of roles pursued. So, while his net worth may not reach the astronomical figures of some A-list actors, it is essential to recognize his achievements and the potential for future growth in his career.

In truth…

Teller’s net worth falls within a respectable range for an actor of his age and experience. It places him among the more successful and established actors in the industry. And it’s worth noting that net worth can fluctuate based on multiple factors, including project choices, endorsements, investments, and other business ventures.

Many believe that as he continues to progress in his career, his net worth is likely to increase further.

Comparing Net Worth and Success

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Beyond his professional success, Miles Teller has also shown a commitment to philanthropic endeavors. He has supported various charitable organizations, including the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation and The Lunchbox Fund, which provides meals to vulnerable children in South Africa. 

In his personal life, Teller married his longtime girlfriend, model Keleigh Sperry, in 2019. The couple is known for their strong bond, and they frequently share glimpses of their life together on social media. And Teller’s grounded nature and focus on personal relationships contribute to his overall well-being and balance in his career.

Future Projects and Prospects

As an actor with a diverse range of talents, Miles has a promising future in the entertainment industry. He continues to take on challenging roles and collaborate with acclaimed directors and actors. As mentioned, his recent projects include the highly anticipated “Top Gun: Maverick,” where he starred alongside Tom Cruise.

Furthermore, Teller’s recent involvement in the television miniseries “The Offer,” centered around the making of “The Godfather” film, showcases his willingness to explore different mediums and expand his creative horizons.

These projects, coupled with his established reputation as a dedicated and versatile actor, indicate a bright future for Teller’s career, as well as potentially increased financial success.

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Final Thoughts

Miles Teller’s journey from a small town to Hollywood success is an inspiring story of talent, determination, and financial achievement.

With his versatile acting skills, strategic investments, and philanthropic endeavors, Teller has solidified his position in the entertainment industry.

And while his net worth may not reach the heights of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, it reflects his growing success and potential for further growth. And as Teller continues to captivate audiences with his performances and expand his endeavors, his financial success is likely to continue on an upward trajectory.


1. What is Miles Teller’s most successful movie?

Miles Teller’s most successful movie to date is “Top Gun: Maverick”, which grossed over $154 million worldwide at the box office.

2. Did Miles Teller play a musical instrument in “Whiplash”?

Yes, Miles Teller played the drums in the movie “Whiplash”. He received drum lessons for three months before the filming started to prepare for the role.

3. Is Miles Teller a trained musician?

Yes, Miles Teller is a trained musician and has played the guitar and drums in several bands.

4. How tall is Miles Teller?

Miles Teller is 6 feet tall (183 cm).

5. Has Miles Teller won any awards?

Yes, Miles Teller has won several awards for his acting, including the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Whiplash”, and the National Board of Review Award for Best Actor for “Bleed for This”.

6. What other interests does Miles Teller have?

Apart from acting and music, Miles Teller is also interested in sports, especially golf, basketball, and football. He is also a fitness enthusiast and follows a strict workout regimen.

7. How many movies has Miles Teller appeared in?

Miles Teller has appeared in more than 30 movies, including “Whiplash”, “The Fantastic Four”, “Divergent”, and “Thank You for Your Service”.

8. Does Miles Teller have any siblings?

Yes, Miles Teller has two older sisters.

9. What is the name of Miles Teller’s wife?

Miles Teller’s wife’s name is Keleigh Sperry.

10. How much did Miles Teller’s house cost?

Miles Teller’s house in Studio City, California, cost $2.65 million.

11. Was Miles Teller ever sick?

There is no record of Miles Teller ever being sick.

12. Does Miles Teller have any tattoos?

Yes, Miles Teller has several tattoos on his body, including one of a feather on his right arm.

13. Is Miles Teller active on social media?

Yes, Miles Teller is active on social media and has a verified Instagram handle.

14. What is Miles Teller’s next movie?

Miles Teller’s next movie is “The Long Home”, which is set to release in 2022.

15. Did Miles Teller serve in the military?

No, Miles Teller has not served in the military, but he played a soldier in the movie “Thank You for Your Service”.

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