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Miller’s Ale House Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

miller's ale house application

Do you have a love for real ale and strong customer service skills?

If so, it may be time to consider a career at Miller’s Ale House. The first Miller’s Ale House Restaurant was opened in 1988 in Florida, and there are currently more than seventy branches.

Miller’s Ale House operates in ten different states throughout the United States and is constantly expanding. Therefore, job opportunities are advertised on the company’s website throughout the year.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Miller’s Ale House Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to secure an interview.

miller's ale house application

Facts About Working At Miller’s Ale House

You need to be at least seventeen years old to work at Miller’s Ale House. The company’s branches are open every day of the year from 11:00 to 02:00. Therefore, employees are often required to work evenings, weekends, and public holidays.

Miller’s Ale House Job Opportunities

A large number of the company’s job opportunities are suitable for entry-level applicants, and there are part-time hours for college students. The company also actively seeks career-minded professionals who want to take their occupation to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the main job opportunities at Miller’s Ale House and what they entail.


Depending on the location, bartenders need to be eighteen or 21 years old. They need to be able to explain, mix, and serve the full range of Miller’s Ale House beverages. It is essential to understand and follow the highest safety and hygiene levels at all times.

Bartenders also need to work well as part of a team to ensure customer satisfaction. It may be necessary to assist in other roles during especially busy periods. The starting salary for this role is typically $30,000 per year, while those with experience can earn much more.

miller's ale house application guide


Servers need to take orders from customers and deliver them to the kitchen staff and bartenders. It is essential to have excellent customer service skills and attention to detail. Servers are responsible for working in a certain area of the restaurant and keeping all the customers satisfied.

Servers usually need to remain on their feet for their entire shift and also keep their section clean and tidy. This role typically pays minimum wage and is available to entry-level candidates who are looking for full-time and part-time work. Those who are a hit with the customers can make a lot of money in tips in addition to their wages.

Line Cook

Line cooks spend most of their time in the kitchen and need to be able to follow established recipes. Initial paid training is provided to make sure that line cooks are familiar with the full range of menu items. They also need to maintain company standards and health standards at all times.

Line cooks also need to keep all kitchen equipment clean and in good working order. It is essential to be able to work well under pressure and as part of a team. Line cooks typically earn around $12 per hour and have the opportunity to advance within the company.


There are three main managerial roles at Miller’s Ale House; kitchen manager, restaurant manager, and general manager. At least five years of experience in the field is required to advance to a managerial position. For example, kitchen managers will need to have worked in the kitchen in some capacity for several years.

Managers are responsible for making sure that the branch makes as much money as possible. They need to hire, train, and motivate staff to make sure that they perform at the optimum level. Managers also need to be able to handle complaints and queries from customers and maintain stock levels.

Great advancement roles…

Employees who have worked in a managerial role for several years have the opportunity to advance to general manager. These top-level professionals are in charge of overseeing operations at several restaurants in an area. They need to visit each of the restaurants regularly, check the records, and consult with the managers.

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Additional Benefits of Working at Miller’s Ale House

All entry-level employees are provided with meal discounts, access to life insurance plans, and prescription discount cards. Managers and other full-time professionals are also treated to a range of other special benefits. These include medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid vacation time, access to bonus programs, and retirement plans.

How To Apply?

The Miller’s Ale House online application can be found in the careers section of the company website. First off, select your desired location to discover the available job opportunities. Then click on the title of the job you are interested in to read the full description and then apply.

It should take around twenty minutes to complete the application form. Important sections include your contact details, availability, employment history, and at least two references. After checking through and submitting the application, you should hear from a hiring manager within two weeks.

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Final Thoughts

Before the interview, it is important to take the time to review the company’s mission and core values. This will provide you with a good idea of the aspects to highlight when answering interview questions. Miller’s Ale House actively seeks employees who value and display transparency, honesty, and empathy.

It is important to be able to work well as part of a team and have strong communication skills. Employees should also be able to interact well with customers and diffuse tricky situations when necessary. Take the time to map out your answers to standard interview questions and prepare a few questions for the interviewer.

All the very best with your Application!

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