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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Atlanta

most dangerous neighborhoods in atlanta

Atlanta is a vibrant city with something to offer everyone. But like any large city, there are areas that should be avoided due to higher crime rates and other safety risks. Knowing which neighborhoods in Atlanta are the most dangerous can help you stay safe while exploring this beautiful city.

So, I’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Atlanta, including their locations and statistics related to crime rates. By understanding these areas, you can make informed decisions about where it is safe for you to visit or live within the city limits.

Where Is Atlanta?

Atlanta is an exciting city located in the southeastern United States in the State of Georgia. It has a rich and vibrant culture, with something to offer everyone who visits or lives there. From world-class museums and galleries to trendy restaurants and nightlife, Atlanta has it all. There are also plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking trails, parks, gardens, and more, for those looking to enjoy nature. 

The city’s unique blend of old-world charm mixed with modern amenities make it an ideal place to live or visit. With its diverse population and bustling downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, bars, music venues, and more – it truly has something for everyone!

Is Atlanta a Dangerous City?

In recent years, Atlanta has experienced a significant surge in crime rates, mirroring a similar trend in many other major cities across the United States. Though not listed among the top 10 most dangerous cities, it is still unsettling to note that it finds itself placed 12th in the Numbeo ranking of major North American cities, based on an alarming crime index of 62.79. 

This worrisome escalation of criminal activity within Atlanta’s city limits warrants immediate attention from authorities and underscores the pressing need to implement measures to ensure the safety and well-being of both its residents and visitors alike. Fostering a secure environment in the city is of utmost importance in order to strengthen community ties and maintain the city’s reputation as a thriving urban center.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Adams Park

Nestled in the Southwest region of Atlanta, Adams Park is home to a close-knit community of 3,146 residents who enjoy a higher standard of living compared to neighboring areas. With an average household income of $50,000 and a median income of $56,106, the area boasts a higher percentage of university degree holders, contributing to an overall rating of B-, 21% higher than the US average. 

However, it’s essential to consider the heightened crime rates before moving to Adams Park. With a crime rating of D-, the area sees a violent crime rate of 623 per 100,000 residents, including offenses such as theft, burglary, and assault.

Think twice before moving there…

Additionally, property crimes occur at a rate of 4,357 per 100,000 residents. If safety is a crucial factor in your decision-making process, an alternative to consider is Grant Park, known for its safer environment while still enjoying the vibrant city lifestyle.

Adams Park


Mechanicsville, one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, is home to nearly 6,000 residents and, unfortunately, has a reputation for being dangerous. With a violent crime rate of 2,517 per 100,000 people, locals frequently encounter gun violence stemming from gang activities, thefts, burglaries, and auto thefts. 

These distressing numbers result in more than 2,500 instances of violent crime and a staggering 8,200 cases of property crime per 100,000 residents. Consequently, Mechanicsville’s overall rating is a worrying C, with its crime grade at D-, which is a massive 21% higher than the US national average.

Even the housing situation is bad…

This area, with a median household income of $29,711, and 21% of its population being children, further suffers from a D- rated housing situation, with the median home cost resting at roughly $109,223. For those seeking safer neighborhood alternatives in close proximity, consider exploring Grant Park and Cabbage Town, which offer better living conditions and lower crime rates.

Vine City

English Avenue and Vine City are two neighboring communities with an alarmingly high crime rate. Home to approximately 4,486 residents, these areas have been plagued by poverty, with almost 50% of families residing below the poverty level. 

The neighborhoods suffer from an astounding violent crime rate of 2,126 and a property crime rate of 15,013 per 100,000 residents. This unsettling reality is further exacerbated by the subpar housing conditions in Vine City, which has a D-rating and a mere 13% homeownership rate. The quality of education isn’t promising either, with schools receiving a D- rating.

The cost of living isn’t too bad…

 Although the cost of living is graded C+, this seemingly attractive aspect is overshadowed by the overall C-rating and the D+ crime score, which is 8% higher than the US average. Given these worries, it’s no wonder that Atlantans searching for safer neighborhood alternatives look to areas such as Buckhead, Home Park, and the thriving Old Fourth Ward as their prime choices for a better quality of life.

Center Hill

It is located near the center of the city and has a population of 5,471. Center Hill has a violent crime rate of 1,048 per 100,000 people and property crime rate of 3,720 per 100k residents. Gun violence related to gang activity, assaults, and thefts are common in this area, while burglaries and auto theft contribute to the bulk of the property crimes reported here.

 The area is considered low-income due to limited access to basic amenities or employment opportunities. Though there are public schools in the area, there are very few families with children living in this location.

Limited employment opportunities…

 With a current employment rating of F and the cost of living being extremely low, surprisingly, retirees, as well as those looking for nightlife, seem to be drawn here. The overall rating for Center Hill would be C-, with overall crime D- and 21% higher than the national average. Safer neighborhood alternatives nearby include Rockdale & Home Park for those looking for safer options.

Adair Park

Adair Park boasts a population of nearly 1,500 residents and an alarmingly high violent crime rate of 2,024 per 100,000. Despite its suburban feel that attracts young professionals and families, this enclave experiences frequent property crimes, such as home invasions, car theft, and personal theft.

 In terms of education, Adair Park’s public schools fare better than other neighborhoods on this list. However, they still rank fairly low, leaving much to be desired. Though the area receives an impressive A- rating for diversity, its crime ratings are startling, with an overall rating of D-, which is 21% higher than the US average.

Adair Park

Consider safer neighborhoods…

For those considering living in this neighborhood, be prepared for over 2,000 violent crimes and 6,300 property crimes per 100,000 residents and consider safer nearby alternatives like Ormewood Park–East Atlanta or Buckhead. Despite a median home value of $190,718 and an average household income of $48,188, the overall rating for Adair Park settles at a B- due to its high crime rates.

Oakland City

Oakland City, situated along the beltline and bordering other perilous cities, holds the notorious title of the most dangerous neighborhood in Atlanta. Its violent crime rate is a staggering 1,246 per 100,000 people, so it’s no wonder that the overall crime rate is an astonishing 29% higher than the national average. 

Contributing to this worrisome reputation, Oakland City residents earn an average income of just $22,857. The neighborhood is rated highly for crime, with a grade of F for both employment and schools. In fact, the total crime rate is 21% higher than the national average, and violent crime is 22% higher.

The statistics don’t lie!

Residents face a 1 in 36 chance of falling victim to any type of crime, with 3,026 property crimes per 100,000 people. Despite an overall rating of C-, the neighborhood’s crime earns a dismal D-, standing at 21% higher than the U.S. average. 

For those seeking safer alternatives nearby, Grant Park and Sweet Auburn are worthy neighborhoods to consider, offering a more secure environment to enjoy Atlanta’s vibrant lifestyle.

Lakewood Heights

Lakewood Heights has a violent crime rate of 994 per 100,000 people. Residents have reported hearing gunshots often in their neighborhood, despite many of Atlanta’s television and film production studios being based there.

 Most homes are rented in this urban-suburban mix, and the average home costs $145,800 while the average household income is only $42,600. While Oakland City currently has the same crime percentage as Lakewood Heights (1K violent crimes & 2.5K property crimes per 100K residents), the overall ratings are C- and D- for overall crime according to Area Vibes, recently – 21% higher than the US average. 

If one is looking for safer alternatives nearby, one should consider Grant Park or Ormewood Park – East Atlanta.

West End

The West End neighborhood holds a significant historical value, as evidenced by its prestigious listing on the National Register of Historic Places. This long-established area is, however, facing a concerning reality, with a violent crime rate that surpasses the US average by 22% and property crime rates that are 54% higher. 

Alongside these unsettling crime statistics, the West End is currently witnessing a remarkable transformation in the form of gentrification and renovation efforts. As the community works to revitalize the neighborhood, blending its rich historical past with a safer environment, the West End remains an intriguing aspect of the Atlanta landscape worth keeping an eye on.

West End


Adamsville is home to 7,789 residents who face the harsh reality of living in a dangerous neighborhood. With an overwhelming violent crime rate of 859 per 100,000 people, this low-income area grapples with an abundance of shootings and other forms of violence. 

In addition, the alarming presence of robberies, prostitution, and open drug sales contributes to the high number of drug overdoses in crime-ridden areas.

Try and see the positive too…

Despite its positive ratings for amenities, cost of living, parks, and housing, Adamsville’s reputation is marred by its D- and F ratings for crime, employment, and public schools. Most residents of Adamsville rent their homes for an average of $795 per month, a considerable figure given the median household income sits at just $29,150 – a massive 47% lower than the national average. 

With 858 violent crimes and 3,054 property crimes per 100,000 residents, it comes as no surprise that Adamsville’s overall rating is a C-, with an overall crime rating of D-, being 21% higher than the US average. Residents seeking safer neighborhood alternatives may want to consider Rockdale and Grant Park, both offering comparatively more secure environments.

Grove Park 

Grove Park located is a unique and diverse neighborhood, drawing in many for its nightlife. However, its crime rate is well above average, being 21% higher than the US average. With only 829 violent crimes per 100k residents and 2,868 property crimes, this neighborhood struggles to provide a safe home for its residents.

In addition to the low crime rating, the median home value in Grove Park is $93000, which is more than three hundred thousand less than Atlanta’s median housing price.

Poverty is a problem…

Moreover, with a median income of $28200 per household, many individuals live below or close to the poverty line. If safety is your top priority when searching for a home in Atlanta, there are better neighborhoods nearby, such as Rockdale, Home Park, and Buckhead, that offer greater safety as well as other great amenities.

Cascade Heights

In the bustling city of Atlanta lies the neighborhood of Cascade Heights, encompassing unique features that outshine its drawbacks. Among many appealing aspects, at the top of the list are its better housing options, rich diversity, and stability in family life. 

Although it falls short in the quality of public schools, Cascade Heights ticks most of the boxes for a charming community. The cost of living here is reasonable, as the average household earns around $63,000 annually. The majority of residents choose to own their homes, with the average price hovering around $178,175.

Cascade Heights

General theft is the biggest crime…

However, the neighborhood is somewhat marred by its crime rate; Cascade Heights records over 80 violent crimes and 447 property crimes per 100,000 residents, pushing its overall crime rating to a D-. 

With general theft being the most prevalent crime, this number falls 20% higher than the US average. Despite these figures, the location’s overall rating remains at a respectable B-. For those who prioritize safety above all else, nearby neighborhoods in Atlanta, Buckhead, and Midtown present safer alternatives, making them worth considering as well.

Keeping Safe

Navigating the dangerous neighborhoods in Atlanta can be quite a challenge for both residents and visitors. Ensuring one’s safety is of utmost importance, and being well-informed is a vital tool in doing so. 

To begin with, familiarizing oneself with safety tips such as traveling in groups, staying in well-lit areas, and avoiding displaying valuable items can drastically reduce the risk of encountering any hazards. Additionally, knowing the resources to report crimes and get help is crucial in maintaining a safe environment for all.

Keeping Safe

Knowledge is power!

Various agencies like the Atlanta Police Department, local community organizations, and emergency services are readily available to provide assistance and support when needed. 

Finally, exploring other resources such as websites, online forums, and community meetings can provide an in-depth understanding of each neighborhood’s character, history, and safety concerns. In this journey, one can gain valuable knowledge that will not only ensure personal safety but also contribute to the overall well-being of Atlanta’s diverse communities.

Before You Decide To Move…

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Final Thoughts

Atlanta’s neighborhoods each possess their own distinct characteristics, with prosperous communities such as Buckhead standing in contrast to more economically challenged areas like Oakland City. To ensure safety, newcomers and residents alike must be aware of the varying crime rates in these different locales. 

Crime rates are a major factor when evaluating the safety of a neighborhood, but they should not be taken in isolation; other factors, such as access to resources, employment opportunities, and the quality of public schools, should also be considered. With the right research and preparation, one can find a safe neighborhood to call home in Atlanta

Good Luck with your relocation, or enjoy your vacation!

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