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NAPA Auto Parts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info


Would you be interested in working for a Fortune 200 company that seems immune to any financial crisis?

Are you the type of person that is constantly looking for professional growth opportunities? And are you passionate about cars, trucks, and everything that revolves around them?

If you answered yes to those questions, a career at NAPA Autoparts could well be what you’re looking for. With more than 6000 stores located across North America, your next job might be just around the corner.

But where to find all the info about job openings and application processes?

Right here! Because I’ll be covering everything you need to know about NAPA Auto Parts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

napa auto parts application

What is NAPA Auto Parts?

Before we dive into the main subject, let me give you some background info. Because as we are all aware, the better you know the company you’re applying for, the easier it will be to impress your recruiter at the interview.

NAPA is one of the largest auto parts retailers in North America, with roughly 1150 stores owned by Genuine Parts Company (the parent company of NAPA) and almost 5000 more privately owned. Founded in 1925 by Carlyle Frazier, NAPA experienced a financial boom in the 1930s, when the need for an auto parts distribution system was met by the company.

In 1948, when GPC went public on the stock exchange, the company was already generating more than $20 million in sales.

But wait, it gets better…

In 2020, the annual revenue of NAPA was $16.54 billion, with a gross profit of $5.65 billion.

The total number of employees considering both the privately and the GDC owned stores exceed 50000. So, if you decide to apply for any position, I strongly recommend visiting the NAPA official website to learn more about its values and mission.

Ok, time to break down the entire NAPA Auto Parts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

To make it easier for us to navigate the thousands of job opportunities they offer, NAPA has created a specific website: www.napaautojobs.com.

The website is very well designed, easy to navigate, and provides tons of information about all the positions available and various career paths.

And there’s a lot to select from…

At the moment of writing, there are 2622 available jobs across the US, ranging from Delivery Driver, Retail Sales Associate, Human Resources Representative, Inventory Manager, Parts Manager, and everything in between.

What Employees Say?

A valuable section of the website is dedicated to employee stories with hundreds of articles and interviews that cover many topics relevant to the business. Not only will this give you the chance to gain an insight into NAPA’s world, but it will also be highly motivational during your recruitment process.

In what way?

Trust me. Reading about all those success stories will boost your determination to start working for the company.

Find The Right Job

To refine your search among the job offers, you can select one of the eight different sectors. These include stores, sales, distribution centers, onsite parts, headquarters, leadership, store ownership, and auto care.

Once you’ve landed on the sector’s main page, you can apply additional filters to produce only the results that are more relevant to your interests and your location.

My favorite features…

Another attractive section is the benefits page. Although benefits can vary according to a specific position and the ownership of the store, this information is helpful to get a general overview of what you can expect if you get a job at NAPA.

The website also encourages every candidate to ask about the particular benefits that come with a position during the interview.

Lastly, NAPA offers a program to facilitate a military transition that can benefit military personnel, veterans, and their family members. Additional information about this can be found on the dedicated page on their website.

the napa auto parts application tip

Online Application Process

Once you find a job you might be interested in, all you have to do is click the details button. You will land on the main page of the position. Here you will find tons of information and the “apply” option.

The amount of detail that is provided with any job description is genuinely impressive. In fact, these are some of the best job listings that you can find online.

Let me explain…

The first paragraph gives a brief and catchy job description. This will immediately tell you if you’re on the right page or if you need to go back to other career options. Then comes a list of responsibilities that clearly describe any duty that you will have to carry out on a daily basis.

Lastly, there are the job requirements and qualifications. Again, everything is well detailed, and if you meet those requirements, there is no reason to believe that you will not make it to the interview stage.

Only one gripe…

The majority of the NAPA job listings include a few words about the benefits. However, none of them mention anything about salary other than the generic expression “competitive pay.” There is some room for improvement here.

the napa auto parts application tips

It’s Time To Apply

Once you’re ready to apply, click the yellow button, and you will be taken to the application page.

Besides the personal details, you have the choice to fill out an employment information form or to attach a resume.

Top tip…

Adding a cover letter is optional, but I strongly recommend doing so.

On the following pages, you will have to answer a few questions, and then you can finally send the application. Everything is smooth and quick and can be done on the website without using email.

I wish every job application was this easy!

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

In times like these, finding a stable and reliable company that not only has a huge variety of open positions but also offers career advancement opportunities for the right candidate is a blessing. If you’re looking for a job, NAPA can be an ideal option for many.

Today we’ve talked about the entire online application process for NAPA Auto Parts. If you decide to apply with them, you’ll be surprised by how many job openings they have and how easy the whole process is.

Happy job searching!

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