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National Grid Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

national grid application

National Grid is responsible for the distribution grid that supplies natural gas and electricity to over 7 million individuals in the Northeastern United States. The corporation hires skilled individuals from various sectors to fulfill expanding energy demands in the United States.national grid application

For full-time positions, National Grid recruits experienced professionals with technical credentials. Candidates for the posts are preferred if they have previous expertise in similar sectors. In addition, employees who adhere to company principles such as teamwork, integrity, and respect are highly valued by the well-known power outfit. Please continue reading to know about National Grid’s employment process.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at National Grid

National Gris employs 18-years old job seekers to work for its power outfits. National Grid’s operational hours and shift schedule are for all seven days and twenty-four hours every day.

Job Prospects at National Grid

National Grid, a utility company, invests billions in developing efficient and reliable energy infrastructure. On the other hand, employees remain the most significant asset for a corporation that operates and owns a distribution network that reaches more than fifteen million consumers worldwide.

national grid application

National Grid is continuously looking for new employees to help them tackle key energy challenges using top-notch innovation and technology. Full-time and part-time entry-level and professional jobs in marketing, line work, logistics, engineering, and customer support are frequently available. Several job positions necessitate formal education, and previous employment always remains a requirement at National Grid.

Company Values

National Grid operates under the motto “Always doing the right thing,” intending to become the prominent utility provider in the world. The company values doing the right thing economically, socially, and environmentally and treats employees like family, providing excellent benefits and competitive pay rates.

Interested associates from various backgrounds and expertise can seek rewarding professional opportunities with this regional utility provider. Associates can achieve long-term goals and earn greater pay scales by taking advantage of the growth and continued training options. The National Grid also provides work benefits packages and flexible scheduling.

The Job Positions Available at National Grid

National Grid seeks candidates for various job positions, including Applications Developer, Human Resources Manager, and Human Resources Associate. It also offers Project Manager, Project Engineer, Business Analyst, and Financial Analyst positions. In addition, Electrical Technician, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative positions are also available at National Grid. The following are some of the most prevalent job roles available at National Grid:

Cable Splicers

  • Cable Splicers are responsible for remaining on call for twenty-four hours and seven days a week in overall weather conditions to perform emergency duties.
  • They are also responsible for terminating, splicing, and installing high-voltage lines.
  • Cable Splicers usually earn around $75k per annum at National Grid.

national grid application guide

Transmission Engineer and Design or Structural Engineer

  • They are responsible for developing scopes of projects, cost estimates, and also physical layouts.
  • They also need to have knowledge associated with software design tools, including PLS-CADD or AUTO-CAD. Several other requirements are also vital for job consideration for this position at National Grid.
  • These employees usually earn approximately $80k per annum at National Grid.

The Online Job Application Process of National Grid

The online job application process of National Grid is as follows:

  • Job seekers should head to the official National Grid’s online platform.
  • A search form will appear here to fill up the details, including job category, job location, keyword, and job number.
  • Tap on the “Search for Jobs” tab to view the updated National Grid’s job listing.
  • Tap on your required employment role you want to apply for National Grid and tap on the “Apply Online” or “Add to My Job Basket” tab after reading the appeared job description.
  • Hit the “New User” tab to fill up the registration form and tap on the “Register” tab.
  • Tap on the “Submit” to send your job application form to National Grid after filling up the entire form.

the national grid application tip

Checking Job Application Status for National Grid

Potential candidates are notified of their job application status through e-mail by National Grid during the interview process. Contacting National Grid through a phone call to inquire about the job application may not be necessary due to online communication. This electricity provider’s employment process could take a few weeks from inception to the final hiring step.

Job seekers can apply again for employment with National Grid after six months if they are not selected for interviews. Those who require special accommodations during the recruitment process due to impairment or disability should contact National Grid’s recruiters. Individuals who create a strong impact throughout the interview session are extended job offers by hiring managers. Background checks get conducted as part of the recruiting process at National Grid. Following the conclusion of pre-employment screening, new-hire orientation begins.

Benefits and Perks While Working at National Grid

National Grid offers the following job benefits to its employees:

  • This leader in the utility industry offers tuition assistance, paid vacation, paid time off and, 401(k) retirement plans to its employees.
  • It also offers medical insurance, dental, and healthcare coverage with life insurance plans.

Additional Details of National Grid

National Grid manages a massive utility network in the United Kingdom. The corporation stands behind a dedication to enhance ecosystems and deliver energy to people across the Northeastern United States. This utility company creates long-term land management strategies to protect the area’s natural habitat and biodiversity. Furthermore, the organization reduces its negative environmental impact by repurposing waste heat in beneficial ways, including utilizing it for homes and businesses.


The British utility service provider, National Grid, is based out in Warwick, operating in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company has over 25,000 individuals and is in operation since 1990.

Applicants must apply online for full-time, part-time, or entry-level jobs at National Grid, regardless of whether they are applying for full-time, part-time, or entry-level job positions. Creating an online profile for National Grid’s store locations e-mails, resumes, and other information from applicants. National Grid’s recruiting looks for people who match the basic job requirements and invite them to undergo pre-employment examinations. Prospective employers then plan interview schedules with the highest-scoring prospects and notify those who did not make the mark.

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