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NBA Youngboy Net Worth

nba youngboy net worth

When I first heard the name NBA Youngboy, I thought it was something about a junior basketball league. I’m a little bit backward sometimes and was behind the curve on this one. If you are in the dark, like I was, NBA Youngboy is one of the most famous rappers in the world. The “NBA” part of the rapper’s name is an acronym for “Never Broke Again.” How apt that moniker is.

The NBA Youngboy net worth figures show that it’s probable that he will never be broke again. But, to be fair, they said the same about music producer Scott Storch. And he blew quite a few million in just a few short years on cars, cocaine, and craziness. You always need to be careful with the three Cs. 

So, let’s find out how much NBA Youngboy is worth. And, if that figure mirrors reality or if it’s just an internet guestimation.

How Much is NBA Youngboy Worth?

NBA Youngboy’s net worth is currently listed as $6 million in 2023. But, some believe that figure is closer to $12 million. Considering he is only 23 years old and has only been making studio albums since 2018, he is very prolific. 

Currently, he’s releasing his sixth studio album in 2023. It used to take bands and artists a couple of years to make an album. However, there’s no time for waiting or stagnation in today’s music industry.

How Much is NBA Youngboy Worth

How Did NBA Youngboy’s Career Begin?

NBA Youngboy, real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 20 October 1999. He was originally an independent rapper who made mixtapes until he was signed by Atlantic Records in 2017. 

As a youth, he was raised by his grandmother because his father was sentenced to 55 years in Federal prison. By the time he was ten years old, his grandmother died, and he ended up living in a group home where he was bullied.

His troubled childhood saw him turn to a life of crime at an early age… 

In the ninth grade, he dropped out of high school. He ended up in a juvenile detention center for robbery. Although that seems so traumatic for such a young person, it’s this type of circumstance that led him to write his first rap while in detention. 

How Did NBA Youngboy’s Career Begin

After his grandmother’s death and release from juvenile prison, he teamed up and even moved in with another rapper from Baton Rouge named OG3 Three Never Broke Again. This dynamic duo continued in a life of crime and used their ill-gotten gains to buy studio time to record tracks, and NBA Youngboy’s rap career was born. 

The Independent Years – 2015 to 2017

The only way in life to reach a certain goal is to put in the work. It might not work out, but at least you give it a chance by being industrious and believing in yourself. Between 2015 and 2017, NBA Youngboy put in the groundwork that led to getting his record deal with Atlantic. During this period, he released a total of eight mixtapes in the independent scene.

He was just 14 years old when he produced and rapped on his first project, the Life Before Fame mixtape, in 2015. Some of his other most notable mixtapes from this industrious two-year period include Mind of a MenaceMind of a Menace 2, and Before I Go. However, it wasn’t until his 38 Baby mixtape in 2016 that he started to get some traction and get noticed by major record labels. 

The Independent Years – 2015 to 2017

NBA Youngboy released his seventh mixtape in 2017 called AI Youngboy, and it gained some commercial success. It even peaked on the Billboard 200 album charts at #24. This was the first time that NBA had made the charts and received this type of mainstream exposure and success. It’s not often mixtapes make the national charts. But that’s the type of ground-breaking artist we are dealing with here.

NBA Youngboy’s Biggest Hits

Mixtapes and YouTube videos are all well and good, but an artist is judged by their hits and album sales. Over the years, he released close to 100 singles but has never achieved #1 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. NBA Youngboy’s music is not that conducive to the Pop charts. It’s more of a niche. 

Consequently, NBA Youngboy’s biggest charting hit came on the Juice WRLD track “Bandit.” It reached #10 on the charts in 2019 and has sold over three million copies, making it 3x Platinum certified in the US. Most of his highest charting tracks were features on other artists’ cuts. 

He made #14 on the charts by featuring on the “WUSYANAME” track alongside Tyler The Creator and Ty Dolla $ign. NBA also featured on the DaBaby track named “Jump,” which made @17 on the charts in 2020. Apart from that, the vast majority of his singles charted between #20 and #50. Respectable but not considered a massive commercial success.

Highest-Selling NBA Youngboy Albums

Selling albums is where musicians, bands, and artists make the majority of their money. And, NBA Youngboy comes into his own when it comes to the collective album and mixtapes sales over the years. By the time he was just 22 years old, Youngboy had amassed a phenomenal 83 million unit (RIAA Certified) sales across his albums, mixtapes, and singles. 

He’s sold a combined total of over seven million albums, most of which are in the US. NBA Youngboy’s biggest-selling album to date is the AI Youngboy 2 in 2019, which sold over one million copies. Many of his albums sold a similar figure because he has such a dedicated fanbase. 

Highest-Selling NBA Youngboy Albums

NBA Youngboy’s largest-selling studio album is Top in 2020, and Until Death Call My Name in 2018. Both sold over a million copies. Consistency is the key to his successful career so far. And it’s the reason why the net worth of NBA Youngboy is reportedly over $10 million.

Top 10 Never Broke Again Youngboy Spotify Song Streams

NBA Youngboy already has over 8 billion Spotify streams to his name and a monthly listening number of around 18.9 million. He made the Top 10 list of the most streamed rappers in the world in 2022

So, his digital download and streaming presence massively outweigh his chart performance and success. Check out NBA Youngboy’s Top 10 Spotify song streams listed by the number of streams.

1  Bandit by Juice WRLD (feat. NBA Youngboy) – 809,786,141 streams.

2  Make No Sense – 314,087,909 streams.

3 Outside Today – 286,449,378 streams.

4  WUSYANAME by Tyler The Creator (feat. NBA Youngboy) – 234,492,141 streams.

5  Need It by Migos (feat. NBA Youngboy) – 196,248,716 streams.

6 Nevada – 108,022,326 streams.

7  Bestie – 68,419,622 streams.

8  To The Bone by Quavo & Takeoff (feat. NBA Youngboy) – 48,957,325 streams.

9  Put It On Me – 41,551,051 streams.

10  WTF (feat. Nicki Minaj) – 5,389,760 streams.

What Are NBA Youngboy’s Spending Habits?

Whether you believe the NBA Youngboy net worth figure is around $6 million or double that figure, it’s definitely not limitless money. He can’t just go out and buy private planes like Floyd Mayweather. But he is still wealthy and lives a luxurious lifestyle, as you would imagine. He is not a massive spender per se, but when he does splash out, it’s usually quite flashy.

Like most rappers, he loves jewelry and watches. He is said to own numerous timepieces from the likes of Richard Mille, which tend to retail for between $400,000 and $600,000 each. His automobile game is also pretty fresh. He owns several flashy Mercedes Benz cars. And he also has a Mustang and a Lexus in his collection. 

NBA owns several houses in various locations across America, Most notably in his hometown of Louisiana, as well as in New York and Los Angeles. But, there is not much info out there about his real estate purchases.

What Are NBA Youngboy’s Spending Habits

Not Selling His Soul

Many modern-day rappers have been accused of literally and figuratively selling their souls by signing massive record deals that pin them down for the rest of their careers. NBA Youngboy famously turned down a $25 million record deal extension with Atlantic Records. 

It could have doubled or tripled his wealth, but he decided not to take the deal. Although no official statement has ever been released on the subject, those closest to Youngboy said he turned down the deal because it wasn’t in his favor.

The rapper believes he can make way more than 25 million by going another route and being more in control of his music and creativity. It’s a bold move, and only time will tell if it’s a wise one. But, the truth is, it’s better to be in control of your own destiny and masters.

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Final Thoughts

Whether he decides to renew his deal with Atlantic or go it alone, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is likely to go skywards in the upcoming years. He’s still in his early 20s, and his career is in front of him. And, if the reports are true that NBA Youngboy’s personal wealth is already over $10 million, he has the financial freedom to call the shots.

He might not be a gargantuan commercial success… 

But his consistency, vast creative output, and dedicated fanbase mean he is still a big draw with unlimited earning potential going forward. If he wants more success and to reach the pinnacle of the chats, he probably needs to sign that Atlantic extension. But, the truth is, he has time and money on his side to do whatever he feels is right for his career.

Until next time, may you find success.

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