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Neiman Marcus Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

neiman marcus application

The hiring process at Neiman features several stages like job application and interview, where applicants need to answer some questions to be hired. Neiman Marcus is also known as Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., one of America’s most successful luxury department stores.

The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Pension Plan Investment Board based in Toronto, Canada and Ares Management based in Los Angeles mainly owns the company. The company had struggled a bit in the industry during its initial years.

Broadway-Hale stores, Inc bought the company after opening and running more than 30 stores in the US. As a result of this merger, the company has expanded dramatically, and it is also recognized in the niche.

Additional Information

Ideally, Neiman Marcus is also one of the biggest employers and retailers in America. Several applicants have been able to secure a job here irrespective of their race, caste or religion. The fashion chain offers the best quality items in fashion, decorative and cosmetic items.

The company’s first ever boutique got established in the year 1907. The shop gained success in no time, and it steered the brand to enhance its offerings and expand beyond Texas. Throughout all these years, the company had opened several branches besides increasing their product lines. They also have started a new line known as Last Call clearance centers to serve after-season and off-season merchandise.

Company Growth

Currently, the brand has more than 40 stores and at least 30 clearance centers across the nation. The employees don’t stick to the company because of their prestige, but they are here with the company as they offer realistic opportunities to pursue their career objectives. In addition, job seekers can expect security thanks to its continuous expansion plans, which open the door to better possibilities.

Essential Information To Know about Neiman Marcus Before Applying for The Same

Minimum age required to be eligible to work at Neiman Marcus: The interested candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Neiman Marcus.

Working Hours at Neiman Marcus

The working duration is as follows:

  • A: Monday to Saturday: The working hours are from 10 am to 9 pm
  • B: Sunday: The duration of working is from 12 pm to 6 am

Employment Opportunities at Neiman Marcus

The company was established in 1907, and it takes pride in serving elegant, fashionable departmental products to patrons. The company also maintains a website for patrons located outside the designated location. Jobseekers located across the country can get attractive employment options in the retail chain. The company offers job opportunities that offer both entry-level and professional-level careers.

the neiman marcus application

Additionally, part-time job opportunities are also available, and sales associates tend to form a significant part of the openings. Full-time roles are available for candidates displaying a positive attitude and interest in the company’s longevity. Promotions in the management offer long-term interest for career seekers with better salary options and work benefits.

Job Requirements

The newly hired employees also receive assignments to specific sections of the company after training. The terms are likely to depend on the availability and strengths of employees. The business hours start around 10 am and end by 10 pm. The shift workloads mainly depend on customer value and time of day. The managers are likely to rotate in the desirable hours amid workers and alternate holidays.

the neiman marcus application guide

Additionally, flexible scheduling has always been a perk for development as employees trade shifts regularly. Hence open schedule availability is one of the best ways to grab attention from the hiring personnel, leading to job offers despite lack of experience.

Career Opportunities at Neiman Marcus

The applicants need to be at least 18 years old to get a job here for almost all the positions, while there are some positions where applicants need to be at least 16 years old. Depending on the job position, high school qualifications tend to be mandatory. The applicants need to have some knowledge of basic math skills and computer skills to get hired.

Sales Associate

The sales associate mainly needs to help patrons by offering in-depth merchandise information. They also need to help clients to finalize purchases and giving directions to other departments. To maximize the sales potential, all the departments need to excel in customer service. The company pays sales associates on a commission basis.

neiman marcus application guide

Loss Prevention

The specialists are likely to identify the shoplifters and minimize the chances of theft. Typically, they need to observe the clients through CCTV cameras. Attention to detail plays a crucial role for candidates interested in loss prevention. The company protocols tend to take priority during confrontations. They can earn $10 or $15 per hour.


The company mainly assigns one manager per department, and they mostly need to see the operations. The pay scales are likely to increase with the increase in responsibility. They need to provide worker evaluation and disciplinary action whenever required. The managers also need to motivate and supervise the entry-level employees.

Tips for Working at Neiman Marcus

Interested applicants can apply for a part-time or a full-time role at Neiman Marcus, depending on their interests. The candidates can either apply online or offline as per their needs. For individuals looking forward to saving time can surely apply online and can speed up the process. However, while applying online, the candidates will be very careful when applying, as an error once made and submitted will not be corrected.

Perks of Working at Neiman Marcus

The employees can avail both paid training and leaves besides 401k retirement plans. In addition, they can also get life and travel insurance covers.

Miscellaneous Information about Neiman Marcus

It prints the Christmas book every year to upscale, and it also features price tags for specific and decadent gifts.


To make it easier for the candidates, here we have touched upon essential topics such as a little background of Neiman Marcus, the different job roles offered here, and the salary expectations which will help individuals ace the process. This will also help candidates understand the company better and put in the right effort to be successful here.

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