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Neonatal Nurse Job Description

Neonatal nurses look after the infants, who suffer some medical complications after birth. They deal with birth-related issues such as congenital defects. They also tackle surgical problems in infants caused due to premature birth of the baby. Neonatal nurses look after infants till a month after birth in the NICU. They also deal with infant issues till the age of 2 years.

neonatal nurse job description

Job Description – Neonatal Nurse

A candidate who applies for the position of Neonatal Nurse must be a reliable person. They should have a caring attitude towards infants. Their main responsibility is to attend the births of babies, measure their weight post-birth. They monitor the overall health of infants. The nurse also educates the parents about breastfeeding a baby. They also provide basic tips on childcare.

the neonatal nurse job description

Skills Required – Neonatal Nurse

  • They should be caring and calm.
  • They should also be able to tackle births and deaths of the infant.
  • The nurse should also be aware of the latest techniques of Neonatal care.
  • They should be always consistent in their performance.

Job Responsibilities – Neonatal Nurse

  • They provide medical care to infants post-birth.
  • They can evaluate the kind of care an infant requires in the NICU.
  • The nurse ensures the health of the infant is monitored properly.
  • They deal with medical issues during the premature birth of a baby.
  • They perform medical tests and assist in result evaluations.
  • The nurse treats infants and provides the prescribed medication for the infant.
  • They document the history of the patient.
  • They maintain the equipment in NICU.
  • The nurse communicates with parents and other guardians on the medical care of the infants.

Requirements – Neonatal Nurse

  • They require a bachelor’s degree to work as a Neonatal Nurse.
  • They should have a registered license for Nursing.
  • Relevant experience of 2 years is mandatory for working as a Neonatal Nurse.
  • They should know how to utilize the equipment of NICU.
  • They should have strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • The nurse should have a caring and friendly attitude towards parents and infants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 What does a Neonatal Nurse do?

Ans. Their main responsibility is to look after newborn babies and infants in the NICU. They tackle medical issues like birth defects, infections, diseases, Cardiac problems, and other surgical issues. They look after the newborn infants from birth till their discharge.

2 What are the main duties of a Neonatal Nurse?


  • They bathe newborn babies.
  • They tackle health-related issues for babies.
  • The nurse educates new parents about infant care and breastfeeding.
  • They provide proper care to the newborn infant.
  • They handle the baby well in the NICU.
  • The nurse ensures the infant is healthy when it is discharged from the hospital.

3 What are the core skills for a Neonatal Nurse?


  • They should have an advanced degree and a registered license as a nurse.
  • They should be certified in Neonatal critical care.
  • The nurse also pays attention to detail.
  • They should multitask in their work.
  • The nurse should also observe everything well.
  • They should also have good communication skills.
  • The nurse should also optimize their time.

4 What are the personality traits of a Neonatal Nurse?


  • They should be empathetic and caring.
  • They should genuinely care for infants.
  • The nurse should also be able to understand the physical and psychological needs of a new infant.

5 Is there a high demand for Neonatal Nurses?

Ans. Yes, considering the current scenario there is a high demand for Neonatal Nurses. The increase in birth rates has given rise to the additional requirement of staff members in this domain. Many retirements of Neonatal nurses have also given rise to the demand of staff in this profession.

6 What is the educational qualification required for Neonatal Nurses?

Ans. Candidates require a bachelor of science in Nursing. They also need to clear the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Examination to apply for this position in a hospital or a birthing center in America. Without this particular certification, it is difficult to become a Neonatal Nurse.

7 Is the job of a Neonatal Nurse very demanding?

Ans. This job is very demanding in the field of medicine. Being a nurse is a simple task, however deciding to become a neonatal nurse is a difficult one. They deal with the health of newborn infants. They tackle premature birth problems. The normal shift of a NICU Nurse is 12 hours a day. They provide proper care to infants. They ensure parents take good care of infants.

8 Where can hospitals and birth centers advertise openings for Neonatal Nurse?

Ans. They can advertise their job posting on a career page or a free job site on the internet. They can hire Neonatal nurses through word of mouth through various professional networks. It can take 4 + years to become a neonatal nurse. Neonatal nurses handle newborn babies with care and they ensure all babies are healthy when they leave the hospital with their parents.


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