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Network Engineer Job Description

the network engineer job description

The work of a Network Engineer includes maintaining the computer and network operations for an organization. It requires you to build a strong network connection and help people with durable connections to work without any hassle. You will be troubleshooting different network problems while working as a Network Engineer. All the networks, including the internet, intranet, WAN, LAN, extranet, and other connections fall under the responsibility of a Network Engineer. You have to fix it whenever agents face lags or failures while connecting to a particular network.

network engineer job description

Job Description – Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer, you will be working towards fixing the issues that persist within an organization regarding networks. You will be performing different troubleshooting techniques to get it fixed to help agents work without any problems. A Network Engineer is responsible for all the primary duties of maintaining the network connections.

You will also be responsible for protecting data by checking up on networks regularly for bugs and viruses. Make sure the network used by the organization doesn’t contain any bugs or viruses by performing security analysis. You also have to fix the faulty networks or replace them whenever necessary. For this, you need strong problem-solving skills to find the fix in less time.

A successful Network Engineer always understands the working of a network infrastructure before coming up with a fix. You need a good understanding of networks for that and it all comes with experience in the same field. As a Network Engineer, you will be performing various troubleshooting techniques to find the right fix for new issues. You have to take care of devices such as WAPs, firewalls, and routers for security reasons. It is highly preferred by organizations to recruit people with advanced knowledge about network infrastructure and the way it works.

Skills Required – Network Engineer

You should have good problem-solving techniques and a good understanding of the network infrastructure. A network engineer is required to handle difficult situations with ease and should be able to come up with a fix to prevent hampering the work of the agents. Taking care of WAPs, firewalls, and routers is also required and you should have a good understanding of the same. This is a skill-based job and you need them all to be a successful Network Engineer.

Job Responsibilities – Network Engineer

  • You are required to maintain the computer and the network system including all the configuration of the system software.
  • You will be responsible for performing disaster recovery and backups when required.
  • The employee also has to troubleshoot and provide diagnostics to the team about the issue
  • You also have to replace the broken hardware with the new ones and ensure that they are working.
  • Protecting all the data that the organization holds and also preventing any bugs into the network stream
  • Understanding the network infrastructure to determine the network performance and boosters
  • Designing and also testing different software for networks on the same operating systems
  • Providing and also revoking the network access to the agents
  • You also have to monitor the network performance and give your insights on the same.

Job Requirements – Network Engineer

  • You should hold a bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field, including network engineering.
  • You should also hold a good knowledge of network hardware and its infrastructure.
  • Your ability to see through problems to find the right solution
  • You should also be able to implement different troubleshooting steps and find your new fix to the persisting problems in the network stream.
  • One should also have experience working with Wide Area Network and Local Area Network.
  • Previous experience is also preferred.
  • Good skills at analyzing the problem and getting to the roots of it
  • Ability to communicate with the team and also provide your insights on different network problems
  • You should also be a quick learner.
  • Providing reports with detail-oriented reports on the network infrastructure
  • Proper knowledge of application transport
  • Ability to work independently on some cases and find the fix

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to find jobs for the position of Network Engineer?

Ans. To find a job as a Network Engineer, you have to find a few websites that can help you connect with employers. All you have to do is search on any search engine and you will see plenty of options to choose from.

2 What’s the main role of a Network Engineer in an Organization?

Ans. The main role of the Network Engineer revolved around the fixation of different hardware. You will be responsible for maintaining the service line for networks that flow in the organization.

3 Is it important to have previous experience in the same role?

Ans. Yes, it is preferred by companies, but if you have exceptional knowledge of network infrastructure and its working, there are chances of you getting hired. You will be dealing with a lot of complex problems while working as a Network Engineer, and that’s why it is necessary to have experience before taking the responsibility.

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