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Nike Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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One of the largest producers and distributors of sports equipment, including shoes and other gears, is Nike. The American multinational corporation specializes in development, design, manufacturing, marketing sports shoes, accessories, equipment, and other related services. It is said to be one of the biggest producers and suppliers of several sports equipment and apparel. Back on January 25, 1964, the company was established, and initially, it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. till 1971.

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight had launched the company, and the company is currently headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. Being a multinational company, the company is said to have operations blooming across the globe. It is also one of the most prominent shoes, shirts, and equipment for several sporting teams.

Nike’s products include athletic footwear & apparel, recreational development, and sports equipment. The company holds a workforce of at least 73,000 employees working in various stores. Some of the brands sold in Nike stores include Air Jordan or Air Max are company’s brands. Across the US, it operates multiple retail shops.

Important Information to Know about Nike

Minimum age required to be eligible to work at Nike: The candidate needs to be minimum 16 years of age to work for Nike.

Hours of operation at Nike: The working hours are as follows:

A: Monday to Saturday: (10:00 am to 9:00 pm)

B: Sunday: (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)

The Job Opportunities at Nike

The company aims to support networks of friendly, passionate, and passionate coworkers that make the jobs enjoyable at Nike. The brand aims to encourage employees to build long-lasting and positive relationships with clients. The workers are given a chance to provide a boost to their portfolio through growth.

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Additionally, employees have some access to materials that help in product knowledge or sales skills. The entry-level positions can turn the Nike careers with medical insurance and other perks. Be it hiring in stores or corporate offices, Nike aims to build different teams. The managers encourage various views from all the all employees.

The brand also considers improvement ideas from the employees. If someone feels energetic and fit, then the good news is that they must be loving sportswear, but once they start working at Nike, then there is a chance that they would see almost all the new sports products which come up.

Career Opportunities at Nike

There are various part-time and full-time jobs available at Nike’s at least 750 locations. The candidates can create openings in almost everything like customer service, online support, and other departments. They must pick the right job as per their qualification and also their experience. If Nike rejects a candidate multiple times, they may ban that person from applying again.


The primary role is to help the patrons with what they are looking for and accept the payment for the purchases. Besides that, they also need to know the products that are available in the store and are also responsible for checking the stock.

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Additionally, they are also expected to see the shoplifters and report about them to the higher authority. The role of an athlete is quite similar to that of the employee. They also have to unload the deliveries and ensure that the store is neat and clean all the time. Nike pays athletes approximately $10 per hour. If one wants to work as an athlete, they need to hold a high school diploma degree and have at least one year of retail experience.


The coach is also known as the manager, and just like the coach of any sports team, the coach at Nike’s store is responsible for helping it win. As each store has its objectives for sales, and the manager is responsible for developing plans which will help them achieve all of them. These managers tend to hold some experience and college educations.

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They also have to supervise the staff besides daily operations. Some of the responsibilities of the coach include reviewing sales and meeting the expected standards of the brand. Depending on the experience, coaches can earn somewhere between 60000 to 80000 per year.

Status of Application at Nike

Nike is known to open multiple positions online. Interested candidates can also personally visit the nearby local Nike stores to know about the multiple offerings. Since Nike is a huge brand, the company is generally on the lookout for people to join various departments of theirs namely client service, stores, inventory management, management roles, etc.

Employers take about a few weeks to get back to the applicants and respond to them about whether they have been shortlisted for the next round or not. Each round is an elimination round. In case if you do not hear from the hiring managers within a stipulated time frame, then you can get in touch with them or the local store to know about the status of your application and get clearer information about the same.

Advantages of Working at Nike

Nike ensures that employees are given a plethora of benefits, including fitness opportunities, employee discounts, retirement plans, competitive pay, insurance packages, summer and paid holidays. The benefits of the program tend to vary from department to department. Hence for the same reason, one must connect with the local Nike store to know about some of the benefits offered.

Miscellaneous Information about Nike

Nike, known as the Better World initiative, focuses on reducing to minimize the impact on nature. The program mainly uses innovation and technology to ensure the green practices are followed. The company especially likes hiring people who can express common ideals. The company is way more than just a vast retail chain functioning in the US dealing with clothing, equipment, and other sports accessories.

It is also a huge provider that aims to focus on designing and manufacturing parts. Since 1964, the sports brand has got many prominences, all thanks to its swoosh logo. The Nike statement is ‘Just do it’ and it has worldwide acceptance. Applicants passionate about sports can apply for a job here and get opportunities to advance in the company, which is growing at a fast pace.

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