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Nordstrom Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Nordstrom is a luxury fashion department store chain based in America. The store was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F Wallin. The company first started as a shoe store but later started dealing with multiple products including clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and accessories. Some stores of Nordstrom also offer home furnishing, wedding departments. Some of the stores even have in-house cafes, espresso bars, and restaurants.

Nordstrom has around 379 stores in 32 states of the US and in three provinces of Canada. The headquarters of the company is in Frederick & Nelson building in Seattle, Washington. Nordstrom focuses on establishing quality relationships with its customers and pledge to offer excellent service. The company highly prioritizes customer satisfaction and customer value over anything. The company actively recruits employees who are motivated and talented individuals. Nordstrom has over 74000 employees working at their stores. If you are willing to build your career in fashion and have a knack to help and serve customers, consider applying for a job at Nordstrom.

The company’s operating hours are from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sundays.

The minimum age of a person in order to be eligible to work at Nordstrom is 18 years. Various job opportunities are offered by the company that includes Cashier, Fitting Room Attendant, Customer Service Representative, Retail Sales Associate, and  Stock Team Member.

How to search for jobs available at Nordstrom?

To search for available jobs in the company, follow the steps below-

1- Visit the official website of Nordstrom.

2- Select the category of job you would want to search for from the main menu.

3- Select the store type you wish to work in.

4- You will be redirected to another page. Now click on the link that says Start your adventure here.

5- You will be redirected to a page that will show all the jobs available. To read more about them just click the title link of the jobs.

How to apply for jobs online

To apply for the jobs offered by Nordstrom, follow all the steps above till Step 4 and then follow the instructions below:

Step 1- After following all the said steps, click on the Apply link.

Step 2- You will then have to log in to your account. Don’t worry if you do not have any. You will have to register and create a new account.

Step 3- Fill up all the details asked for, upload your Resume. Review your application thoroughly and submit it.

Willing candidates can also apply for the job in offline mode by filling up the application form and submitting it in the store.

Review of application status and following up

The applicants can log in to their account to view the progress status of their application. Usually, the hiring manager contacts the selected candidates to invite them for an interview. However, if you have not been contacted for two or more weeks of submission, it is advised to contact the stores and enquire about the application status. Patience is a virtue highly valued in the company. If you have been invited for an interview by the hiring manager, dress properly. Often wearing Nordstrom fashion wear can prove to be a bonus.

Requirements, Responsibilities, and Salary

Requirements, Responsibilities, and Salary

Nordstrom offers various job opportunities to employment seekers. The company offers all kinds of jobs that include- Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Internship, Temporary, Hourly,  Commission based and Seasonal. Some of the jobs are –

Retail Sales Associate

  • Sales associates as cashiers are responsible for including ringing out purchases.
  • Sales associates are aksi required to build and develop quality relationships with the customers. This will also help in retaining the customers.
  • The sales associates are also expected to possess a strong competitive drive, organizational skills, and great interpersonal abilities.
  • The starting salary of a sales associate is $9 per hour and can increase up to $12 per hour. Sales associates are also entitled to receive commissions as per the work provided.

Stock Associate

  • Stock associates are responsible for stocking up consistently.
  • The stock associate should also replenish merchandise in all their associated departments.
  • The stock associates should also possess strong organizational skills and excellent interpersonal skills. This will help them perform their job better.
  • The salary of a stock associate is around $10 per hour.


  • Department managers are required to manage every section of the store.
  • Managers are also responsible for assisting other employees.
  • Store managers are also responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the store and the business.
  • Managers should also supervise other employees of the store.
  • The Managers should also have prior experience in the retail sector.
  • Managers must possess supervisory skills. They should also possess certain educational degrees to work at Nordstrom.
  • The salary of department managers is between $30k to $35k per year.
  • The salary of assistant managers is around $45k per year.

Salaries of some other jobs include-

  • The salary of a Cosmetics Counter Manager is $17 per hour.
  • The salary of a Cosmetics Sales Associate is $15 per hour.

Benefits of working at Nordstrom

Benefits of working at Nordstrom

There are several benefits provided by Nordstorm to their employees. Some of them are-

  • Nordstrom offers medical coverage which also includes dental care and vision care to the employees.
  • The management also offers life insurance to the employees.
  • Employees also get disability insurance from the company.
  • The company provides great discounts on merchandise to their employees.
  • Nordstrom offers employee-related benefits plans like 401(k) retirement plans.
  • The employees can also earn paid time off.
  • Employees can earn paid vacation and paid personal hours.
  • The company also offers employee assistant programs to all of its employees.

Some other additional benefits include-

  • Employees get advancement opportunities according to their quality of work.
  • They also receive several great discounts.
  • Employees enjoy working in the positive and helpful work environment of the company.

Experience of employees working at Nordstrom

Employees love and enjoy styling customers. They appreciate the working staff for their friendly and also helpful nature. Employees also love the discounts that are provided by the company. Working at Nordstrom is truly an excellent experience.

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