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Nordstrom Interview Questions

nordstrom interview questions

Job Interviews at Nordstrom

Nordstrom congratulates you for making up for an interview with us. Nordstrom offers you an equal and fair opportunity to crack an interview that is completely based on your skills, knowledge, and practical industry experience. Hiring the best talent holds importance for Nordstrom.

Hiring managers use modern interview techniques to assess candidates who demonstrate a pleasing personality and people skills to handle tough customers. You can also avail yourself of an opportunity to become a potential hire and add Nordstrom to your career list. The candidates receive a good opportunity to understand the interview process of Nordstrom so that they can perform well in the interview and secure a job of their choice.

Questions for Seeking an Interview with Nordstrom

Q -1. Briefly Explain Yourself and Your Professional Experience?

Ans: You can logically structure your answer by talking about your interest, educational qualifications, and previous job experience. You must focus on various skills which assist you to achieve success on the job front. You must focus on highlighting your core skills which are critical for the position you are applying for.

Q – 2. What Do You Know about Nordstrom?

Ans: Nordstrom is a brand that specializes in shoes, accessories, and clothing for men, women, and children. The first store came into existence in 1901 as a shoe store. In the year 2019, this retail chain recorded 380 stores in 40 different states and some of them are in Canada. This retail chain has a strong customer base spread across 96 countries and operates its online store for customers. Nordstrom focuses on offering a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Q – 3. Why Do You Want To Be a Part of The Nordstrom Employee Team?

Ans: You can structure your answer by giving an example from the success story of the company which motivates and inspires you to join this retail chain. You can also state that you enjoy handling products and dealing with customers.

nordstrom interview question

Questions for Work Opportunities at Nordstrom

Q – 1. Why Do You Think You Are a Good Choice for Nordstrom?

Ans: You can talk about skills like a quick learner, you can easily adapt to tough situations, you are punctual with your work. You can demonstrate commitment and dedication towards work. These kinds of skills give you a better opportunity to work with Nordstrom.

Q -2. What is Your Future Career Path with Nordstrom?

Ans: You can talk about your present skills and the skills you would like to develop if you get a chance to work with Nordstrom. Further, you can find out suitable learning and growth opportunities that support you to transform your career shortly.

Q -3. How Many Hours Can You Dedicate To Work?

Ans: You should be always open to working sincerely and dedicatedly for a flexible number of hours. The retail sector works on rotational shifts and flexible hours to serve customers better.

Q – 4. How Do You Rate Standing For a Long Period?

Ans: If you want to work for the retail sector, you require to give in strenuous working hours while standing and dealing with customers, so when you appear for an interview with Nordstrom, you must be open to give in long working hours.

Q -5. What is The Reason for Leaving Your Last Job?

Ans: You must essentially focus on talking about growth and new challenges as reasons for leaving your last job. This creates a positive impact in the minds of the interviewer and this increases your chance to get a job with Nordstrom.

Q – 6. Can You Tell Me Something About Your Attendance Record in The Previous Company?

Ans: The interviewer wants to check whether you are punctual and regular with your work. It is a good idea if you can share the contact details of your previous reporting manager so that your punctuality and attendance can be validated before making an offer.

nordstrom interview questions guide

Q – 7. How Did You Get To Know About This Role?

Ans: You can talk about the career opportunities you searched for through the website of the website. You can also share that you found out about this job through an advertisement in the newspaper. These can be mediums that helped you to know about the current role.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Potential Candidates for Nordstrom

Q – 1. What is Your Biggest Strength?

Ans: You can talk about you are a quick learner and easily adapt to change. You are good with people management skills, hence dealing with customers is an easy task for you and it comes naturally to you.

Q -2. What According To You is Your Most Challenging Weakness?

Ans: You should never avoid the question by saying you have no weaknesses rather you should identify your improvement areas to grow in your career.

Skills for Handling Customers

Q – 1. Define Customer Service Skills That You Require To Excel in Nordstrom?

Ans: You can demonstrate a friendly and helpful nature to handle customers. You should ensure customers don’t get bored by waiting in long queues for products and billing.  The customers should have ample and easy access to products of their choice.

Q -2. How Will You Deal With Difficult Customers?

Ans: Customers may have demands which are difficult to meet. It is completely up to you, how you utilize your skills and knowledge to exceed customer expectations. Dealing with difficult customers requires calmness, patience, and empathetic nature to understand the demands of customers and deliver as per the best solution available.

nordstrom interview questions tips

Interview Questions for Attire & Tips for Cracking Interviews

Q -1. What Are The Points to Remember Before You Crack an Interview with Nordstrom?


  • You can reach early and settle down
  • Always switch off your phone before the interview
  • Speak with a clear voice to avoid nervousness
  • Strike an interesting conversation that keeps the interview panel engaged.
  • Gather as much company information as you can
  • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewing panel

Q – 2. What Kind of Dress Codes Are Permitted for Your Interview with Nordstrom?

Ans: You need to dress up in formals for managerial positions and dress up in business casuals for entry-level positions. Always focus on your body language and take guidance from your family or friends before you appear for an interview.

Q – 3. How Will You Deal With a Telephonic Interview at Nordstrom?

Ans: Telephonic round of interviews can be handled in a better way by taking the call inside a closed room in your house where no one disturbs you. You can also prepare a sheet of popular questions to lead the interview and perform well when questions are given to you.


Nordstrom is a popular brand for clothing and accessories. It believes in hiring people who demonstrate a pleasing and pleasant personality with a friendly attitude to deliver the best services to customers. If you join Nordstrom, you must keep in mind a few points while answering interview questions in a logical way that permits you to achieve a good job opportunity with Nordstrom.

Commitment, dedication, time management, and communication skills play a critical role in supporting you to get a job of your choice. You should focus on highlighting your strengths and turning weaknesses into possible opportunities. This will give you a strong foundation and you can ace the interview at Nordstrom to begin a successful career.

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