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Northwest Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Northwest Airlines Application

In 2008, Northwest airlines got merged along with Delta that ended up becoming a very strong company. Now the company tends to operate under a different company name, and employees now have several options to work in the airline industry. Suppose you are looking to work in the travel industry.

In that case, you must consider working outside the local airport as the airports mainly require a massive number of human resources to run, and several jobs are available 24 hours a day. Be it handling baggage to aviation, airports tend to offer different job opportunities in the travel niche. The airline industry is ever-growing.

Building A Team

Thanks to the ebb and flow of the expanding economy and demand for cargo and passenger traffic, the airlines mainly continue to seek to add new employees to the team. As a result, various positions are accessible to maintain successful business growth.

Both regional and international airlines end up hiring a vast range of employees for different roles right from pilot, mechanics to the role of ground staff.  All the roles tend to be crucial for the successful running of the business.

Essential Information To Know Before Applying For Northwest Airlines

Minimum age needed to be eligible for applying for Northwest Airlines: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for Northwest Airlines.

Working hours: The working shifts at Northwest Airlines vary on the basis of location.

Employment Opportunities at Northwest Airlines

Delta mainly aims to hire reliable, focused, and hardworking employees. The entry-level applicants should be at least 18 years old and shouldn’t have any criminal records or involvement in drug charges. The adventure seekers are ideal as the careers at Northwest airlines include travel and time away from home.

the northwest airlines application

Even though it is not required before airline employment is a brownie point, those who tend to have relevant working experience in the northwest airline’s application tend to receive more attention during the hiring process. The job applicants can apply for an entry-level and full-time position. The positions mainly include various levels of customer service besides teamwork.

Career Opportunities at Northwest Airlines

Often the new associates have to work both during nighttime and weekend. The majority of the roles require standing for extended periods and heavy lifting or pulling. Some of the commonplace include loud noise levels and various weather conditions.

Flight Attendants

The flight attendants are the airline’s face and have the most interaction with clients and represent their firm. The flight attendants are standard comparison measures for several airlines and may well be the basis for whether or not clients to fly the airlines again. The employees are supposed to explain all the safety measurements and cater to the in-flight needs of the passengers. Upon hire, these flight attendants can earn $10 to $11 per hour.


The ideal applicants must love to fly and enjoy spending time on the flights. The attendants are mainly responsible for passengers when they enter the flight from the plane to their departure. The employees should have a close look at the ticket, baggage and also look after the customer queries.

the northwest airlines application tip

In case of challenging weather, the employees are expected to react with maturity and provide full assistance to the passengers. They also should be able to keep a smile on their face and keep a calm voice tone even if the plane is going down, as it is their job to ensure the passengers tend to remain safe in the cabin. They also have to cope with stress and emergencies as it is a part of their job.

Baggage Handler

They need to load and unload the luggage besides preventing damage and loss. They can earn $30000 per year. To get the job, employees need to be energetic, enthusiastic, and hardworking. The job role is quite similar to the ramp agent at the airport. Being an entry-level job, it doesn’t require applicants to hold any previous experience. All they need to do is have some professional degrees or diplomas degrees.

the northwest airlines application tips

Customer Service Representative

Airport customer service representatives are mainly responsible for working on the iPhone and in-person to data information about travel plans for clients. This could especially include giving client customer information about departure and arrival times, reserving tickets with a specific airline, and a wide variety of other topics. These representatives work with the company’s computer system to accomplish their tasks. The customer service representative should be at least 18 years old.

Tips for Applying at Northwest Airlines

Just like most airlines, Northwest Airlines also accepts applications online. The interested candidates must keep an eye on the job openings, as every now and then the company keeps posting requirements. Since the company is very much in demand, there is cut-throat competition, which slims down the chances of getting selected.

While applying, the candidate will be required to fill an application form. In that application form, candidates will be expected to reveal their personal information, professional details etc. Few documents also will be needed to be attached as a company policy.

Perks of Working at Northwest Airlines Application

The applicants need to login on to the company’s website and refer to the career page, where they will find the applications that are required to be filled. The recruits need to check careers site for updates or when they stand in the hiring process.

If there is no response from the team for a couple of weeks, then employees can consider a phone call or call the manager or HR department. The employees can also avail of healthcare cover, including life insurance cover. The eligible employees can also help with retirement plans. Hence, if a candidate wants to enter the aviation industry, then there cannot be a better company to begin their career with.

Miscellaneous Information About Northwest Airlines

Before the Delta merger, Northwest airlines owned at least seven hubs, three of which are global. It is the sixth-largest airline globally and has an amazing reputation when it comes to looking after employees.

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