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14 Excuses to Use When You’re Not in the Mood to Hang Out

not in the mood to hang out

Are there times when you simply do not feel like hanging out with friends?

Feeling pressure to socialize can be very intimidating at times. Even if you were excited about the plan when you made it, you simply might feel like staying home.

Some people can feel rejected when you cancel plans at the last minute, which can cause relationships to break down. Having a believable and relatable excuse prepared can help to smooth over this situation.

So, here are 14 excuses to use when you’re not in the mood to hang out to help diffuse the situation.

14 excuses to use when youre-not in the mood to hang out

My Pet is Sick

This is a great excuse if you have a pet, especially if they have a history of getting sick. As a pet owner, you naturally have a responsibility to make sure that it is OK. Make sure that you keep your pet indoors and out of sight and be prepared with an update if asked.

I am Very Tired Today

Hanging out with someone when they have low energy and are yawning away is not much fun. This excuse is especially effective if you have a plan to go dancing or hang out in the evening. If you simply feel like getting a little extra rest and pampering yourself at home, this excuse is sure to work.

14 excuses to use when youre-not in the mood to hangout

I Have a Project to Finish

Friends should understand that work comes first. Although it can be disappointing, a good friend should want you to do well in your career. Ideally, they should simply accept this excuse at face value and even sympathize with you.

Take note…

Be prepared to answer any questions about the project you are working on in case they come up. You may need to stress why this project is so important and why it needs to be completed right now. If your friend sounds disappointed, promise to make it up to them when you have finished your project.

I Have a Migraine

If you’ve ever actually suffered from a migraine, you will know how intensely painful it can be. Migraine sufferers often have impaired vision and usually need to stay in bed until it passes. This is a good way of canceling a plan without making your friend mad, as long as it does not happen often.

I Have Stomach Cramps

Any female friend is sure to understand the need to cancel plans if you are experiencing stomach cramps. Instead of heading to the local tea shop, you will probably want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle. It is difficult to predict when stomach cramps will strike, so this is an excellent excuse to keep in reserve.

I am Hungover from Last Night

While this excuse may not paint you in the best light, most people have been there at some point. Hangovers can creep up on you during the day and can hit hard later and unexpectedly. Most friends are likely to feel sympathy and be happy to let the hangout slide.

Or not…

If your friend sounds upset, try to reschedule as soon as possible. Your friend may actually feel bad about missing out on your fun evening. You may need to agree to go out drinking with them one evening in the near future.

I am Broke Right Now

You may have had an unexpected expense like an emergency dental surgery that depleted your funds. Therefore, you simply may not have enough money to follow through with the plan you made before. When giving this excuse, you can back it up by talking about extra work you plan to take on.

Generous friends?

If your friends are incredibly generous, they may offer to lend you money or even pay your way. This is when the backup work excuse can come into play. You are committed to resolving the issue so that you can hang out again in the near future.

I am Suffering from Allergies

This excuse is ideal if you have a history of allergies. Allergies can pop up unexpectedly at almost any time. If making a call, try to throw a few sneezes into the mix to back up your claim.

The Kitchen Tap Burst

If your kitchen tap bursts, it is only natural that you will have to deal with the situation right away. Things happen, and this is a problem that cannot be ignored. If you do not replace the tap immediately, it could result in severe damage to your kitchen.

When it rains…

Your friend is sure to understand the situation and sympathize with you. Fortunately, a home visit will be out of the question as you will have your hands full. Be prepared to answer follow-up questions such as whether you have called a plumber.

the 14 excuses to use when youre-not in the mood to hang out

I am Having a Rough Day

There are going to be those days when everything just seems to go wrong at once, and the very last thing you feel like is partying. This is a situation that you cannot plan for, and your friend should understand. If your friendship is important to them, they are sure to understand your need to rest and recover.

My Boss Needs me to Work

Getting a call from your boss at the last minute ordering you to go into work is something everyone dreads. Rather than partying with your friends, you will be forced to slave away at work. Of course, this excuse is not likely to work if you work at the same company as your friend.

I Have a Family Emergency

If you are close with your family, a family emergency is a reasonable excuse for canceling a hangout. Your friend may be concerned that there is a severe issue that you may need support with. Reassure them that it is being dealt with, and you will let them know when it has been taken care of.


However, it’s essential to make sure that you do not make the situation sound too serious. If your friend is also close with your family, they may feel moved to try and help as well. This could cause a rather uncomfortable situation that could quickly reveal your white lie.

I am Waiting for an Important Call

Perhaps you just had an important job interview, and you are waiting to hear the results. The last thing you would want would be to have a noisy bar in the background when the call finally comes through. If you cannot think of what the call could be, try to keep your excuse as brief and vague as possible.

I Need to be Alone Right Now

Of all the 14 Excuses to Use When You’re Not in the Mood to Hang Out, this is my personal favorite. Honesty is the best policy, and a close friend is sure to appreciate this excuse. If your friend is close to you and has your best wishes at heart, they should understand. A friend who tries to apply too much pressure to do something you do not want to do could be manipulative.

Genuine concern…

Of course, your friend may still try to gently persuade you to hang out with them. They may be concerned that you want to be alone because something is seriously wrong. Reassure them that everything is fine and you will reconnect with them soon.

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty?

Trying to get out of a commitment without hurting the other person’s feelings is an art form and can take practice. The primary goal is to avoid having to hang out without making your friend or family member feel rejected. Here are a few tips on how to deliver your excuse so that things play out well.

Pick The Perfect Excuse

It is crucial to ensure that your excuse is a simple white lie and not something too serious. The excuse should be something that your friend cannot easily check. If they can phone your boss or family member to check up, your cover could be blown very quickly.

Write Down Your Excuse

It is crucial to be able to keep track of your excuse so that you do not get caught out. If your friend checks up on you later and your excuse is slightly different, it will be a big red flag. Writing out what you’re planning to say and reading from the script will help you to avoid this situation.

Make Sure Your Excuse is Realistic

Make sure that the excuse is plausible and will stand up to scrutiny. Keep your story as simple as possible and avoid the temptation to make up wild details. The reason that you choose should fit with your personality and general situation.

Tell Your Friend

While you may not feel comfortable making up an excuse, avoiding the situation will only make it worse. At the very least, you’ll have wasted your friend’s time and make them feel bad. Simply refusing to show up without saying anything could potentially ruin a friendship.

Calls vs. texting…

If you do not want to make an excuse over the phone, a text message should be acceptable. However, your friend may want to call you to make sure that everything is OK. Have an excuse ready to explain why you were unable to answer the phone if necessary.

Get Comfortable Saying No

You can avoid having to make up an excuse by simply saying no in the first place. Rather than pretending to want to hang out and then cancel the plan, simply say no upfront. Of course, it is best to keep the conversation light and friendly and give a legitimate reason if possible.

Such as?

The activity or location that your friend is suggesting simply may not appeal to you. Perhaps you can suggest something else that you can both do together. If you do not feel like hanging out, try and be honest and agree to hang out sometime in the future.

When Saying No Can Be an Issue?

Make sure that the hangout is simply a casual affair and nothing important like a wedding or other significant event. If you often cancel plans, your friend may feel that you do not really want to spend time with them. This can cause friction in the friendship and mean that you stop hanging out altogether.

Top tip…

If you have canceled a plan, try to make a new plan to hang out as soon as possible. Try to pick an activity that your friend particularly enjoys. This will help let them know that their friendship is important to you.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

There are simply times when you’ll need to put yourself first and take care of your own wellbeing. If you are feeling stressed, depressed, or simply in need of some alone time, feel free to do so. After an evening pampering yourself at home, you could be ready to face the world once more.

However, spending time with friends is also a good way of lifting your spirits. Rather than canceling plans altogether, it may be possible to simply alter them a little. Inviting your friend to hang out at your place could give you both the chance to bond.

Happy hanging out, or not!

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