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NRA Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

NRA Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Interested in learning about the popularity and prominence of the National Rifle Association?

Known as the NRA, they advocate for the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms. This organization has faced a lot of heat in recent years. Regardless, it boasts more than 5.5 million members.

Additionally, they maintain incredibly clear mission and vision statements which provide an insight into how it operates. Furthermore, the core values of the NRA also serve as the driving and unifying force.

So, let’s undertake a detailed NRA mission and vision statement analysis to find out more…

nra mission and vision statement analysis

NRA History

The National Rifle Association of America was founded in 1871 by General George Wingate and Colonel William Church. They were shocked by the bad marksmanship of the Union troops during the Civil War. So, they decided that the solution was promoting marksmanship as a science.

In 1874, the NRA organized a challenge between American riflemen and UK sharpshooters. This helped the NRA to gain both national and international attention.

Numerous rifle clubs were founded by the NRA. Mostly in military colleges and universities. Also, the NRA began organizing special youth programs. This was to promote marksmanship and safety in shooting sports.

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Focusing on Civil Rights

In 1934, the NRA became more focused on gun rights. Particularly their relation to the Second Amendment. Consequently, the NRA’s Legislative Affairs Division was created. Its goal is to protect the rights of the American people. Through this division, the NRA began promoting the right to own, carry, display, and use firearms.

The NRA started to organize hunter education programs in 1949. This helped make hunting safer. Additionally, in 1960, they launched the NRA Police Firearms Certification Program. The focus was to train law enforcement officers.

Today’s NRA

The NRA Foundation was established in 1990. This made the NRA a tax-exempt organization. As a result, the mission statement of the NRA is now part of its bylaws.

The NRA has attracted many notable members over the years. This includes nine former US presidents, three US vice-presidents, and two chief justices of the US Supreme Court.

Likewise, notable celebrities and infamous personalities. This includes singer James Hetfield, actor Rick Schroder, and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Mission Statement

The NRA mission statement begins with “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Continuing with “especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution.”

Finally, it ends with “to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use arms.”

This rather long mission statement sets out the intentions and motivations of the NRA. The statement emphasizes the difference that the NRA makes in the lives of people. There are two key elements in the mission statement.

Protection of the U.S. Constitution

The NRA makes it clear that it is a defender and protector of the United States constitution. The organization is dedicated to concentrating its resources and efforts on constitutional matters. Furthermore, this mission has been maintained and strictly adhered to for more than a century.

Granting Americans their rights

The second component directly relates to the first and reinforces it. This part clarifies the NRA’s dedication to protecting the constitution. It upholds the value that American citizens should be able to own firearms without the fear of victimization.

Vision Statement

The NRA vision statement is “to be proud defenders of history’s patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.” It highlights the purpose and commitment of this civil rights movement. Let’s look at the two main components of the vision statement in more detail.

Proud defenders

The NRA expects all members to embrace the concept of proudly defending the Second Amendment. This gives members a sense of fulfillment and belonging. Therefore, members often make it known they are part of the NRA and uphold its values.

the nra mission and the vision statement analysis

History’s patriots and Second Amendment

The NRA intertwines American patriotism and the values of the US Constitution. To many people from countries around the world, America and the NRA are closely linked.

The second part of the NRA’s vision statement reveals the commitment to continuing the fight of historical American patriots.

Core Values

The core values of the NRA are “commitment, transparency, sacrifice, and honesty.” These values are the driving force of the organization. The main commitment of the NRA is protecting gun rights under the Second Amendment.

And, as this NRA mission and vision statement analysis shows, they take constant steps to do this. So, here are some of the ways they do so.

Donations and Support

One of the main ways that the NRA receives funding is through donations. The NRA encourages its members and other interested parties to donate to support firearm-related activities such as training.

According to the NRA’s website, all donations go to gun rights advocacy, promotion, and grants. For example, 84 cents of each dollar the NRA spends goes toward special education and training programs.

It costs $250 for NRA professionals to train a law enforcement instructor in gun safety and tactical shooting.

Direct or online contributions

The NRA encourages its members to make online donations. And there is a wide range of payment methods. Options include making a bank transfer online through a special payment app.

Interested parties can make donations over the phone, by credit card, or by posting a check. The NRA goes to great lengths to emphasize how quick and easy it is to donate.

Workplace giving

Many American employers support the NRA. As a result, they offer employees the opportunity to donate through payroll deduction.

They have set up several special programs for this purpose, including the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way. NRA volunteers regularly contact company HR departments to offer them the chance to participate.

Estate planning

NRA members can donate to the organization through their wills. This can also be done through life insurance, annuity, trust, or a retirement account.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Members receive a partial tax deduction when they transfer property or cash to the NRA. It is also possible to set up a lifetime stream to make regular donations.

Gift of guns

It is possible to donate all types of firearms to the NRA. These are put up for sale or on display in NRA Museums. People who donate firearms receive a tax deduction to the approximate value.

nra mission and the vision statement analysis


The NRA actively seeks volunteers to help with events, fundraising, and other types of activities. There are numerous ways for both members and nonmembers to volunteer. This ensures that the NRA doesn’t have to spend money on wages for staff to take care of different tasks.

Friends of the NRA

This is a special NRA Foundation program. Established to promote it in a fun and friendly way. They hold more than a thousand events in the USA each year. The purpose of these events is to gain donations and spread awareness of NRA campaigns.

Friends of the NRA was founded in 1992 and has held more than 17,000 events to date. These events have attracted a total of more than three million attendees. More than $800 million has been raised for the NRA Foundation as a direct result of these events.

Friends of the NRA events usually begin with a reception. This includes games, raffles, and a silent auction. Usually, a guest speaker takes center stage while attendees eat dinner. The event typically concludes with a live auction. And with the announcement of raffle and game winners.

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There is no denying that the NRA is a controversial organization. However, they have managed to attract and maintain a very large following. Analyzing the way the organization operates can help boost new and developing organizations.

The NRA encourages members to take pride in their beliefs. Likewise, to take part in special events. The organization boasts a clear set of values, as well as mission and vision statements.

Finally, the organization instills a strong feeling of belonging in members. Meaning they are more likely to provide donations.

Until next time, may your mission yield success.

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