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Off Broadway Shoes Application: Jobs & Careers Online

off broadway shoes application

Are you thinking of applying for a job at Off Broadway Shoes?

This popular footwear retailer was founded in 1989 in Nashville. Off Broadway Shoes is a division of the German Deichmann Group and stocks more than four hundred popular shoe brands.

More than 75 Off Broadway Shoes stores can be found across the United States. New branches are regularly established, and job opportunities are advertised on the company’s website.

So, put your best foot forward by checking out the following information before filling out an Off Broadway Shoes Application: Jobs & Careers Online.

off broadway shoes application

Facts About Working At Off Broadway Shoes

You need to be at least seventeen to work at Off Broadway Shoes. The stores are usually open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sundays. Each store offers part-time weekend and evening shifts, which are perfect for students who want to gain work experience.

Off Broadway Shoes Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of positions at Off Broadway Shoes for entry-level candidates who are willing to work hard. The company also hires experienced leaders to head stores as well as various corporate departments. Let’s check out some of the main jobs you can apply for at Off Broadway Shoes and the typical daily duties.

Sales Associate

These employees are the face of Off Broadway Shoes stores and interact with customers when they enter the shoe store. The main duty is helping customers find the perfect shoes and making sure they are fully satisfied. Sales associates need to have a good knowledge of the Off Broadway Shoes product range and excellent customer service skills.

Sales associates have the option of choosing part-time and full-time hours. It is usually necessary to work during busy periods like weekends and evenings. Entry-level sales associates usually start at minimum wage, while those with experience can make much more.

off broadway shoes application tips


Cashiers operate a store cash register and interact with customers. They need to provide smooth service and handle payments. Other duties include wrapping purchases and upselling.

Cashiers need to be polite and friendly at all times and have basic math skills. Cashiers receive full paid training when they start work to make sure they have the necessary skills. The average salary for this role is $9 per hour.

Stock Room Attendants

These employees are responsible for finding shoes for customers from the large store stockroom. Stock room attendants need to be able to find the required products quickly and provide great customer service. They also keep the stock room and store floor clean and tidy.

When shoes are sold, stock room attendants also restock the shelves and rearrange products. These attendants need to be reasonably physically fit and comfortable climbing stepladders. The role comes with basic training, and the starting salary is around $9 per hour.

Shift Supervisor

Experienced employees who have leadership skills are often promoted to this position. Shift supervisors are responsible for training new store employees and overseeing their work. They report directly to the store manager and inform them of any issues that come up. Shift supervisors usually work full-time and start at around $10 per hour.

off broadway shoes application tip

Store Manager

If you have retail and leadership experience, you could be in charge of a single Off Broadway Shoes store. You will be charged with making sure customers are happy, and the store makes a profit. This includes designing promotional campaigns to bring new customers into the store.

When there is a vacancy, you will need to interview candidates and make hiring decisions. Other duties include inventory, ordering new stock, and taking care of payroll and work schedules. Off Broadway Shoes store managers who perform well can make at least $55,000 per year.

Extra Benefits of Working at Off Broadway Shoes

All Off Broadway Shoes employees are provided with impressive discounts on merchandise and paid training. Full-time professionals also receive a competitive benefits package that includes paid time off and annual vacation days. Other benefits include health care coverage, life insurance, and enrollment in the company retirement plan.

How To Apply?

Your new job at Off Broadway Shoes starts by visiting the careers section of the company website. Choose whether you are looking for a job in a store or a corporate position and click on a job title. Read the required skills and qualifications carefully to make sure you measure up.

When you have found the perfect position, you can click on the button to apply. You can sign in with Facebook if you want or create a user account by supplying your email address. Click on the link in the confirmation email to sign in with your chosen password to complete the process.

Reflect the required skills…

You will now have access to the Off Broadway Shoes application form. Take the time to complete all sections of the application form and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Edit your resume to reflect the required skills and experience, and click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

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Final Thoughts

The main mission statement of Off Broadway Shoes is to provide the best customer service possible. To help achieve this goal, hiring managers look for candidates who are strong communicators. You should also demonstrate that you can work well in a team and will go the extra mile for customers.

Wearing a pair of shoes from Off Broadway Shoes to the interview is a great way to break the ice. Be prepared to talk about your favorite shoe brands and what makes them special. Also, ask insightful questions that show a genuine interest in working for Off Broadway Shoes.

All the very best with your Off Broadway Shoes Online Application!

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